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WoW Skinning Guide 1-600 Leveling | Skinning Guide - Horde & Alliance

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Below is a detailed video and walkthrough on how to level Skinning 1-600 quickly and easily. This Skinning guide contains the viewpoint from both Horde and Alliance and is as complete as I can make it but some players may find a different zone works better for you depending on if you're leveling your character at the same time or just powerleveling Skinning. The leveling time should take an average player 3-5 hours and net 4,000g+ in Skinning materials depending on your server's economy.

  • WoW Skinning Guide 1-600 Leveling: Updated for Patch 5.2 - Mists of Pandaria!
  • Estimated Skinning Leveling Time: 3-5 hours
  • Expected Skinning Leveling Profit: 7,000g+

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