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How to: Midsummer Festival Holiday Achieves (Flame Warden Title) Guide!

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Midsummer Festival

How to: Midsummer Festival Holiday Achieves (Flame Warden Title) Guide!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and I'm bringing you an easy to follow guide on the Midsummer Festival.

To get started, head to the Midsummer Festival area in your major city. If you're not sure where one is, ask a commoner located throughout the major cities and they'll direct you. This holiday is more time consuming than anything and completing the achievements is fairly easy. You also can get two pets and the Flame Warden title. This holiday achievement is required for the meta-achievement, What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been. First thing we'll do is get all the quests. I'll start with Torch Tossing which is very easy. Just drag the torches to your hotbar and click the hotkey and then a brazier that has a mark on it. After you reach the amount needed for the quest it'll complete and your done. Following that will be another which is a daily. Next, it's Torch Catching. The first one only requires you to catch it four times which is very simple but, the daily is 10 times and pose a challenge for most. Org or SW can be especially laggy and prevent you from doing it. If you have a Druid, travel form makes this cake. Here I'm using my mage that doesn't have any speed increases like an enchant on boots so it's actually a difficult quest. I fail, fail, and fail again for reasons I understand and others which make no sense other than a possible client to server side lag issue. I'll head to Thunderbluff which should be empty and try my luck there. I fail a few times here but it's looking more promising than Org was. Finally, after a huge time sink, I get the quest completed. I'm not sure if I'll bother doing it everyday. With all the other achievements, I shouldn't need the extra Burning Blossoms anyhow. Next up we'll do the Flame Keeper of Kalimdor, Extinguishing Kalimdor, and King of the Fire Festival. I'll be starting in Org and follow the map I have on the screen. I've found this to be the most convienent and fastest but you can of course change it how you like. Alliance will want to start where they're comfortable but, you do need to get the bonfire in Org that was shown in the beginning of the video.

Midsummer Festival Route Map - Kalimdor

Orgrimmar - Valley of Wisdom 47, 38 (Alliance Only) Durotar - Razor Hill 52, 47 Northern Barrens - The Crossroads 50, 55 Ashenvale - Silverwind Refuge 51, 66 Ashenvale - Forest Song 87, 42 Mount Hyjal - Nordrassil 63, 23 Winterspring - Everlook 59, 35 Winterspring - Everlook 62, 35 Darkshore - Lor'danel 49, 23 Darnassus - Rut'theran Village 55, 91 (Horde Only) Teldrassil - Dolanaar 54, 52 Azuremyst Isle - Azure Watch 44, 53 Bloodmyst Isle - Blood Watch 55, 69 The Exodar - The Crystal Hall 41, 26 (Horde Only) Stonetalon Mountains - Sun Rock Retreat 53, 62 Stonetalon Mountains - Mirkfallon Lake 49, 51 Desolace - Nijel's Point 65, 17 Desolace - Shadowprey Village 26, 76 Thunder Bluff - Spirit Rise 21, 26 (Alliance Only) Mulgore - Bloodhoof Village 51, 59 Southern Barrens - Desolation Hold 41, 68 Southern Barrens - Fort Triumph 48, 72 Dustwallow Marsh - Brackenwall Village 33, 30 Dustwallow Marsh - Theramore Isle 62, 40 Tanaris - Gadgetzan 52, 29 Un'Goro Crater - Marshal's Stand 60, 63 Un'Goro Crater - Marshal's Stand 56, 66 Uldum - Ramkahen 53, 32 Uldum - Ramkahen 53, 34 Silithus - Cenarion Hold 51, 41 Silithus - Cenarion Hold 60, 33 Feralas - Camp Mojache 72, 47 Feralas - Feathermoon Stronghold 47, 44

