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Jewelcrafting Gold Guide 7.3k per day! - Don't Let Patch 4.3 Get You in the Gems!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a great video on making gold with Jewelcrafting in Patch 4.3. I'll be showing you how to make gold at any character level and any skill level so, even lowbies have a reason to read this post and watch the video below.

Hey everyone. To get started you'll want to get some mats. I like to first check Pyrite Ore and then Elementium Ore. I do this because lately Pyrite Ore has been very cheap and sometimes even cheaper than Elementium Ore which is awesome for Jewelcrafters. Some of you may be wondering what to do if you don't have a lot of gold. Just take anything in this Jewelcrafting Gold Guide and downsize it to your budget. If you only have 500g to spend, that's fine. Do what you can.

I'll also be buying lower level mats to see how they work out gold wise so this guide can cover lowbies that may not have the skill level for Cataclysm level ore. It'll also give some diversity to any high-level's daily sales making it good even if you are a top level. Don't under estimate the gold made with lowbie stuff.

Next, I'll check some uncommon gems to see if they're cheap enough to make gold with by crafting rings and necks and disenchanting them. I use Auctioneer's or Auctionator's tooltips to give me a general idea of what a ring or neck is worth if disenchanted. I then check the price of the mats and if it's half the price or less, I usually buy them up. Lately Jasper and Hessonite have been the most profitable but your server may do well with Nightstone, Carnelian, and Alicite as well.

Ok, now that we got some mats together let's go ahead and prospect everything. I have a prospecting macro that covers just about all the ore. I've listed it below for easy crtl-copying.

#show Pyrite Ore
/cast Prospecting
/use Copper Ore
/use Tin Ore
/use Iron Ore
/use Mithril Ore
/use Thorium Ore
/use Fel Iron Ore
/use Adamantite Ore
/use Cobalt Ore
/use Saronite Ore
/use Obsidium Ore
/use Elementium Ore
/use Pyrite Ore

You also will want to set auto-loot to same on clicks. Once you get the macro made, drag it to a hotkey and press the key to prospect. Remember that ore must be in multiples of 5 to be able to be prospected. A stack of 3 and 2 ore will have to be stacked together to make 5 or you'll get an error.

We're getting some good gems and should easily get our gold back. This is great for lowbies and levelers alike.

I'll be going through all the different ore that has a decent price so you can see what sort of gold you can expect from prospecting at different levels.

If you notice, we're only prospecting a small amount of lowbie ore. That's mainly because of supply of the ore and demand of the gems.

Now that we've finished up all the lowbie stuff, we really start to mass prospect and Elementium Ore alone is 1,700 ore. This is where we'll test our high level prospecting income for Jewelcrafting in Patch 4.3. Nice, we got lots of rare gems that we'll cut later and a good amount of uncommon gems that we'll use to make different things with.

Next up we'll prospect 1,680 Pyrite Ore to do a comparison. You should expect a greater amount of rare gems from Pyrite while getting a lesser amount of uncommon gems. We'll break it down later to find out if the price difference of the two ore types justifies going with the Pyrite Ore or instead shows Elementium Ore as being the better choice. Stick around to find out later but in the mean time let's get these cut.

First, we'll need some designs unless of course you already have them. If not, you'll need to do the Jewelcrafter's daily for three days for each rare gem cut or four days for each meta cut. Some designs can also be found or bought.

If you have an Alchemist, a good way to get rid of your uncommon gems might be to transmute them into Shadowspirit Diamonds. It's an easy way to get mats for your metas instead of buying the diamonds.

You can also use them to make a Fire Prism which has a daily cooldown but most of the time it's not worth it.

For this round I won't do either and instead I'll make the uncommon gems into rings and necks and disenchant them. I'll start with Nightstone Chokers by getting some Jeweler's Settings from the vendor. Once I get them going, I setup auto-mail to my disenchanting alt through the addon, TradeSkillMaster. It's easy to do by entering a player name in the box and then clicking that name to setup what to mail them. I've already added Nightstone Chokers but you'll need to do it. Just type in Nightstone Choke in the add box and it should add all the necks regardless of the version.

We'll also do Hessonite Bands. Once in awhile with any of these neck or rings, you can get a rare quality proc. Those you'll want to keep and put on the Auction House later on. Most of the time you'll get more gold that way than if you disenchanted them. It's totally up to you though and feel free to even mix it up.

