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MoP Mining/Herbalism Guide 1-600 Leveling Fast & Easy! How to Level Mining & Herb!

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MoP Mining/Herbalism Guide 1-600 Leveling Fast & Easy! How to Level Mining & Herb!

Below is a detailed video and walk-through on how to level Mining and Herbalism as a combo 1-600 the easiest and quickest even if you don't have any gold to spend. Both are great money making professions separately but, combining them makes it the ultimate gathering setup to have for straight profit or supplying your alts with mats for their professions like Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, and Inscription. All in all great for Mists of Pandaria.

  • WoW Mining/Herbalism Combo Guide 1-600 Leveling | Updated for Patch 5.2 - Mists of Pandaria
  • Estimated Leveling Time: 4-5 hours

Mining/Herbalism Combo 1-600 Leveling Video

Mining & Herbalism Combo 1-600 Leveling Guide | Apprentice

    Alright, you can finally start Herb'ing and Mining your way to 600. You can level in any starting zone but I'll be showing Tirisfal Glades. Throughout the video you'll have zone choices and I'll put all the maps, including Alliance maps, on my website at for easy viewing or you can use my custom routes for the Routes addon. I'll add a link in the info.

    In Tirisfal Glades just follow the route clockwise around. It's helpful to have 'Auto Loot' on if you don't already by pressing 'Esc' and selecting Interface. Then under Controls check the box next to 'Auto Loot'.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Mining/Herb Route

    Mining/Herb Route

    Keep picking flowers until you hit skill level 50 or so in Herbalism. By then you should also have around 60 Copper Ore. It should only take a lap around the zone. Then, fly over to Bril where you can learn Journeyman Herbalist from trainer. From there fly into Undercity and smelt the 60 or so Copper Ore you have as high as you can. You'll want to hit skill level 50. After hitting 50, see the Mining trainer and learn Journeyman Miner. If you're Alliance do the same but using your starter zone and capital city.

Mining & Herbalism Combo Leveling Guide | Journeyman

    Next, go over to Hillsbrad and start on the route I have laid out on the map. You're going to follow it clockwise around staying on the outer route until you reach skill level 125 in Herbalism right around when you complete your first lap. Then, you can fly into the center and herb up the Frozen Herbs scattered throughout. It shows 400 skill on the tooltip but you can just ignore that.

    Mining/Herb Route

    After you have the center picked to empty, go back to the outer route and loop around it repeating the route.

    Once you hit 150 in Herbalism and 105 in Mining, head to the closest trainer for herbs which will be in Tarren Mill for Horde or the Wetlands for Alliance. Once there, learn Expert Herbalist. Don't worry about training Mining yet.

Mining & Herbalism Combo Leveling Guide | Expert

    Next, fly over to Western Plaguelands and follow the route on the screen counter-clockwise. At first you'll mostly see Liferoot and Stranglekelp along the water. I wouldn't bother with the Stranglekelp. You also can't pick the Blindweed but there's only a few on west side section of water that you might see as you loop back around to the start. Just skip them and keep farming your way around the route. Don't be afraid to go a bit away from the route towards the center into the fields and open area. You can find a lot of herbs here but the ones in the fields do have phasing issues sometimes. Most of the Mining nodes will be on the mountain terrain edge and you'll find the occasional Gold Vein but mostly it'll be Iron.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Stay on this route until you hit 150 in Mining and have 225 in Herbalism. It'll probably take you 2 or 3 laps. After that, hearth back to your main capital town and learn Expert Miner from the trainer along with anything else available. Then, smelt all the Gold Ore you have to grab some extra points. Next, go to the Herbalism trainer and learn Artisan Herbalist.

    From here we'll head to Thousand Needles. It's a bit of flight and a great time to take a break. Now go get some pizza or something.

    Ok , now to get started in Thousand needles. Follow the route you see counter-clockwise. There's tons of Sungrass and you'll even find some Liferoot in the beginning down in this little area. Ooh, maybe even a treasure chest. I love treasure. Hmm, a Blade of the Titans. Not bad. I think these sell for about 1,000 gold on my server.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Ok, back to leveling. This route is really simple as you can see. The Sungrass will be in the flat areas while the Mithril Veins will be along the mountainous edge. After a lap you should have 260 in Herbalism and around 180 in Mining.

    Hearth back to town and go to Felwood. On the way, it's probably a good idea to send all the items you mined and herb'd up to an alt to clear out your bags.

