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Mists of Pandaria - Valley of the Four Winds Zone Level 86-87 & Stormstout Brewery!

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Tarou here with another Mists of Pandaria quick vid. This time we'll look at the Valley of the Four Winds.

The Valley of the Four Winds zone is covered in beautiful green fields with sizeable corn and lotus crops which are cared for by Pandaren farmers named Tillers. Farms, ranches, and marketplaces are scattered about in this land of rolling plains. The Valley of the Four Winds is a wonderful land to explorer and should give Alliance and Horde alike a great questing experience from level 86 to 87.

Inside the zone is the Stormstout Brewery dungeon that pumps out a seemingly endless supply of deliciously refined beverages. That is until recently. Uncle Gao Stormstout is managing the building and doing a poor job by letting loathsome Virmen break into the brewery's massive oak doors and ravage the Stormstout's stores of rice and barley. On top of that the brew itself has begun to spoil. The Stormstout Brewery dungeon has three powerful bosses that are sure to give some fun to your leveling experience between 85 to 87....

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