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Lowbie Skinning Gold Guide: 1.5k Gold in 30mins Knothide Leather - Best Spot!

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Lowbie Skinning Gold Guide: 1.5k Gold in 30mins Knothide Leather - Best Spot! Patch 4.3.4

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you an awesome video and guide on how to bank with lowbie Knothide Skinning in Patch 4.3.4.

To get started you'll want to be around level 80 and have at least 350 in Skinning. Ideally though you want to be as close to max level as possible for optimal gold per hour.

Next, make sure you're bags are mostly empty, you have food and/or water, some snacks, and most importantly, blaring music that'll keep you skinning in a nice groove.

We're going to be hitting up Karazhan in Deadwind Pass for our farming of Knothide Leather. Easiest way for Horde is a port to Stonard. Alliance can just fly over from Darkshire. This is an old school level 70 raid and as such you'll need to find someone willing to get on an alt that can make a raid with you. After you make the raid, they can exit the game and get back on whatever character they were playing.

We'll be spending 30 minutes in here to give you an idea of what sort of gold you can make by farming Knothide leather here. Right now the demand for Knothide leather will steadily increase all the way into Mists of Pandaria as new players and old level up Leatherworking.

Inside here we're killing Shadowbats which drop vendor trash, sometimes greens, and a ton of Knothide Leather. They're super easy to kill for even a noob frost mage like myself. Granted I'm 85 which helps a lot. I actually use to farm these bats for hours on end with friends when you needed Evil Bat Eyes for the Darkmoon Faire. Wow was that back in the day. Long, long, long ago when things in WoW took an excessively crazy amount of time.

Anyways, aside from the bats I also kill these hounds which also drop vendor trash, sometimes greens, Knothide Leather, and sometimes scraps or Fel Hides. They are also very deadly and pulling the entire room in my midocre gear and limited play style appears to almost get me killed. Nonetheless I continue on somehow surviving thanks to my lowbie health potion that gave me 4k health which I clearly needed. Mana shield could have helped along with a countless number of other suggestions.

Anyways, back to Skinning. The second time around I take things a little more cautiously for now until I rebuild my self-confidence. More like, I don't want to have to do the video over hehe.

Ok, so each run takes about 6 minutes when you get in the groove of things. That means you can do about 5 runs in 30 minutes. When you finish a run you'll run outside and right-click your portait and scroll down to reset all of your instances and click it. On your 5th run you won't be able to reset the instance again until the cooldown is off. You can only do 5 runs per hour. So in the meantime, I like to spend 30 minutes in a different part of Kara farming cloth, vendor trash, greens, and whatever else I can find on non-boss mobs. If you need rep, this is a great time to farm for it just remember don't kill any bosses until you're done farming for the raid's lockout period or else you won't be resetting it. You can also queue for a dungeon and kill time that way.

Alright, so let's see what we ended up with. We have a crap ton of stuff. This is why you need clear bags.

Karazhan: Bats and Hounds
Vendor Grays/Junk = 69.22g
Looted Greens x 8 (GPE x 5, Arcane Dust x 21) = ??
Knothide Leather Scraps x 145 = ??
Knothide Leather x 295 = ??
Fel Hide x 12 = ??

Next, I send the greens off to an alt for disenchanting. Seems I forgot one green which I'll send off later. I get those back and now we can list everything up for 12 hours. The Enchanting mats will go up in singles for essences and stacks with leftover partials for dust. Arcane Dust blows right now but Greater Planar Essences are overpriced. We'll see what happens. I'm putting the leather on the Auction House in full stacks and partials for everything leftover. The price for scraps is high since we can set it on our own but the price on normal Knothide is slightly weaker than usual. No biggy it's still a decent price. Keep in mind all servers are different so base your pricing on your server.

Ok, so it's been a few days and most everything sold. We didn't sell any Fel Hides but I didn't expect we would anyway. That items will probably sit in my bags for awhile. Anyway, here's the break down.

Karazhan: Bats and Hounds
Vendor Grays/Junk = 69.22g
Looted Greens x 8 (GPE x 5, Arcane Dust x 23) = 124.41g
Knothide Leather Scraps x 145 (1.82g ea.) = 263.9g
Knothide Leather x 295 (3.82g ea.) = 1,126.9g
Fel Hide x 12 = ?? (Didn't Sell)
Total for 30 minutes = 1,584.43g

Now the Greater Planar Essences sale gold was accidently looted on my Borean Skinning Guide but I did add it in the above numbers. I also added the scraps as if we sold them along with the Arcane Dust because, they sold a few hours after I filmed this.

All in all Karazhan was by far the best place I found to farm Knothide leather. A big thanks to my old school guild from back in Burning Crusade for reminding me of this place.

Whelp, that's it and I hope you liked this lowbie Skinning Gold Making video for Knothide Leather.

Thanks for watching!

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