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5.3 Escalation Patch Notes - Now LIVE!

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5.3 Escalation Patch Notes - Now LIVE!

5.3 Escalation Patch Notes

Patch 5.3 is now live. Click the above picture to read all about it!

Patch 5.2 Notes - Live on the PTR Updated 2/19/2013

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Patch 5.2 Notes - Live on the PTR (Updated!)

Patch 5.2 PTR Now Live

Patch 5.2 is now live on the Public Test Realm for everyone to test all the new incoming additions to the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Read more.

WoW: Patch 4.3 - Hour of Twilight: Dragon Soul Overview!

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Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight

Hey everyone. This is a comprehensive overview of Patch 4.3 and all its major changes. Patch 4.3 should release November 29th.

First up we have Looking For Raid which is similar to the current dungeon finder except for raids. Just click the raid icon helm on your bar and open up the Raid Finder. From their just click Find Group and sit in the queue. The queue on the test realm was pretty fast and expect to see similar 10-15 minute queue times on live realms during most common play hours of the day.... Click here to read more!


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