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S3: EP2 TWGR - Patch 5.2: Raid Finder Changes, New PvP Vendor, RBG Bans, Q&A, & More!

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S3: EP2 TWGR - Patch 5.2: Raid Finder Changes, New PvP Vendor, RBG Suspensions, Q&A, & More!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bring you episode 2 of my Weekly Gaming Report.

This week we'll cover raid finder changes, PvP suspensions and rating wipes, PvP gear, some questions from viewers and much more so let's get started.

In PvE news for Patch 5.2, raid finder gets even easier and pretty much guarantees that you'll defeat all bosses by implementing a buff if you wipe on a boss. The buff increases your health, damage dealth, and healing done by 5% stacking up to 10 times. Once the boss dies, the buff is removed. They're doing this hoping it will stop players from leaving after a wipe.

They're also many other updates that went out last week on the PTR and you can see them all in red in the patch notes. Links to this and anything else can be found in the info of this video or on my website.

Oh and don't forget the Darkmoon Faire and Lunar Festival are going on this week so if you need to grab anything from either, be sure to get it done before their gone this weekend.

This week in PvP news, season 12 is getting closer to ending and season 13 isn't too far away. With that in mind it was even more important that Blizzard had to quickly axe a lot of win-traders in RBGs handing out suspensions and wiping ratings across the board. And then they... said wait a minute. Some of you weren't cheating. Silly us for tramatically causing you undeserved stress and frustration. Don't fear. They've fixed the situation and your characters should be returned to normal after Tuesday's maintenance.

On the PTR lots of changes are getting polished. This past week they added a new Conquest PvP gear vendor that sells the gear for honor if your character has earned 27,000 points for the season.

Tyrannical Elite items got a bit of an update giving them the same un-budgeted PvP Power and Resilience values as standard Tyrannical items.

Also some pissed off players who can't get old PvP items on their character for transmog apparently pitched a fit. Now if you have the titles through the Rated Battleground system, you can get all the old school items to transmog for current gear. Don't get me wrong. It makes total sense but this was one thing us classic PvP players were hoping wouldn't be touched.

In Auction House news, prices have stabilized acrossed the board since Patch 5.1 hit but that's about to change. Patch 5.2 is bringing some major additions to all professions and later this week I'm going to be releasing a video covering everything you should be stocking up on.

Every week I try to answer questions you post in the comments or message me about. Here's some from last week.

Q1: In your tiller video you said to turn ground clutter low but you kept yours on ultra. I've seen you do this before like in the cooking video you don't even use your own macro to make turn-ins easier. Why?

A1: Haha, well... every day in real life and game life I do things to challenge myself. For me, the easy route isn't always the fun route so I often avoid it. By telling you the easy way of doing something, I leave the choice up to you but it doesn't mean you have to follow it.

Q2: Why do you release videos you recorded a long time ago.

A2: Why do you drive a several year old car? Because it still gets you to the same destination. Who cares if I recorded the first several episodes of my pet series last year. Re-recording it with my 90 wouldn't change anything. The information is the same. Wouldn't you rather I spent my current time on things that do change like gold making techniques and current ingame content?

Q3: When will you have new gold making videos?

A3: I'm playing catch up but am almost in a good position to be at full production of gold making videos. I think you'll be very happy with what I'll have rolling out this month and going forward.

Finally, we'll wrap this TWGR with Gaming news. reports that Duncan Jones will be directing the new Warcraft movie that's set to release in 2015. Pretty cool but 2015 seems too far away.

Also, this week three new video games are set to release. Click below to watch the trailers and let me know which one or ones you plan to get, like, or hate.

Fire Emblem: Awakening – February 4
Dead Space 3 – February 5
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – February 5

Well, that's it for this Tarou's Weekly Gaming Report and we're just getting started so please subscribe, visit, and share this video.

Thanks for watching!

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