I'll follow up with the Alicite Pendants and Jasper Rings. These are lower level but still disenchant nicely. Finally, I'll make some Carnelian Spikes which have an awesome drop for Greater Celestial Essences so, if they are expensive on your server, you're going to bank.

Now that all the disenchant stuff is done, we can make some Vicious PvP necks and rings. The Vicious Amberjewel Bands and necks are the least expensive to make and sell very well. The ruby ones will be the most expensive and sell slow because you'll have to ask a lot for them to get a decent profit back. In the middle is the Vicious Sapphire pieces which sell at a moderate rate.

Ok, got all those made and now we can make some cuts. I decide on which to cut based on price and demand. Even though Rigid Sapphire gems are well priced, I can't sell very many fast so instead I'll go for a mix of Rigid and Solid even though solids are underpriced. A lot of times if there are only a few up and the price is too low, I'll buy the cheap ones out and set the price to something decent.

I like to go color by color all the way down making all my cuts while I research prices and competition. Incase you're curious and wondering which cuts you should make or which designs you should buy from the vendor, have a look below.

  • I've listed the most popular cuts below but keep in mind the most popular might not always give the most profit.

    Most Popular Cuts for Most Servers - Listed in Order of Popularity:
    [Brilliant Inferno Ruby] (red)
    [Reckless Ember Topaz] (orange)
    [Solid Ocean Sapphire] (blue)
    [Bold Inferno Ruby] (red)
    [Delicate Inferno Ruby] (red)
    [Purified Demonseye] (purple)
    [Rigid Ocean Sapphire] (blue)
    [Quick Amberjewel] (yellow)
    [Fractured Amberjewel] (yellow)
    [Veiled Demonseye] (purple)
    [Mystic Amberjewel] (yellow)
    [Puissant Dream Emerald] (green)
    [Lightning Dream Emerald] (green)

  • While I'm cutting, I also usually post the gems at same time. In this video I won't. Instead I'll list on Zephyrite first which is the leftover uncommon gem that we can't make anything with. Or not because the prices are so low. Instead, I'll vendor them later on.

    I guess I'll list all the other items then on the Auction House. Everything will go up for 12 hours and in singles. After I get everything up that I have in my bags, I'll then grab the lowbie stuff I sent off earlier along with some Jasper, Alicite, and Nightstone uncommon gems I bought for super cheap.

    Then, I switch over to my disenchanter and get the rings and necks disenchanted. I'm using a very nice macro that I've made which helps make the de'ing process less painful. I've listed it below for easy ctrl-copying.

    Without Blues/Rares:
    /use Lesser Celestial Essence
    /cast Disenchant
    /use item:52306
    /use item:52307
    /use item:52308
    /use item:52309
    /use item:52492

    With Blues/Rares:
    /use Lesser Celestial Essence
    /use Small Heavenly Shard
    /cast Disenchant
    /use item:52306
    /use item:52307
    /use item:52308
    /use item:52309
    /use item:52310
    /use item:52312
    /use item:52314
    /use item:52316
    /use item:52492

    Disenchanting can take a long time especially when you have the mass amount of necks and rings that I do. The thing is though if you spend a few hours doing it now, you don't have to worry about it for a few days or even the week. The guild perk, Boutiful Bags, is also helpful for extra DE mat procs. If possible, make sure you're in a guild that has it or help your guild achieve it.

    Alright cool so we got most of everything disenchanted and sent back to our Jewelcrafter. I'll go ahead and list all the lowbie gems for 12 hours and while listing them, I'll check and see if there are any lowbie rings or necks that I can disenchant for even more profit. Doesn't look like any will make enough gold to be worth except for the Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night which has an awesome DE potential. Essence of Undeath may be scarce on some server's Auction House so just make what you can if they're cheap.

    Next, I'll list some of the Enchanting mats. I always keep full stacks up on the Auction House and use singles for the stacks I can't make full. For essences I like to have atleast close to a stack or more of singles and the rest full.

    After all that's up without overloading the Auction House, I'll do a quick scan with Auctionator on the more tab and see what items have been undercut. Anything undercut I'll cancel and relist. While I'm doing that I switch screens to my enchanter and get the rest of everything disenchanted including the lowbie sapphire pendants. Illusion Dust is fairly expensive but we really want Greater Eternal Essences. They're super expensive in Cata and have been an awesome money maker all the way through to Patch 4.3.3.

