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How to: Noblegarden - Easter Holiday Achievements (Noble Title) Guide! 2013

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a video and guide on how to do the Noblegarden Achievements & get the "Noble" title and holiday mount and pet.

Noblegarden will last until the end of the week and is full of Easter themed fun for all characters. Noblegarden doesn't have too many difficult achievements and you should be able to easily complete them all in one day. This holiday is required for the meta-achievement, "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been" and my opinion one of the easiest.

To get started, talk with any commoner in a major city for your faction and get the quest or just go to on of the event spots listed on the screen. I'll be heading to the one in Razor Hill since it's the closest.

Once there turn in the quest and grab the daily and the event one. These are the only ones for Noblegarden and are both very easy. One wants us to crack open 20 eggs and the other wants 10 chocolates. In other words we need to hunt for some Noblegarden eggs.

All the eggs will be hidden around Razor Hill or whichever small town you decide to do the event at. After you find your first egg, you'll get the "I found One!" achievement. Grats.

To find the Noblegarden eggs, you'll want to look around buildings, in crevasses, on window sills, in bushes, crates, barrels, trailers, boxes, under torches, really anywhere near the ground. The eggs are easy to spot and once you get rolling in the same location, it's easy to know where they can and cannot spawn.

After you find, 20 Brightly Colored Eggs, crack them open and turn in the two holiday quests. A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket will reward you with an Egg Basket that can be very helpful to classes that don't have any faster speed form. The Great Egg Hunt quest will give you a Blossoming Branch which you'll need later so hang on to it.

The Noblegarden Basket is a great item for any RP'ers but most players will want to use it for increasing their egg collecting speed. Sometimes mounting and dismounting is effecient but most of the time you'll be slower. The ultimate egg collecting class though is a druid. In flight form you can zoom around and pick up more eggs faster than any other class. Once again a Druid is hax.

So what are you collecting from all these eggs anyway? Well, you're looking inside the egg for the chocolate currency used to buy items or the items themselves. Aside from a Noblegarden Egg, there isn't really any other item that you can't find in the Brightly Colored Eggs. I'll be showing you the achievements and I don't want anyone buying anything until you have absolutely no choice. And even then, the Auction House might have the non soulbound items for dirt cheap.

What you will want to save and use your chocolates on is the Swift Springstrider. It costs a hefty 500 Noblegarden chocolates and I have a video showing a comparison on each town so you can get those chocolates as fast as possible. Farming up to that should give you all the other items you'll need for the achievements.

We've already gotten the Spring Robes and a few Blossoming Branches. Just after that while testing each town I got the Spring Flowers and Elegant Dress. The dress rewarded the achievement, "Dressed for the Occasion".

Now I'll go ahead and gather up enough eggs to buy the Spring Rabbit's Foot. You can buy this on the Auction House for a reasonable price which can save you a bit of farming time. Once you get it, make you take it out so you can get credit for the achievement, "Spring Fling". All you have to do is be near another player who has their rabbit out. Once they get busy, you'll get credit like I do here at Falconwing Square. Now I only need the other three towns.

Next, I'll eat 25 chocolates for the Chocolate lover achieve. I need to eat 100 to complete it all the way for meta-achievement which I'll do later.

For now, I need to buy a Noblegarden Egg and hide it in Silvermoon. It's only 5 chocolates which isn't bad. After you buy it, just put it anywhere inside Silvermoon City and bam, you get your Noble Garden achievement. Pretty easy right.

Ok, let's see what we can do next. Looks like we can get started on "Shake Your Bunny-Maker" which wants us to use our Spring Flowers on all the females over level 18. Sounds legal enough and I know just the spot to start on the female races who play hard to get, Dalaran.

Are you watching this? See what I mean. That Draenai just bolted behind her trusty Alliance guards but she wasn't fast enough for me and I was still able to tag that. And while I'm ready to snag the next one, my umm, Spring Flower isn't. He needs a 5 minute break so I guess I'll do the fishing daily while I wait around.

