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MoP: Female Pandaren Hot Fashion 2012 - We're Sexy And We Know It!

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Here's a Tarou quicky of the new female Pandaren model.

Oh yeah. It's that kind a video. Female Pandaren Fashion 2012.

First up we have the Pandaren hotty, Lucy. Lucy is wearing our casual line called Bamboo Leaf. This particular outfit features emerald buttons with an amber robe belt and emerald gold encased bamboo leaf featuring the brand's logo. By far my favorite point of this outfit is the Pandaren paw stamp knee patches. This traditional working or assasinating women's outfit is fit specifically for any Pandaren looking to not hide that caboose or those thick thighs. Show them off baby....

How to Make Gold w/ Tailoring: 16,662 Gold Threads - Patch 4.3!

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How to Make Gold w/ Tailoring: 16,662 Gold Threads - Patch 4.3!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here from the best free profession leveling and goldmaking website in the world, bringing you an awesome video on how to easily make gold with Tailoring.

To get started with making gold with Tailoring, you'll want to have it maxed out to be able to do everything in this guide. There will be several things though that you can do at the lower levels which have some awesome profit. If you need to level Tailoring, check my website or YouTube for a guide and video on how to level Tailoring fast and easily.

The first thing I like to do is make some Bolts of Embersilk Cloth. This is the base ingredient for most mats and items that we'll be making in this video. Next, gather up some Volatiles that are cheap. In this video I'll be using a variety so it's best to check my mat list at the end of this guide...

All Cataclysm Profession Bonuses, Perks, & Benefits!

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All Cataclysm Profession Bonuses, Perks, & Benefits!

Before choosing any profession, it may help to have a look below at the different bonuses, perks, or benefits that the profession will provide. This can help you make a sound decision on which will help your character the most. All in all though the bonuses themselves will be very comparable. Instead, you may want to focus on the way each bonus is given or if the profession offers some sort of perk that can save you a lot of gold or time. Alchemy is a good example. If you are spec'd in a certain discipline like potions and your a raided who uses potions a lot, you may save some consider amount of gold from the procs. You'll also be able to make an iLvl359 trinket fairly cheap and easily. On top of that you'll get a flask that is NOT consumable which can be perfect for a farming or daily questing type player. In short, think about what you do in the game and consider which profession will benefit your character or characters the most.

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