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Lowbie Gold Making Guide | Playing the Auction House: 0~1,719g in a Week!

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How to play the auction house as a low level or even maxed level.

In this video I'll be detailing how I took a low level from 0g to 1,719g in just a week by spending an average of 45 minutes a day. I'll focus purely on playing the Auction House. This Lowbie Gold Making Guide will cover which items to look for and how to look for them. As a warning, I suggest anyone trying this take caution and have a vast knowledge of what your server's economy is like and the different markets.

First you'll need to get an Auction House addon. I'll be using Auctioneer which you can download on I also suggest that you see my Auction House Tips/Faqs Guide and Auctioneer Addon Guide to get a general idea of working the Auction House and Auctioneer. You'll also need some easy starting gold. Check my Lowbie Gold Making Guide for some ideas on that.

How to Make Gold as a Low Level: Lowbie Gold Making Guide!

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Welcome SQ

Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold as a low level. I'll be showing how to start with nothing and make a very good amount below level 10. As shown in the Lowbie Gold Making Guide video below, expect to make around 100~150g or more an hour depending on your server's economy. I'll explain why you should never think because you're a low level that you can't make a decent amount of gold as well as how to do it without losing much of any leveling time. This Lowbie Gold Making Guide is up-to-date for Patch 3.3.5! Please enjoy this Lowbie Gold Making Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them on our forums.

  • This guide will show you how to make gold as a low level without any support from a high level.
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