Ok, first up we'll head south and hit up Razor Hill. Next, we'll head to the Crossroads. It's pretty easy to find the tents since you can see them from a mile away. Next, we'll hit Ashenvale, Silverwing Refuge. Ah, reminds of the Warsong Gulch days. That's one thing I like about doing this. You can see the world once again that you may have forgotten. It's also a great time to get the explorer achievement if you still need it. Since we're close to the Zoram Strand, we'll also do the quest we got, Unusual Activity. It wants you to find a Twilight Correspondence. Just kill any Twilight mob and they should drop it on the first or second kill. Then use the item in your bags to call the Earthen Ring Guide. They'll then give you a quest called, An Innocent Disguise. I noobed out a little and used the item a bit too soon so it was a slow walk. Instead, just get close and use the disguise. Then, call the Earthen Ring Guide again. I wonder what this Alliance is doing. That's it walk away before I kill you lowbie Nightelf. Oh hell no. Did he just kill my Earthen guide. He couldn't leave the level one alone. Well, that means I can't leave him alone. Die bitch and don't ever touch an Earthen Ring Guide again. Well, with that taken care of, let's head to the next spot. We'll travel to the other side of Ashenvale for the Forest Song location. Next, we'll cruise up high into Mount Hyjal to work on the Cataclysm part achievement. It's just outside of Nordrassil. Next, we'll head over to Winterspring and grab the two flames on either side of Everlook. Oh and I'm not sure if you've noticed but we're getting some decent experience doing all these flame quests. It'll be interesting to see what level we end up with when all this is done. Ok, now we grab the flame in Darkshore which is just outside of Lor'danel. Next up it's into Teldrassil. If you have a flying mount you can just fly to it and not worry about fatigue. If you are on a ground mount you'll need to take the boat. First we'll grab the Flame of Darnassus and then turn around and get the one at Dolanaar. From there we head back down to the water and go to the east dock. We'll take this boat to Azuremyst Isle. Once you get to Azuremyst Isle, hit up Azure Watch first especially if you're Horde. Then, go over to Bloodmyst Isle and get the bonfire at Blood Watch. Don't mind the achievement I get here. I noobed out and forgot this one and had to come back for it. Finally, go to the Exodar if you're Horde so, when you die and corpse hop, you can just hearth your way out instead of trying to do it in and out. I had a bit of trouble getting in there since I went the wrong way like a noob but you basically want to take the main entrance and not fail with your Invisible if you're a Mage so you can get a good distance in before dying. Naturally, if you're level 85 you won't have nearly as much trouble. Whoo, got that one done and now I'll just die and spirit rez. Finally, I'll take a port back to Org. Back in Org I turn in the quests we got from the two capital cities. If you're Alliance, you should only have one so far from Org. Just incase you're curious, you cannot queue for Frost Lord Ahune until you're level 84. I'm 80 at the moment so it won't let me. Next, we'll grab the Striking Back quest and head out to Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon Mountains. If you're Alliance, you should have gotten back to Darkshore and flown your way down here. Don't worry about getting the quest we got on Horde either. You'll get yours before we head to the area it's completed in. I took the flight point here even if straight flying is faster just to take a break. Alright, we landed in Sun Rock and now to hit up the flames here. First this one outside of Sun Rock and the next one is in Mirkfallow Lake which is just north of Sun Rock. Next, we'll hit up Nijel's Point. Then, south and over to Shadowprey Village. Reminds of when I use to run Mara back in classic. Was lots of fun. Any of you remember the Mara days and killing the princess. She was pretty hot, haha. Anyways, next we'll fly straight across the zone to Thunderbluff if you're Alliance and then south to Bloodhoof Village. Horde can go straight to Bloodhoof Village. Next up we'll be flying over to Southern Barrens for a double play. First is Desolation Hold and then just across the way to Fort Triumph. We then hop over to Duskwallow Marsh and hit up Brackenwall Village followed by Theramore Isle which is really before the entrance of the hold there. Next we head down south to Gadgetzan. Being a neutral town, both faction's fires are on either side which makes it easy to grab both. The next place we head to is in Un'Goro and is called, Marshal's Stand. This place also has both faction's fires adjacent from one another. We then head down south to hit up a Cataclysm set of fires right outside of Vir'naal Oasis for both factions. Next, we fly north over into Silithus and get the ones for each faction on either sides of Cenarion Hold. I remember coming here a lot when the AQ event was going on. Farmed like crazy those templar things. After we get those, we fly north again into Feralas and grab the one at Camp Mojache which gives us the Flame Keep of Kalimdor achievement if you're Horde and Extinguishing Kalmidor if you're Alliance. Last up for Kalimdor we hit Feathermoon Stronghold which finishes up Extinguishing Kalimdor for Horde and Flame Keeper of Kalimdor for Alliance. Wow, it took us roughly an hour and a half to do Kalimdor. Now it's off to Eastern Kingdoms. I like to start with Stranglethorn Vale first if I'm Horde. Take the zep from Org to Grom'gol. Then, grab the bonfire just outside Grom'gol and fly over to Fort Livingston.