Mining & Herbalism Combo Leveling Guide | Artisan

    In Felwood follow the route along the left side picking all the herbs and mining up all the Mithril and occasaional Truesilver Veins.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Herbs and Mining Veins are pretty well condensed and you should get tons in a small area.

    Oh and while you're leveling you might see enemy players gank your faction members. If you saw in the beginning of Felwood I was checking out a few Alliance. They ganked someone so I killed them both. Normally, I don't bother killing lowbies but two versus one is a little whack.

    Continue on the left side portion of the route until you round the top and have around 205 in Mining and 275 in Herbalism. Then, cruise over into Winterspring and follow the route going counter-clockwise along the bottom.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Mining/Herb Route

    Mining/Herb Route

    As you loop around going south, head up into Mount Hyjal or hearth back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Train Master Herbalist and Artisan Miner along with anything else available. Then, smelt all the Thorium Ore you have.

    Next, go back to the portals and take the one to Mount Hyjal. Then, fly over and down into Winterspring plummeting to your death. Just kidding. Pop a chute or flight form if you have it. If not, be boring and fly safely down the whole way.

    In Winterspring, continue to fly counter-clockwise around my route until you hit skill level 260 or more in Mining. This will probably only take a half of lap or less and if you hate Burning Crusade zones you can stay a bit longer to decrease your time in BC zones. For Herbalism you want at least 290 but will likely have exceeded that by a lot.

    Once you hit your skill level targets, hearth back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind or take the portal from Mount Hyjal. In town, smelt up all the Thorium Ore you have until at least skill level 275 although you might get as farm as 290. Then, train Master Miner and anything available.

Mining & Herbalism Combo 1-600 Leveling Guide | Master

    Next, take the portal to the Blasted Lands and fly through the Dark Portal. Watch out when you zone into the Blasted Lands. It's a common place for enemy players to camp and gank you while you're loading and completely defenseless as you can see from all the skelitons scattered about. Pansy asses are just upset after getting schooled in a RBG. I kid, I kid.

    Alright so once you're in Hellfire Peninsula, fly clockwise along the south half of the route picking all the herbs along the way. Keep picking herbs and mining until you have at least skill level 315 in both or make a full lap back around to the main towns. Then, smelt all the Fel Iron Ore you have left which should get you to around 325 but you only need 315 to go on to the next zone.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Alright with all that smelted, fly your way over into Blades Edge Mountains mining any nodes you see along the way or take the flight path like me and have a short break to get a drink and snack.

    In Blades you'll mostly be mining Adamantite Ore but there are Fel Iron and Khorium veins too. The Rich Adamantite and Khorium aren't farmable at this skill level so check your mini map and if it's one of those, just skip it and move on to the next node.

    Mining/Herb Route

    When you're mining and herb'ing keep your eyes peeled for treasure chests. This is our second one so far and oh look we found a rare elite as well. An easy kill along with a rare and achievement.

    One great thing about Blades is the competition should be none existent. However, some may like Nagrand, Zangramarsh, or the Isle of Qual'Danas better which is why, just like any other section of leveling, you can find alternatives in my custom routes or on

    Continue on my route in Blades Edge until you reach skill level 350 in Mining and 365 in Herbalism which should only take one full lap or so. Then, hearth back to Org or Stormwind and learn Grand Master Miner along with anything else available and Grand Master Herbalist. If you have any Eternium, smelt that and then use it to make Felsteel which should give you a few extra points that'll get you started on the next Mining section.

WoW Mining & Herbalism Combo 1-600 Leveling | Grand Master

    Then, take the zep or boat to Howling Fjord. For Horde you'll need to take a zep to Tirisfal Glades and a zep from there to Northrend. You can also train in Howling Fjord like I do here.

    Howling Fjord has a pretty simple route to follow. Stick to it going clockwise picking all the Gold Clover and Tiger Lily herbs as well as all the Cobalt Ore you come across. After one lap you can stop back in town to smelt all the Cobalt Ore you've mined up. I actually prefer Borean Tundra a bit more and have a route for that on my website but if you decide on Howling Fjord, fly around my route until you hit skill 365 in Mining and 375 in Herbalism.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Mining 350-400

    While you level Herbalism, you can also get some other achievements out of the way like exploring each zone if you haven't do already.

