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MoP Gold Making w/ Herbalism EP.3: 1,501g/hr - Best Herb Routes: Kun-Lai Summit

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MoP Gold Making w/ Herbalism EP.3: 1,501g/hr - Best Herb Routes: Kun-Lai Summit

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for Herbalism in Kun-Lai Summit.

As usual we'll be hitting up two routes for 30 minutes each and comparing the outcome and with this round we're in Kun-Lai Summit. Before you get going, make sure you have enough bag space,  you're repaired, and buffed.


You'll need to have atleast 575 in Herbalism to get started here since the main herb is Snow Lily. Of course if you have a buff to Herbalism, this can be lower. If you don't have Herbalism and would like to get it, check for an easy leveling guide and video.

If you haven't seen my video with routes for the Jade Forest or Valley of the Four Winds, you should check those out for more tips on how to increase your gold per hour with Herb'ing. They're linked near the end of the video and will probably answer any questions you have plus give you more zones to gather herbs in.

I draw my routes manually by using an addon called Routes. To get my custom routes loaded in to your Routes Addon, check out my custom routes page.

Best Herbalism Routes: Kun-Lai Summit Herb Path #1

Best Routes for Kun-Lai Summit

This first route is mostly covering the mid and slightly north section with all the mountain peaks. A huge change of scenery from Valley or the Jade Forest and that's very welcomed. I highly suggest any time you get bored with gathering to try and change zones to see if that helps. I know it helps me tremendously.

We're using a very short route here for the speed of Herb'ing which is why you might see me entering a few caves. I do this as a time delay of sorts and a quick way to pad the node count a bit. Because of my gathering speed this is doable. If you don't have Forager's Gloves and aren't a Tauren, you may want to skip caves unless you plan to pop a Potion of Luck and farm mobs at the same time. Speed is everything so classes with a sprint type of ability also help greatly. I completely ignore mobs and run in and out.

It still hurts farming time though and should be avoided in most cases. I was getting a bit of competition that I wanted to avoid and going in caves can help with that to a certain extent.

Herbalism - Kun-Lai Summit Route #1:
Snow Lily x 324
Golden Lotus x 4

After 30 minutes we picked 324 Snow Lily and 4 Golden Lotus. Not too great of numbers but expected during the peak time I was farming.

Ok with my first route done, we can move on to test out the second. This one is nice whether you have competition or not. It also allows for a mix of herbs instead of 100% Snow Lily.

Best Herbalism Routes: Kun-Lai Summit Herb Path #2

Best Routes for the Kun-Lai Summit

Both routes do pass through the Fire Camp Ordo. This is a very important place to hit up if you don't have your Forager's Gloves which drop from Korda Torros. They increase your gathering speed by 1.5 seconds down to a max of 0.5 seconds. This is huge for any gatherer but the drop rate can be a bit daughting for some. It's about 10% and the mob respawns approximately every hour.

Make a macro for /target Korda Torros or just do what I do and look for his blatently noticable ass walking through the camp. He sticks out so much when compared to the other mobs not only with his gear but his size and look as well.

The only portion of my second route that might annoy some is Kota Peak. You'll pick up the berries on the mini-map and might think they're Snow Lily only to find they're lame berries. The fruit are good for a buff to kill mobs but not something you'd want to farm. I skim the mini-map to see which is herbs and which is not.

We then swoop down to a Sha-Touched area that has Sha-Touched herbs. This helps mix things up as you wrap around through some Green Tea Leaf spawns and back into the heavily stocked Snow Lily areas and mountain peaks.

Just like the first route, I ran in a few caves to snatch up some herbs quick and booked out of there. It still isn't worth it for the most part without a Golden Lotus appearing but it does give you a bit of a break from the route allowing for some excitement and spawn stalling.

Herbalism - Kun-Lai Summit Route #2:
Green Tea Leaf x 28
Snowlily x 246
Desecrated Herb x 5
Golden Lotus x 2

Alright, we've wrapped up 30 minutes on our second route and the results are worse than the first for overall amount which came in at 279 herbs and only 2 Golden Lotus.

That's still in line with my average runs but definitely on the low side. I attibute that to the higher competition we ran into on both routes.

Nonetheless all herbs will go up in full stacks and singles for Golden Lotus with a timer of 12 hours. The main addon I use for listing gathering items is Auctionator.

Herbalism - Kun-Lai Summit Route #1:
Snow Lily x 324 = 646.90g (39.93g / stack)
Golden Lotus x 4 = 204.84g (51.21g ea.)
Grand Total = 852g in 30 minutes

Herbalism - Kun-Lai Summit Route #2:
Green Tea Leaf x 28 = 48.33g (34.52g / stack)
Snowlily x 246 = 491.17g (39.93g / stack)
Desecrated Herb x 5 = 7.24g
Golden Lotus x 2 = 102.42g (51.21g ea.)
Grand Total = 649g in 30 minutes

Herbalism - Valley of the Four Winds Route #1 & #2 Total:
Green Tea Leaf x 28 = 48.33g (34.52g / stack)
Snowlily x 570 = 1,138.07g (39.93g / stack)
Desecrated Herb x 5 = 7.24g
Golden Lotus x 6 = 307.26g (51.21g ea.)
Grand Total = 1,501g in one hour

After a day most everything sold but I spaced and had to relist a few stacks.

Adding both routes together totalled 603 mixed herbs and 6 Golden Lotus which amounted to 1,501g for an hour of farming. Weaker numbers than I'm use to seeing but still decent nonetheless. Kun-Lai Summit is still a great zone to farm in for multiple reasons.

Well, that's it and I'll see you next time when we head over to Townlong Steppes where things get very interesting.

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"Now Go Pick Some Herb or Something!"