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How to: Pilgrim's Bounty - Thanksgiving Holiday Achievement Guide! & Cooking 1-430 Cheap!

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Pilgrim's Bounty

Hey everyone. I just want to quickly say thank you for all your support and helping me reach 400 videos on my YouTube channel. I do all of this for you guys and girls and hope to do another 400 successful videos and beyond. Mad <3's.

This year's Pilgrim's Bounty is November 25th - December 2nd. This is a pretty easy Holiday Achievement and worth doing whether you're wanting to snag a Plump Turkey, the Pilgrim title, or if you're just bored looking for something fun to do.

To get started, look at which achievements you haven't done and try to focus on them first. I'll use a character that has zero achievements and guide you through the whole holiday quest line and achievements... Click to read more!

WoW Cooking Guide 1-600 Leveling | MoP Cooking Leveling Guide

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Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to easily level Cooking 1-600 in WoW. I'll be showing the easiest ways for players to level Cooking 1-600 and providing many options for smooth leveling as well as locations for farming materials and training. Please enjoy this Cooking leveling 1-600 guide and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post them on our forums.

  • WoW Cooking 1-600 leveling guide: Updated for Patch 5.0.5 - Cataclysm
  • Overview: Easiest and most profitable ways to level Cooking 1-600 in World of Warcraft!
    Estimated Leveling 1-600 time: 3.5 hours if you're under level 85 or less than 1 hour if you're 85 or above.
    Estimated Cost (without farming): 1,800g~2,200g
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