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Tarou's 349,718g Patch 4.3 Release 9 day Goldmaking Recap!

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Tarou's 349,718g Patch 4.3 Release Goldmaking Recap!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a quick video recapping the first 9 days of Patch 4.3's gold potential.

I got a bunch of messages wondering what the first week is like for me when a patch is released so, I decided to make a video about it. Everything in this video was a heads up I gave all of you in my Patch 4.3 prep vid or sent to you in my newsletter from my website.

We're off to a pretty good start and have over 1400 items on the Auction House. Also, got Tyrael's Charger which is kinda cool.

Sales continued to go well throughout the day and picked up nicely at night. I was selling all kinds of stuff like Heavenly Shards, Maelstrom Crystals, Flasks, Rare gems, and more. I also saw some Chaos Orbs flooding the market making them dirt cheap. We'll buy some up for resale and crafting.

The next day we kept the banking trail going selling tons of stuff while finding random stuff in the bank to dump as well. Everything is looking good and I keep it all going up every 12 hours with very light Auction House interaction. Meaning, I'm not cancelling items but a few times a day and typically only at night.

Keeping up with the pace, it's now 3 days into the patch and I ran into a slight problem.. My items are buried somewhere in my mailbox which is why you see it saying 1930 mails already. I didn't want to but, it looks like I have to loot some of the gold early. No biggy we'll just add it at the end. Which is what I was thinking when I saw 1930 mails. Instead though, it turned out to be not many items being buried at all and was a nice 187,889 gold in 3 days. I'd love for someone to tell me that my stockup list was wrong. The only item that didn't do as well as I thought, was Truegold and that's just because the transmute for epic gems wasn't added in the patch. Either way, 187,889 gold in 3 days is pretty sick.

With all that cleared up I keep at my gold making for another 4 days and once again have my items buried among 743 mails so, I gotta dig them out. Looks like a ton of high ticket items got stuck in my mail. We have This is why I wish it would show 500 mails at a time or really anything more than 50. It's been plenty of time for them to upgrade it. Anyways, we looted 101,820 gold and tons of items. All the items need to be back up on the Auction House so, we'll list them up for some more bank.

From the release of Patch 4.3 we continue to see a decline in sales as far as volume but some items actually go up in price. These items can vary but with a little thought, you can guess which. The first few release days tons of enchanting mats flood the market from the new instances as old gear gets DE'd along with random green drops. At the same time enchanting scrolls are in high demand which keeps prices level or balanced in the average sense with spikes up and down. As the days go by, people start to get more and more new gear and this overtakes the initial rush of DE mats sending everything higher in price. Come the next Tuesday after a patch this usually drops back down and resumes its price climb for the next week and beyond until finally finding its new found price.

Alright, it's been just over a week since Patch 4.3 released and I think we've got enough gold to finish up this video. I'll go ahead and loot the final 427 mails I have so all of you can see what the past 2 days of done sales wise.

Finally, there it is.. 60,009 gold from the past 2 days. Not bad but, nothing special. Let's add it all up and see what the total was for the little over a week time frame shown in this video.

First 3 days: 187,889g (62,629g/day)
Next 4 days: 101,820g (25,455g/day)
Last 2 days: 60,009g (30,004g/day)
Grand Total: 349,718g (38,857g/day)

That's pretty insane but I honestly could have done better had I played over the weekend, kept up with the undercutting wars, or played on a server with a decent faction population.

Well, that's it for this vid and thank you for watching.

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