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Tarou in 2013 & Mega Bloks Giveaway Winner!

Tarou in 2013 & Mega Bloks Giveaway Winner!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a quick video on what to expect in 2013 and I'll announce the winner of my Mega Bloks giveaway.

For 2013 I will be making some major changes on how I make and release videos which will be a more stream-lined schedule for all of you wonderful viewers. You can expect all of the videos you're looking for will be put into production and released.

To start the year here is a list of my upcoming videos for the next few weeks:

TradeSkillMaster addon guide and more addon tutorial videos.
My weekly WoW report is coming back.
Skinning and Cooking gold making guides.
Finding pets for the battle system or collecting.
More leveling and gold making guides.
More giveaways.

That's just a small peak at what to expect from me in 2013. To get started let's kick off the year with announcing who the lucky winner is for the Mega Bloks Gnome Rogue, Flint and Flying Machine.

The winner is Caileigh Burnsed grats and check your mail so I can get your address and send it to you.

Thank you everyone for participating and I'll do another one soon for the Zeppelin.

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