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Lowbie Gold Making Guide Series - Day 1-28 (Final) (Updated 11/20)

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This is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold as a low level or a broke level 85. Throughout this series, I'll be showing how to start with absolutely nothing and make a very good amount of gold no matter what level you are. I'll explain why you should never think because you're a low level that you can't make a decent amount of gold as well as how to do it without losing much of any leveling time. Please enjoy this Lowbie Gold Making Guide Series - Days 1-28 (Final) (Getting Started) and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them on our forums.

  • These guides will show you how to make gold as a low level without any support from a high level or begging/stripping. Check below the videos for my buy/sell/flip list!

Auction House Buy Low, Sell High, Flip List! Most Common Easily Flipped Items.

Volatiles: Volatile Fire, Volatile Water, Volatile Life, Volatile Earth, Volatile Air
Rare Gems: Uncut & Cut or have Cut by JC (Cata Level)
Uncommon Gems: Zephyrite, Nightstone, Jasper especially. (Buy on non-daily day and sell on daily day.)
Oldschool & Newschool Armor & Weapons for Disenchanting
Darkmoon Cards (Be careful with current price drops.)
Any Cata level epics (Use bids and private messaging for good deals.)
Abyss Crystals (Have an Enchanter DE.)
Pets (Especially, with increased attention from WoW's Pokemon Battle.)
Herbs (When farmers flood the market with insanely cheap prices. Exp: Normally 5g ea. but, up for 1.5g.)
Mining (When farmers flood the market with insanely cheap prices. Exp: Normally 5g ea. but, up for 1.5g.)
Heavy Savage Leather in 10's (turn in x10 at LW supplies vendor for Pristine Hide) Exp. Heavy Savage Leather x 10 = 300g(30g ea.) while Pristine Hides sell for 450g.)

WoW Lowbie Gold Making Guide Series - Day 1 (Getting Started): Leveling Your Character

Lowbie Gold Making Sq

Making gold as a lowbie is actually quite easy and should be no problem for a new character who has no money support. So, whether you're rolling on a new server to play with some friends, looking for a fresh start, or are a broke as ni.. err.. level 85, I'm going to show you how to rake the gold in.

  • First, you'll need to pick a character. Pick anything you want and don't worry about what I'm picking. The best farming class for herbs and ore has to be a Druid in my opinion although a Paladin & DK spec'd in speed are good as well.
  • Then, you going to need to level the character up to level 5 or so. Without wasting anytime, grab all the quests you can and start following them. Even for a first time player these all should be very easy. Make sure you train as you level and pick up all the quests as you finish all the quests in your log. After about 20 minutes you should hit level five so head to the nearest flight path in Razor Hill or down south in Sin'jin Village which is actually closer.

WoW Lowbie Gold Making Guide Series - Day 1 (Getting Started): Train Professions & Farm Ore/Herbs

  • You can learn Herbalism at Sin'jin Village and Mining at Razor Hill but I'm heading to Orgrimmar cause well, I'm a noob and too use to the old days when that's what you had to do. Don't forget to get your Mining Pick as well. If you're in another zone or are Alliance, similar places should teach the same or head to your closest major city if you're unsure. Here is a list of Herbalism Trainers and Mining Trainers.
  • After you get your Herbalism and Mining trained, hearth back to the start zone, exit, and begin on the route I have on the screen in the video or check the maps below for your starting zone. Click here to get Tarou's custom Routes file for Mining, Herbalism, & Mining/Herb Combo ingame!

    Azuremyst Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

    Teldrassil Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

    Dun Morogh Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

    Elwynn Forest Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

    Durotar Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

    Tirisfal Glades Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

    Eversong Woods Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

    Mulgore Lowbie Mining & Herbalism Route

  • Next, make sure your map is fully zoomed out and tracking minerals and herbs. Keep at this route trying to avoid anything that'll aggro or for any new players, mainly the scorpions, humans, and gnolls or w/e they're called. I guess anything besides boar and crabs. If you're wanting to level, you can kill these as you go as well as pick up any quests along the way that might be in your path of farming.
  • Be sure to also train all your new skills as you level your character. The more powerful you are, the faster you can kill mobs, level, and eventually get to a point where you can straight farm without ever aggro'ing anything. You should find a trainer in any town you go to.
  • Alright, so now that about 30 minuutes have passed, head to the closest major city. Wow, so I was trying to get the fall achieve and completely failed it seems. I gotta jump from a higher spot I guess.

WoW Lowbie Gold Making Guide Series - Day 1 (Getting Started): Listing on the AH & Day Wrapup

  • Ok, in the major city ask a guard if you aren't sure where the Auction House is. Once you find it, head there to list all your items. When starting off, check both ore and bars to see which is more expensive. For this video, ore was about the same so I'll list it as is. If bars were a few gold more, I'd get over to the Mining place and smelt the Copper into bars and then list them. You're also going to find that no matter how many items you vendor, you likely won't have enough gold to list everything on the Auction House which is fine. I'll list whatever I can and since I've been playing for an hour anyway, I'll call it a day and wait for my sales to come in.
  • This is really something you can do as you level all the way to 85. Just take the basic concept of Herb'ing and Mining nearby nodes. Herbalism combined with Mining can work well to make a great amount of gold while you level as well as level you up at the same time.
  • Follow along day by day and you'll be banking on your lowbie or even 85 in no time.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this Lowbie Gold Making Guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.