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How to: Love is in the Air Valentine Holiday Achieves (Love Fool Title) Guide!

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How to: Love is in the Air Valentine Holiday Achievements (Love Fool Title) Guid

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid on how to do the Love is in the Air Valentine Achievements & get the "Love Fool" title. This year's Love is in the Air holiday event is from Monday, February 2nd through Monday, February 16th giving you enough time to get all the achievements done along with their rewards.

The main rewards you'll be looking to get your hands on are a Swift Lovebird for 270 Love Tokens and Truesilver Shafted Arrow which is a cupid pet for 40 Love Tokens or buy the mount and pet from the Auction House. There's also a Toxic Wasteling pet and Big Love Rocket mount that are found inside the Heart-Shaped Box reward from doing the Valentine boss daily. Wait, Big Love Rocket found in a Heart-Shaped Box, reminds of the song, "Dick in a Box"....

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