I grab the quest and my first cast is the quest item. Ha, of course when I want to kill a bit of time I get the item right away. Nothing good out of the bag and checking next to me I notice a few easy females, tauren and orc. I'll save those for later and instead get a female Nightelf.

Alright, my advice on this achievement is do it while you do other stuff in the game like hunt for eggs or list things on the Auction House. Dalaran should help you with most of the opposing faction races and I'll show you a few tricks later if you have no luck in Dalaran.

Next up let's do some more egg hunting and get the Spring Fling completed. Nice we got a White Tuxedo Shirt and Spring Circlet. We don't have to buy those anymore which is good. We also got our Spring Fling credit and my rabbit had a baby... Things get pretty freaky for WoW's Easter like holiday. Bow chaka bow wow.

Next, we'll get the Bloodhoof Village Spring Fling done which leaves only Brill. Before we head over there, we'll throw on the Spring Robes and work on the "Desert Rose" achievement by using the robes to plant a flower in Desolace and then Silithus.

Since, we're passing through Un'Goro we'll do a quick /who and see if we can find anyone to do the "Hard Boiled" achievement. Looks like this 85 Deathknight Vashtanerada needs it so we'll invite them and swap buff down by the hot springs. After you swap buffs from the Blossoming Branch you just need to wait a little so you'll lay an egg. Nice, we got that one down and now over to Tanaris to continue "Desert Rose" and then over into Thousand Needles for the next one. Finally, we'll hit up the Badlands by taking the boat to Wetlands and then flying over through the Alliance towns. Cool, we landed in the Badlands and got our "Desert Rose" achievement.

After that we'll head over to Stormwind and find a Dwarf female for the "Shake Your Bunny-Maker" achievement. Normally, I'd say to check taverns where all the drunks hang out but Alliance don't take a liken to Horde kind so I'll take the aerial approach. Wow, one just randomly came up to me. It's like they knew. Well, a quick cast of the bunny ear playboy buff and a switch back into flight form before I get rocked by the million Alliance hangin around.

Now it's off to Brill where we'll finish up Spring Fling and grab that achievement. Since Brill is a good place to farm eggs I'll chill here a bit and grab up enough for "Chocoholic" and keep searching for the black tuxedo pants. No luck on the pants but I got remaining chocolates and eating them up to 100 gives me the Chocoholic achievement.

Luckily we don't need the "Sunday's Finest" achievement for the meta-achievement. That means we can spend Chocolates or even better, just buy the tux pants off the Auction House for a measely 3g.

Earlier I saw some females in Elegant dresses chilling in Dalaran but looks like they're gone. Oh well, I'll go back to Orgrimmar and finish up the playboy achievement. I found a female Goblin that'll work out. She's ok looking I suppose. The important part is that she's over level 18. Don't want to get busted by the po-lice yeah know. Wow, did you see that Alliance try to hit on her? He just got wrecked by one pissed off boyfriend. Time to get out of here. Ok, let's see... Now we need an undead female. Usually you can find a pretty easy rogue hanging around but she might be away on "business" if you know what I mean.

While I look around for another undead female, I'll try getting the "Blushing Bride" achievement done. No bites in trade so I'll take advantage of having two accounts and get the achievement with my warlock. If you can't find anyone, just ask a friend or guildy. Nice, got that achievement out of the way and the only one left for the meta-achievement is "Shake Your Bunny-Maker". Hmm, who will be our last playboy bunny. Ah ha, found one, Hollyslap and great she's a runner. They always run don't they. Good thing I'm faster and bam got her.

Sweet so that gives us Noble Gardener and the meta "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been". With the Noble Gardener achievement we get the "Noble" title which is pretty cool. Honestly, though, I have so many titles I have no idea which one to use half the time. Maybe you girls over level 18 and guys can make some suggestions in the comments.

Well, grats all who followed along and good luck on your Swift Springstrider mounts. You should already have the pet and some RP items if you're in to that so all in all a nice and easy fun and item filled holiday event.

Thanks for watching, and if you haven't yet, please subscribe and visit for more FREE WoW guides and news!

"Now Go Hop on Some of That Bunny Action!" Ha, I don't even know what that means. Lates.