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MoP: Net Millions Like Tarou - Best Gold Making Guide for Jewelcrafting! | JC Guide

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MoP: Net Millions Like Tarou - Best Gold Making Guide for Jewelcrafting!

This video and written guide tutorial will show you the best ways to make gold with Jewelcrafting in Mists of Pandaria for any new or veteran JC'er. I'll compare Trillium Ore versus Ghost Iron Ore, show you some useful addons, and even give some addon suggestions.

This JC Gold Guide will teach you:
How to make gold in MoP
How to make gold with Jewelcrafting
How to make gold with JC Guide
Which is better; Ghost Iron Ore or Trillium Ore Prospecting
How to play Mists of Pandaria
How to get gold capped in WoW MoP
How to use the Auction House and flip items

Here's some addons I suggest having:
TradeSkillMaster (AH & More) - Older version but give you the jist of the addon.
SellJunk (Great for mass-vendoring items)

First, let's take a look at Trillium Ore vs Ghost Iron Ore. Which is better? Well, it depends on the price. In this example we purchased roughly 10,452g worth of Trillium Ore and 10,486g of Ghost. That gave us 52 stacks of Tril adn 214 stacks of Ghost. We won't bother comparing Kyparite since it nets almost the same results of Ghost Iron Ore but is usually a lot more expensive. We'll start with the tril and prospect it first. Here's a simple macro for MoP ore that you can copy-paste below.

#show Ghost Iron Ore
/cast Prospecting
/use Ghost Iron Ore
/use Kyparite
/use Black Trillium Ore
/use White Trillium Ore

Ok looks like we're done with Trillium Ore and just need to turn the Sparkling Shards into Serpent's Eyes. I just drag them to my hot-bar to speed this up. The results are below. Not too bad but let's check out the Ghost Iron now.

Black/White Trillium Ore Prospect (52 Stacks @201g/ea.)
Wild Jade x 37 @183g = 6,771g
Primordial Ruby x 30 @56g = 1,680g
River's Heart x 32 @34g = 1,088g
Vermilion Onyx x 32 @179g = 5,728g
Sun's Radiance x 41 @23g = 943g
Imperial Amethyst x 38 @72g = 2,736g
Serpent's Eye x 32 @4.8g = 153.6g
Alexandrite x 35 @2.2g = 77g
Pandarian Garnet x 36 @2.2g = 79.2g
Lapis Lazuli x 34 @3.7g = 125.8g
Tiger Opal x 30 @5.8g = 174g
Sunstone x 34 @1.9g = 64.6g
Roguestone x 39 @2.3g = 89.7g
Total Raw Worth = 19,710g
Minus Cost = 10,452g
Grand Total = 9,258g

Ghost Iron did slightly better with rare gems than tril and smashed it when it came to uncommon gems. If we look at the raw values of both we see Ghost Iron out performed Trillium by more than 6,000 gold making it the ideal choice for prospecting. I wouldn't say Trillium is a waste of time to prospect though. Considering that the Ghost Iron took 70 minutes about to prospect whereas the tril only took 15 minutes. That being said the time saving aspect of tril makes it more beneficial when the price is 3.3 times more than Ghost or less. In our example it was roughly 4 times more.

Ghost Iron Ore Prospect (214 Stacks @49g/ea.)
Wild Jade x 38 @183g = 6,954g
Primordial Ruby x 41 @56g = 2,296g
River's Heart x 41 @34g = 1,394g
Vermilion Onyx x 43 @179g = 7,697g
Sun's Radiance x 34 @23g = 782g
Imperial Amethyst x 39 @72g = 2,808g
Serpent's Eye x 107 @4.8g = 513.6g
Alexandrite x 179 @2.2g = 393.8g
Pandarian Garnet x 192 @2.2g = 422.4g
Lapis Lazuli x 228 @3.7g = 843.6g
Tiger Opal x 221 @5.8g = 1,281.8g
Sunstone x 247 @1.9g = 469.3g
Roguestone x 236 @2.3g = 542.8g
Total Raw Worth = 26,398g
Minus Cost = 10,486g
Grand Total = 15,912g

Alright so what do you do once you have the ore prospected, in MoP it's pretty simple. You only need to worry about a few cuts for each gem since the raw uncut prices are typically higher than a mass majority of cut versions. I'll start with Vermilion Onyx cuts since I have quite a bit of them. Any gem above the uncut version will get cut if I have that cut. The fastest way to get cuts is by bypassing the cooldown and farming Spirit of Harmony. You can check out my farming in MoP video series for some great locations. I prefer episode 2. We'll do this for all the different colors and list them up for 12 hours. We don't undercut competition when there's only a few on the Auction house and instead post above them since they'll sell followed by ours.