    Next, fly up into Zul'Drak passing by Grizzly Hills mining or herb'ing anything along the way. Once in Zul'Drak, follow the route clockwise. As you wrap around to the snowy section in the north, you'll start to see Frozen Herbs but, you won't be able to pick them until 405 which should happen by your second route. Oh, look a rare. Free gold and achievement progress.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Mining 400-425

    Leveling gathering professions is a great time to explore these older zones and kill rares for achievements.

    Continue around the zone on my route until you hit at least 390 in Mining and 425 in Herbalism. It shouldn't take but a few laps and as you round the Storm Peaks' border, head over into there and start on my route.

    The Storm Peaks has a fairly simple route but some sections do have caves that you can go in for a few Mining or Herb nodes. A bonus for this zone is the possibility of running into the Time-Lost Proto Drake and snagging yourself a pretty rare epic drake. I found mine from pure luck while heading into Storm Peaks to do a JC daily.

    Mining/Herb Route

    Mining 400-425

    I'm a noob and my bags start to get really full. Make sure before you get to this point, your bags are clear.

    Keep at this Storm Peaks route until you have at least 415 in Mining or more and 425 in Herbalism. After you hit those marks or above, hearth back to Org or Stormwind and go to the Mining trainer. Smelt all the Saronite Ore you have which should be you to skill level 425. Then, train Illustrious Grand Master Miner. Next, go over to the Herbalism trainer, and learn Illustrious Grand Master Herbalism.

WoW Mining & Herb Guide 1-600 Leveling | Illustrious Grand Master

    Now that you've made it to at least 425 in both professions and have trained, head to Mount Hyjal. Just use the portal in Org or Stormwind. Once in Mount Hyjal, follow the route I have up on the map. This is where Herbalism and Mining get to be super easy for leveling.

    Mining/Herb Route

    There are so many herbs mining nodes things just seem to flow a lot better than some previous zones.
    After about two laps you probably have around 465 in Mining and 475 in Herbalism. At that point you'll want to hearth back to your main town and take the port into Deepholm.

    In Deepholm the route is super easy and has tons of Mining and Herb nodes scattered about. Just like with the Storm Peaks, you'll also have a bonus possibility of finding a rare elite drake. This time it's Aeonaxx who can drop the Phosphorescent Drake which looks pretty cool. It is still heavy camped but you never know. You might just be lucky enough to find it.

    Mining/Herb Route

    In Deepholm you'll be on my route for about one lap or until you reach skill level 490 or more in Mining and 500 in Herbalism. It shouldn't take very long.

MoP Herbalism & Mining 1-600 Leveling Guide | Zen Master

    After you hit the target skill levels, take the portal or hearth back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind and head to the Mining trainer. Learn everything available and smelt up the Elementium Ore you found until hitting skill level 500. It should only take two stacks of ore to do this. Next, train Zen Master Miner and anything else available. For Herbalism, you can train Zen Master in your main town or train when you take the portal to Pandaria's Jade Forest.

    In the Jade Forest we'll be using my top route that you see on the map but Alliance can use the bottom route if you're starting off in Pawdon Village. Anyone going from Dawn's Blossom can pick either.

    Mining/Herb Route

    We'll be going counter-clockwise, farming Ghost Iron Ore and Green Tea Lead to start. Here you'll really start to see the enemy faction. Get up off my node foo or get ganked. That's right. Walk away Night Elf. We try to avoid water areas until 515 since we can't pick Rain Poppy until then. You also might run into Rich Ghost Iron that you can't mine right away. No biggy. You'll be mining it soon enough.

    My top route has the Windward Isle as part of the route but it's one area that you'll have to avoid completely since you can't pick most of the herbs until higher levels. Not a big deal and we just connect the route to bypass it.

    Make sure throughout leveling or gold making you take breaks now and then. Also to keep from being bored, talk to friends, blare music, or zone out watching TV. Having fun should be top priority while doing anything in a video game but getting to the fun might take some boring tasks that need IRL tools to be more enjoyable.

    Oh goody. We found a Wodin's Mantid Shanker BoA. Perfect for the Rogue I've started. If you notice my maps have green dots which help me find treasures around Pandaria for achievements that drop a good amount of gold, rare items, or BoAs. I use the Finders and Riches addon combined with the TomTom addon.

