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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining/Herb Combo EP.3: 2,779g/hr - Best Routes: Kun-Lai Summit

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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining/Herb Combo EP.3: 2,779g/hr - Best Routes: Kun-Lai Summit


What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for Mining and Herbalism combined in Kun-Lai Summit.

As usual we'll be hitting up two routes for 30 minutes each and comparing the outcome and with this round we're in Kun-Lai Summit. Before you get going, make sure you have enough bag space, you're repaired, and buffed.


You'll need to have atleast 500 in Mining and 575 in Herbalism although the lower Mining will greatly reduce your gold per hour until you level up to at least 550. Of course that can be less with bonuses. If you don't have Mining or Herbalism and would like to get them, check out to easily level both of them at the same.

If you haven't seen my video with routes for the Jade Forest or Valley of the Four Winds, you should check those out for more tips on how to increase your gold per hour with Mining and Herbalism.

The first route we're on is a medium to large size route that crosses over all types of terrain. I also do a bit of cave running to show you how much time it can consume. Having either Herb or Mining without the other makes cave hopping usually a waste for most classes. When you have both professions though and a good amount of Rich and Trillium veins, it can be a nice change of scenery with a decent return for time spent.

In the Kota Peaks make sure to loot some berries. You'll pick up the berries on the mini-map and might think they're Snow Lily only to find they're lame berries. The fruit are good for a buff to kill mobs but not something you'd want to farm. I skim the mini-map to see which is Snow Lily or Golden Lotus and which is not.

This video showcases some of the best routes I have for VotFW. I've ran the zone many times and spent a lot of effort perfecting each route so you don't have to. I do this by using the addon Routes to draw on my maps manually. After these videos release, I always add my new routes to my custom Routes. You'll also need the Routes Addon which all gatherers should have.

Best Routes for valley of the four winds

Mining/Herb - Kun-Lai Summit Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 184
Trillium Ore x 18
Snow Lily x 167
Green Tea Leaf x 37
Golden Lotus x 2

Alright so after 30 minutes we got a nice amount of ore and herbs which I've put up on the screen. Now we roll over to the second route to see how it fairs.

This route is very similar to the first but with a concentration happening in a more condensed place. This is my favorite of the two and while you may find mobs on some nodes, try standing as far back from them on the opposite side of the herb or ore node in the hopes not to aggro them. Like I mentioned in the last video, mobs can really wreck your gold per hour.

Both routes do pass through the Fire Camp Ordo. This is a very important place to hit up if you don't have your Forager's Gloves which drop from Korda Torros. They increase your gathering speed by 1.5 seconds down to a max of 0.5 seconds. This is huge for any gatherer but the drop rate can be a bit daughting for some. It's about 10% and the mob respawns approximately every hour.

Make a macro for /target Korda Torros or just do what I do and look for his blatently noticable ass walking through the camp. He sticks out so much when compared to the other mobs not only with his gear but his size and looks as well. He's an easy kill but just like the million kills before this, I still haven't seen the gloves drop. Check the end of this video to see if I ever get the gloves.

Best Routes for valley of the four winds
Mining/Herb - Kun-Lai Summit Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 203
Trillium Ore x 0
Snow Lily x 135
Green Tea Leaf x 12
Desecrated Herb x 4
Golden Lotus x 5

Alright so we've just finished up our second route's 30 minute session and the numbers are similar to the first route aside from the lack of Trillium Ore. That's luck for ya.

Now we just head back to Orgrimmar and list up everything on the Auction House for 12 hours in full stacks and singles for Golden Lotus by using the Auctionator addon.

Mining/Herb - Kun-Lai Summit Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 184 = 605.45g
Trillium Ore x 18 = 203.58g
Snow Lily x 167 = 421.93g
Green Tea Leaf x 37 = 52.61g
Golden Lotus x 2 = 132.82g
Total = 1,416.39g in 30 minutes!

Mining/Herb - Kun-Lai Summit Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 203 = 667.97g
Snow Lily x 135 = 341.08g
Green Tea Leaf x 12 = 17.06g
Desecrated Herb x 4 = 4.50g
Golden Lotus x 5 = 332.05g
Total = 1,362.66g in 30 minutes!

Mining/Herb - Kun-Lai Summit Route #1 & #2 Total:
Ghost Iron Ore x 387 = 1,273.42g (65.81g /stack)
Trillium Ore x 18 = 203.58g (11.31g ea.)
Snow Lily x 302 = 763g (50.53g / stack)
Green Tea Leaf x 49 = 69.68g (28.44g / stack)
Desecrated Herb x 4 = 4.50g
Golden Lotus x 7 = 464.87g (66.41g ea.)
Grand Total = 2,779g in one hour!

Well, it's the next day and everything sold in the blink of an eye without needing a relist. Both the routes combined netted 387 Ghost Iron Ore, 18Trillium, 355 Herbs, and 7 Golden Lotus which gave us a grand total of 2,779 gold for an hours worth of farming in mild competitin.

Pretty good numbers and even though route two didn't win out, I still consider it my favorite choice when farming in Kun-Lai Summit.

Well, that's it and I'll see you in my next video and guide when we take a look at some routes for Townlong Steppes. Don't forget there's a special clip after the credits.

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"Now Go Mine Up Some Profits and Flower Pick Your Way to Riches or Something!"

Do the Forager's Gloves drop? No, nope, no, no, maybe.. no, not today, not this time, or this time, or that time, or anytime, didn't drop here, or there, or there, or oh my god no again, and again, and again, try 27 is... nothing, WTS Bracers, wow didn't drop, dumb bracers, no luck here, or holy hell finally after 32 tries or more it finally dropped. I camped Korda for weeks off and on. So why go through all this trouble? Well, I wanted to show all of you the Forager's Gloves still drop and what they do exactly for Mining and Herbalism. Here is a side by side comparison with and without for Herbalism. A Tauren goes unchanged for herbs but others races will drop to the same speed which is 0.5 seconds. Mining is where it really helps a Tauren and all other races out. It drops it down to 1.7 seconds instead of 3.2 seconds. Korda Torros spawns here every 45  minutes or more after being killed. Thank god that's over. Good luck everyone.  Lates!