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Cataclysm | WoW Mining Gold Making Guide: Uldum - Best Routes! | 4,000 Gold Per Hour!

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Cata Mining Gold Guide SQ

In this video and guide, I'll be showing you what I found to be the best routes, no matter what the competition is in the zone, for farming Elementium Ore and Pyrite Ore in Uldum and what you can expect to farm up gold/ore wise per hour which ended up being almost 4,000 gold per hour. This will show you how to optimize your time in Uldum by choosing a route that fits your situation with the amount of competition you have on your server. Mining can be very competitive so it's always good to know how you can bank even with the high competition. Mining truly is a great gold making profession. Please enjoy this WoW Mining Gold Making Guide: Uldum - Best Routes! and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Requirements: Level 80+, 525 in Mining, and Azeroth Flying/Flying Mount.
  • Check out my Mining Guide Leveling 1-525 for a great way to level Mining.
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