    Being a Druid you might have noticed that it's pretty hax since I don't have to get out of flight form to loot Herb nodes. Mobs attacking me also don't slow me down because of the Tauren racial that adds speed to picking herbs. I can simply loot the node fast enough and get out of there. It's also nice to not have to worry about other 90's either of my own faction or the enemy's. This makes a Tauren Druid the ultimate Herbalist. If you're not a Druid and have to dismount, make sure you loot the herb before bothering with a mob or enemy player even if that means CC'ing them. That way even if you get owned or are preoccupied with a mob, noone can steal your herbs. Some other good classes for gathering professions are Paladins and Deathknights as well as other classes for many different reasons like vanish from a Rogue or Feign Death from a Hunter.

    After looping around two and a half times you should have at least 565 or so in Herbalism and Mining. You'll need at least 535 to go to the next zone for Herbalism but you'll end up with more since you want to have a higher skill level in Mining.

    With both at 565 or more, cross over into Valley of the Four Winds and travel along the river. There is literally tons of Silkweed scattered along the river and you might even get lucky enough to find a Golden Lotus node. You'll need a minimum of 540 skill level and you should easily have that already. This one even dropped two Golden Lotus which is nice. Golden Lotus can spawn at any herb location and even drop from another herb if you're lucky enough. When you loot the actual Golden Lotus node, you also get a Luck buff for 15 minutes that makes it so mobs drop Plundered Treasure that can contain all sorts of rare BoE items, profession mats, and gold. Here's a video if you want to see some of the drops.

    Herbalism 545-575

    A major bonus to picking herbs here in Valley of the Four Winds is the Tiller items you can get to gain rep with each of the individual tillers. It's mainly in this Heartland area and check out this video for some tips on that. This whole Heartland area is great and following it up with the glades section just east makes leveling or farming here pretty awesome. Near the vermin though can be a bit anoying if you aren't a Druid so you might want to avoid any herbs close to them.

    Once you have more than 580 skill level in both Mining and Herbs, head up two zones into Kun-Lai Summit. You could of course stay in Valley of the Four Winds longer but a change of scenery is nice and it gets you use to farming in multiple zones for different herbs and ore.

    Herbalism 575-600

    After you get into Kun-Lai Summit head west until you reach the mountains and along the way stick to the mountainous terrain for Mining and black sha-touched areas for Herbalism.

    Oh nice we found some Trillium. Trillium Ore is the top ore and comes in black and white. You'll need at least 590 to mine it.

    Once you hit the snow covered area, start picking Snow Lily and don't worry about the berries if they show up on your map. Super annoying I know but it's just in this small section.

    Keep follow the route I have and loop around criss crossing the area for ore and Snow Lily. There are tons of it all around this area and it shouldn't take long at all to hit 600 in Mining. Even regular Ghost Iron nodes will give you points so don't worry if they show as grey on the tooltip. Bam there it is. Grats everyone and now we just finish up Herbalism. Come on, Snow Lily. Nice we found some and some more to reach 600 which shows as 615 for Tauren since we get a bonus.

    Whoo, so that took about four and a half hours but we've finally leveled Herbalism and Mining to 600. Mad grats to everyone there's just one more thing we have to do. It's my favorite. We get to list everything is make some nice gold. I like to use Auctionator for this and list everything for 12 hours in full stacks while undercutting any competition. Here's a link to the Auctionator Addon tutorial if you want to use it for gold making with any items.

    A lot of people ask me if they should sell ore or smelt in to bars to sell. The simple answer is whichever sells for more. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. For the long answer though, it really depends. If the price is only slighty different, save your time and sell the ore. If the price is a huge difference, smelt the bars. Smelting can be super time consuming and you could go out and farm a lot more in the time it took to smelt the stuff. At the same time though smelting allows you to go afk and get some IRL stuff done.

    In two days most everything sold in the first listing and I only relisted everything a total of two times. The grand total came to 9,480 gold which is pretty good giving about a 2,000 gold per hour farm rate.

    Well that's it and grats again on 600 in Mining and Herbalism. They truly are a gold making combo to be reckoned with. If you want to see the best gold making routes for each zone, check out the different videos linked on the screen as they're released following this video.

    Thanks for watching and for more profession leveling and gold making guides, please subscribe, visit, and share this video.

    "Now Go Pick Some Flowers & Mine Some Profits or Something!"

  • Congratulations WoW Gamer!! You now have maxed your Mining & Herbalism profession to 600! Check out Mining/Herbalism Gold Making Guide - The Jade Forest: Best Routes.