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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining EP.2: 2,700g/hr - Best Mining Routes: Valley of the Four Winds

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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining EP.2: 2,700g/hr - Best Mining Routes: Valley of the Four Winds


What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for Mining in the Valley of the Four Winds.

In this episode we'll look at two routes for this zone. Make sure you have enough bag space,  you're repaired, and buffed.

You'll need to have atleast 500 in Mining although 550 is ideal which can be less if you have a bonus for mining. If you don't have Mining and would like to get it, check out for a fully detailed guide with route maps and tips.

If you haven't seen my video with routes for the Jade Forest, you should check it out for more tips on how to increase your gold per hour with Mining.

In the Valley of the Four Winds we'll be running each route for 30 minutes.

The routes I use always tried and true with some minor adjustments for better optimization happening live in the video if need be. I do this by using the addon Routes to draw on my maps manually. After these videos release, I always add my new routes to my custom Routes. You'll also need the Routes Addon which all gatherers should have.
Best Routes for valley of the four winds
The path I'm showing now is semi-long but gives plenty of time for nodes to respawn and to trip up competition if you have any. I really shouldn't say 'if'. You will have competition in VoTFW considering it is one of the most populated zones for levelers and level 90s. Lots of idlers mindlessly farming waiting on an RBG, a Gar group to form, or any other numerous reasons.

This, like any other zone, will have lots of rare mobs you can stop and kill as well. It's a great way to multi-task and get some more achievements done.

Not to mention all the Dark Soil you can find in the Heartland section that give you rep with the individual Tillers. I've linked a video on the screen to help you with getting to Best Friends with all the Tillers fast and easy.

Mining - Valley of the Four Winds Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 349

Alright so after 30 minutes we mined up 349 Ghost Iron Ore which is pretty similar to the Jade Forest. Now let's switch the route to my second one and see how it does.
Best Routes for valley of the four winds
Oh and even though I mentioned it in episode one, make sure you buy your Mist-Piercing Goggles if you haven't yet. They don't cost much and you'll get it back in extra nodes within one gathering session. Just check the AH or get an Engineer to make them for you. Then, leave them in your bags and they'll give you extra nodes indicated by clouding nodes with a mist.

This second routes focuses on a less populated west side but still shoots you through the most popular heartland area and daily quest section. The sheer amount of node spawns easily justifies going into the thick of the competition. Don't forget to CC single mobs and always pop all your cooldowns to kill them fast if you do pull aggro. Those lost seconds really add up if you don't nuke mobs fast enough. I estimate that for every mob encounter, you're losing ore from as many as three nodes in the same time frame. Skip non rich nodes if level 90 mobs with lots of health are too close.

I've had competition all through out this farming session and here's one of competitors. He's just a bit slower than and while it looks like he has the last laugh by getting a Rich Ghost Iron vein in front of me, that one has mobs and there's a Trillium Ore vein right here.

Mining - Valley of the Four Winds Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 453
Trillium Ore x 3

And with that we're finished with this second route. It did much better than the first giving us a nice 453 Ghost Iron Ore and 3 Trillium Ore.

Now we just head back to Orgrimmar and list up everything on the Auction House. First though we're going to compare prices for ore vs bars. In this case, bars are a big enough difference in price to warrant us smelting them. Or is it? I let you know at the end of the video.

With everything smelted we can put the bars on the Auction House for 12 hours in full stacks by using the Auctionator addon.

Mining - Valley of the Four Winds Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 349 = 1,160.60g (133.02g /stack bars)

Mining - Valley of the Four Winds Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 453 = 1,506.45g (133.02g /stack bars)
Trillium Ore x 3 = 33.36g

Mining - Valley of the Four Winds Route #1 & #2 Total:
Ghost Iron Ore x 802/Trillium x 3 = 2,700g

After a few hours, everything sold without needing to relist. The two routes combined netted 802 Ghost Iron Ore and 3 Trillium Ore which gave us a grand total of 2,700 gold for an hours worth of farming. Now remember we sold bars so how would we have faired with ore. It would have been about 250 gold cheaper. So bars were a smarter choice right? Wrong because it took 11 minutes to smelt them and in that same 11 minutes we could have mined up about 147 ore which would equal around 440 gold. It would be worth it though if you wanted to go afk since smelting doesn't take player interaction.

Well, that's it and I'll see you in my next video and guide when we take a look at some routes for Kun-Lai Summit and a special item to make Mining faster.

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"Now Go Mine Up Some Profits or Something!"