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WoD: Garrison Guide: Making Lots of Gold w/ the Barn Building!

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WoD: Garrison Guide: Making Lots of Gold w/ the Barn Building!


What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new video for Warlords of Draenor. This video will take a look at the Barn building for your Garrison and see its gold making potential.


To start, you'll need to have a medium plot available or be willing to overwrite one. At level one a barn costs 150 gold and 100 garrison resources. After an hour once your level 1 barn is built you'll get a quest to trap mobs which can be done right next to your garrison. You can stay here for awhile and build up your work orders or just do the quest. Once you're done trapping a wolf, start a work order, and turn in the quest. At level one you can only queue seven work orders just like any other level 1 building.


The level 2 upgrade will cost you 300 gold and 300 garrison resources. To get the plans you'll need to have the Spires of Arak Outpost or be level 98. At level two you get to trap more powerful animals which gets you better meat to make the most powerful food along with leather and fur while being able to queue up 14 work orders. You can also assign a follower with the skinning trait to the building which will increase the yield. However, level 1 and level 2 aren't really amazing money makers so your main focus should be upgrading to level 3 as quickly as possible.


Getting the level 3 barn is a bit trickier since you will need to gain an account-wide achievement called Master Trapper as well as have a level 3 garrison. The achievement requires 125 work orders to be placed with a level one or two barn. If you can, get the barn on all your characters to help get this achievement faster and make the most money for your account. This is one of the best gold making buildings you can possibly have once it is level 3. When you complete the achievement, you can buy the plans and build your level 3 barn as long as you are also level 100. It will set you back 500 gold and 600 garrison resources to construct the building in addition the 1,000 gold for the plans or free if you use one of your leveling quest rewards.


Just like with prior levels you will get a quest once the building is built. You can trap any of the elite riverbeasts, wolves, or clefthoof in Nagrand for the quest. They can be solo'd but are somewhat difficult for some classes if you are a fresh 100. I used a demo to kill my first one since I just dinged 100. Another way to make it easier is by grouping up with people. You can no longer trap tagged mobs like I did in this video so you will have to group if you want to share traps. You also can no longer double trap which kinda sucks. I use to just pick a person and follow them around on my Druid or Warlock. I would trap away from them so they knew I wasn't stealing their mob and after they got the mob trapped, I would use Typhoon or my Succubus' knock-back to shove the mob over and on to my trap. I'm kinda lame but I thought it was so much fun to do this and I it also allowed me to fix their trap if they screwed up making it a win-win. But of course there were those who would taunt, push-back, knock-back or whatever mobs away from people and those people complained a lot. So, Blizzard changed it and now you can't double but you can have all five people in your group trap five different mobs and net five traps for each person. You no longer need everyone to trap. One of you is enough for each mob.


Alright so a bit more about the level 3 barn is it allows 21 work orders without upgrades and you can now trap elite mobs in Nagrand. The elite mobs are sorted just like prior levels with wolves producing Sumptuous Fur, clefthoof producing Raw Beast Hides, and Riverbeast producing feasts. In addition, they all have a chance to produce a work order containing a Savage Blood. To even increase those odds further, assign a skinner to the building. An easy follower with the skinning trait is Goldmane the Skinner and here is a link to show you how to get him easily. He is also level 100 already and should produce slightly better results than a lower level follower would.


To give you an idea of the difference between having a follower assigned and not, I did a comparison on several characters and found that 21 work orders generally produced 3 Savage Blood without a follower whereas with a follower assigned it produced 6 or 7. That is at least double the yield and well worth the few minutes to find the follower with a skinning trait if you don't already have one.


I currently make around 5,000 gold per day with three characters having a barn. This of course will vary from server to server but should be well worth it to anyone.


The last little thing I want to show you is a neat pet that you can get by discovering a Glass of Milk inside your Level 3 Barn. It took me a minute or so to figure out how to get inside the pen but a simple hop on the hay stack makes it pretty easy. The cow is nice and simple and a great addition to anyone's family of pets.


Well, that's it for this video and I hope you liked it. To see more videos like this and many other types, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, RyutaroAkaTarou.


“Now Go Trap Some Beasts or Something!”