    Back over to my main and I start spamming the cancel button to get everything undercut off the Auction House for relisting. I'd only do this a few times during the night from 5pm to 10pm unless you want to camp the Auction House. I prefer to play the game in other ways so I typically cancel a few times at night and once in the morning.

    So far it looks like we're doing a great job at selling gems and a lot of other stuff. We have tons of sales already going through and it looks like we'll get rid of most of the things we made in no time.

    Just real quick I want to show you how easy the daily is for Jewelcrafting incase you still need cuts. We grabbed the daily and today it's the "Nibbler! No!" Futurama reference daily. That means we'll get some use out of the leftover Zephyrite we had. Just make Solid Zephyrite and you're done. Super easy am I right? That'll give you a Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token and some gold and even experience if you aren't level 85. This is also the best day to list your leftover Zephyrite on the Auction House so make sure you don't vendor all of your Zephyrite. I usually keep around a stack or so.

    Here is a glimpse of the listing addon I use called TradeSkillMaster. It's an overall awesome addon for any auctioning. I'll have a new video tutorial showing how to use the addon in a few weeks so check my website for a link to that video.

    Alright cool so its been 5 days and we still have some items left to sell that are up on the Auction House but we'll go ahead and give a recap of the profit for Jewelcrafting in Patch 4.3.

    We're starting with 516,554 gold and have 496 mails to loot. That actually seems a bit weak but no big deal. Here's a break down of how each different technique averaged.

    Pyrite Ore - 50g/stack x 84 = 4,200g
    Carnelian x 60 (20 Spikes DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79 x 58 = 4,582g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 27 = 72.9g
    Total = 4,654.9g
    Alicite x 56 (28 Pendants DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 5 = 395g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 41 = 110.7g
    Total = 505.7g
    Nightstone x 39 (19 Chokers DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 5.33 = 421.07g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 39 = 105.3g
    Total = 526.37g
    Hessonite x 60 (30 Bands DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 7.66 = 605.14g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 67 = 180.9g
    Total = 786.04g
    Jasper x 68 (68 Rings DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 11.33 = 895.07g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 112 = 302.4g
    Total = 1,197.47g
    Zephrite x 53 @50s = 26.5g
    Volatile Earth x 454 @ 1.7g = 771.8g
    Amberjewel x 28 (cut)@ 29g = 812g
    Dream Emerald x 29 (cut)@ 19g = 551g
    Demoneye x 19 (cut)@ 37g =703g
    Ember Topaz x 25 (cut)@ 69g = 1,725g
    Inferno Ruby x 23 (cut)@ 102g = 2,346g
    Ocean Sapphire x 31 (cut)@ 19g = 589g
    Total = 15,194g - Cost = 4,200g = 10,994g Profit!
    Elementium Ore - 33g/stack x 85 = 2,805g
    Carnelian x 91 (30 Spikes DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 71 = 5,609g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 19 = 51.3g
    Total = 5,660.3g
    Alicite x 92 (46 Pendants DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 4.33 = 342.07g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 79 = 213.3g
    Total = 555.37g
    Nightstone x 92 (46 Chokers DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 13.66 = 1,079.14g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 79 = 213.3g
    Total = 1,292.44g
    Hessonite x 95 (47 Bands DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 12.33 = 974.07g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 89 = 240.3g
    Total = 1,214.37g
    Jasper x 101 (101 Rings DE'd =
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 22 = 1,738g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 159 = 429.3g
    Total = 2,167.3g
    Zephrite x 92 @50s = 46g
    Amberjewel x 15 (cut)@ 29g 435g
    Dream Emerald x 15 (cut)@ 19g = 285g
    Demoneye x 23 (cut)@ 37g = 851g
    Ember Topaz x 25 (cut)@ 69g = 1,725g
    Inferno Ruby x 24 (cut)@ 102g = 2,448g
    Ocean Sapphire x 18 @ (cut)@ 19g = 342g
    Total = 17,021g - Cost = 2,805g = 14,216g Profit!
    Which means that even cheap Pyrite Ore gets beat out by Elementium Ore by quite a bit. Let's see how the lowbie stuff did.