After cuts you can use your remaining gems to make rare rings and necks. Always be sure to check their current Auction House prices to make sure you're not shorting yourself. A small amount is fine though since you'll sell more items, faster when you have a variety of items to sell.

Next, we'll make uncommon rings and necks for disenchanting. If you don't have an Enchanter you can always ask a friend, a guildy, or in trade chat. If that doesn't work out, for your next round you can just sell the gems raw while using some for making rare rings and necks.

While you're making uncommon rings and necklaces, you can have the chance to proc a rare one. Obviously these would straight sold on the Auction House and believe it or not they do quite well. If for some reason your server has super low prices, you can always look into disenchanting them as well.

For mass listing items like gems or these rare rings that we just proc'd, I like to use the addon TradeSkillMaster. I'll be releasing a video tutorial on it soon but here is a glimpse of how to setup a group for listing. I first setup a group and give it a name like rare rings/necks. Once I have that I can add the items to it selecting them and clicking add. I then go through each of the settings on the Group Overrides tab to fit the item. I ignore low duration auctions, post for 12 hours, set my cap to 4, my undercut to 1g, and my threshold to 35g which is what the DE'd mats would be worth. Then, I put the fallback price to 199g which you could set it higher if you like. Next, I set the max price to 220% and go to the Auction House pane under the TSM tab to hit post and list all the items. The remaining uncommon rings I'll send off to my Enchanter.

For the leftover uncommon gems, you could hold them until your next prospecting session or use to make more rare rings/necks. The ones beyond that can be straight listed or cut and listed but I usually don't waste my time cutting them. You can cut them and try to sell them. If it doesn't work out, vendor the cut uncommon gems and sell the perfect ones. The perfect ones can sell well but it'll take another few months and a lot of advertising before players realize the perfect cuts are the same stats as the rare gems. Which if you didn't know, can save you huge amounts of gold for gemming your own gear.

Next up we have to disenchant the green rings and necks. Start by copying this macro below.

/cast Disenchant
/use item:83794
/use item:83793

If you don't have an Enchanter, this may be a great time to level it up on an alt or ask someone to do it for you.

Once you get the greens de'd, check the Auction House to find out whether you should up the mats or sell them as is. In this case Spirit Dust and Mysterious Essence are pretty much the same price while Ethereal Shards are cheaper but when used to make a Sha Crystal the profit works out well mostly due to it being a cooldown. It also helps to have a guild with the Bountiful Bags perk so you can get extra mats from disenchanting. We'll go ahead and convert all our Spirit Dust to Mysterious Essences so we can condense mats down for a faster sell and use some to convert up to a Sha Crystal. Finally, we'll list everything up for 12 hours in full stacks while undercutting the competition.

Alright now that we got everything listed up, it looks like if everything sold as is we would net somewhere around 44,000 gold pretty amazing considering we only paid 10,486 for the Ghost Iron Ore. Prices do change throughout the day though so you'll need to stay on top of the competition by checking for undercuts and relisting your items. I use Auctionator to check for undercuts and you can find a guide on the addon in the above navigation. The best times to watch and list, re-list on the AH are 6 to 10pm during the week especially Tuesday through Thursday. I try to not camp the AH by doing other activities ingame between undercutting competition like RBGs or raids.

Alright so it's the next day and we have about 7,500g worth of stuff still on the Auction House. We're going to loot the mailbox and see how well we did. This will show you the daily potential for Jewelcrafting and feel free to scale things down to your budget although 10,486g in MoP isn't a whole lot anyways. You can also expand into Panther mounts which are a great way to make some bank. Check my JC to 600 video for the recipe locations. They do require rep though which is why I don't sell them in this video. I also didn't include any meta gems or pets. The designs for them are found from any mob in Pandaria or the Treasure bag you get from completing the Golden Lotus dailys. If you have Alchemy you can use some of your gems to transmute into metas or even use some of the uncommon gems to transmute into rares when the price is profitable and make some serious bank.

Nice, so we finished up the mailbox looting and ended up pulling in:

+ Net Sales = 23,302g
+ Leftover Items = 7,533g
- Ghost Iron Ore Cost (214 stacks) = 10,486g
- Jeweler's Settings x 429 = 451g
Grand Total = 19,898g

This was all in the course of just over a day. Not bad and even if we pretended the 7,500g in leftover items didn't exist, we'd still have made almost 13,000 gold in pure profit. Profits are huge so far in Mists of Pandaria and I expect them to continue.

Well, that's it for my guide to making gold with Jewelcrafting in Mists of Pandaria and I hope you liked it.

Thanks for watching/reading and if you haven't yet, please subscribe to my YouTube channel at

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