    Thorium Ore - 28g/stack x 13 = 364g
    Azerothian Diamond x 23 @ 14.35g = 330.05g
    Huge Emerald x 16 @23g = 368g
    Blue Sapphire x 17 (DE'd = 468g + 4 Sold @9.46g = 37.84g - 176g(mats) = 329.84g)
    Star Ruby x 5 @1.93g = 9.65g
    Larger Opal x 17 @12g = 204g
    Total = 1,241g - Cost = 364g = 877g Profit!
    Mithril Ore - 20g/stack x 9.75 = 195g
    Citrine x 16 @9g = 144g
    Large Opal x 2 @12g = 24g
    Azerothian Diamond x 2 @ 14.35g = 28.7g
    Huge Emerald x 1 @23g = 23g
    Star Ruby x 9 @1.93g = 17.37g
    Aquamarine x 17 @12.31g = 209.27g
    Total = 446g - Cost = 195g = 251g Profit!
    Tin Ore - 25g/stack x 3.75 = 93.75g
    Lesser Moonstone x 8 Sold@1g = 8g
    Aguamarine x 1 @12.31g = 12.31g
    Citrine x 3 @9g = 27g
    Moss Agate x 4 @17.5g = 70g
    Shadow Gem x 6 @95s = 5.7g
    Total = 123.01g - Cost = 93.75g = 29.26g Profit!
    Copper Ore - 8g/stack x 5 = 40g
    Shadow Gem x 3 @95s = 2.85g
    Malachite x 10 @47s = 4.7g
    Tigerseye x 10 @46s = 4.6g
    Moss Agate x 1 @17.5g = 17.5g
    Total = 29.65g - Cost = 40g = -10.35g Loss!
    That's it for the lowbie ore and I didn't have Iron Ore or some others in there because they didn't appear to be worth it but feel free to test it on your server and see what happens.

    These were some of the Vicious necks and rings I sold. The safest bet was with the Amberjewel ones. Cheap to make and they sold quickly.
    Vicious Ruby Signet x1 @814g - 309g = 505g
    Vicious Sapphire Ring x1 @427g - 183g = 244g
    Vicious Sapphire Necklace x2 @233g - 198g = 70g
    Vicious Amberjewel Band x5 @189g - 48g = 705g
    Vicious Amberjewel Pendant x3 @297g - 59g = 714g
    Total = 2,238g Profit!

    Even though I didn't include them anywhere in my gold making sales for Jewelcrafting, rare neck and ring procs did very well and they clearly beat out the DE mats. Although, if you want fast sales, Enchanting mats may be the way to go since rings and necks can take a little bit of time to sell.
    Jasper Ring @94g vs 43g for Small Heavenly Shard
    Alicite Pendant @94g vs 43g for Small Heavenly Shard
    Nightstone Choker @284g vs 74g for Heavenly Shard
    Hessonite Band @239g vs 74g for Heavenly Shard

    Buying gems can be an awesome way to make gold if you don't want to worry about prospecting but like you see in these numbers, cheap Jasper, Alicite, and Carnelian are really the ones to worry about. Above all Jasper is my favorite.
    Bought Gems:
    Nightstone @5.4g x 120 = 648g (60 Chokers DE'd=
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 5.66 = 447.14g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 139 = 375.3g
    Total = 174.44g Profit!
    Jasper @3g x 107 = 321g (107 Rings DE'd=
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 10.33 = 816.07g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 198 = 534.6g
    Total = 1,350.67g Profit!
    Alicite @2g x 166 = 332g (83 Pendants DE'd=
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 9.66 = 763.14g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 169 = 456.3g
    Total = 1,219.44g Profit!
    Hessonite @4.3g x 8 = 34.4g (4 Bands DE'd=
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 2 = 158g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 11 = 29.7g
    Total = 153.3g Profit!
    Carnelian @21g x 17 = 357g (5 Spikes DE'd=
    Greater Celestial Essence @79g x 8 = 632g
    Hypnotic Dust @2.7g x 3 = 8.1g
    + 2 Sold @ 29g = 58g
    Total = 698g Profit!
    Grand Total :
    +41,580g in net sales
    -9,390g mat costs
    = 32,190g in Profit not including rare neck/ring procs!

    That's a pretty amazing profit margin but keep in mind it takes a bit of time to prospect, disenchant, and cut everything.

    Taking a look at just the 5 days in this video and we can see a total of 36,436g in net sales or 7,287g abouts per day in Patch 4.3. For how insanely slow sales are on my low to mid Horde population server, that's pretty awesome.

    For the full easy-to-read break down of what sold, for how much, and what it cost to make, check this guide on my website at

    Thanks for watching!

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    "Now Go Jeweler Your Gems to Profit!"