Midsummer Festival Route Map - Eastern Kingdoms

Northern Stranglethorn - Grom'gol Base Camp 50, 70 Northern Stranglethorn - Fort Livingston 51, 63 The Cape of Stranglethorn - East of Booty Bay 40, 51 The Cape of Stranglethorn - East of Booty Bay 51, 67 Westfall - Moonbrook 45, 62 Duskwood - Darkshire 73, 55 Blasted Lands - Dreadmaul Hold 46, 14 Blasted Lands - Nethergarde Keep 58, 17 Swamp of Sorrows - Bogpaddle 76, 14 Swamp of Sorrows - Bogpaddle 76, 14 Redridge Mountains - Lakeshire 24, 53 Elwynn Forest - Goldshire 43, 65 Stormwind City - The Canals 49, 72 (Horde Only) Burning Steppes - Morgan's Vigil 68, 60 Burning Steppes - Flame Crest 51, 29 Badlands - Dragon's Mouth 19, 56 Badlands - New Kargath 24, 37 Loch Modan - Thelsamar 32, 40 Dun Morogh - Kharanos 54, 45 Ironforge - Hall of Explorers 64, 25 (Horde Only) Wetlands - Menethil Harbor 13, 47 Twilight Highlands - Bloodgulch 53, 46 Twilight Highlands - Thundermar 47, 28 Arathi Highlands - Refuge Pointe 44, 46 Arathi Highlands - Hammerfall 69, 42 The Hinterlands - Revantusk Village 76, 74 The Hinterlands - Aerie Peak 14, 50 Hillsbrad Foothills - Tarren Mill 55, 50 Silverpine Forest - The Sepulcher 50, 38 Western Plaguelands - Chillwind Camp 43, 82 Western Plaguelands - The Bulwark 29, 57 Tirisfal Glades - Brill 57, 52 Undercity - Ruins of Lordaeron 68, 9 (Alliance Only) Silvermoon City - Court of the Sun 70, 43 (Alliance Only) Eversong Woods - North Sanctum 46, 50 Ghostlands - Tranquillien 46, 26

Next, fly down south to east of Booty Bay. They'll be two bonfires there. One for Alliance and the other for Horde. After that, we fly up to Westfall. The bonfire there is just outside of Moonbrook. I remember running here to do the Deadmines. Use to be some fun PvP outside the instance. Also, had a secret area a Mage could blink through and explore the making of Burning Crusade when it was being developed. Next, we'll hit up Darkshire in Duskwood and then fly over east to Blasted Lands to get Dreadmaul Hold and then again east to Nethergarde Keep for the bonfires. Next, fly north to hit up Bogpaddle and grab the Horde and Alliance Bonfires there. Then fly west and north a tad into Redridge for the Alliance bonfire just south of Lakeshire. This place use to be awesome for PvP. I loved coming here to screw with lowbies which got them to get on mains or call in guildies to PvP. Anyways, on to Elwynn Forest for the Alliance bonfire at Goldshire. I once heard that on RP servers Goldshire is the red light district of the Alliance. What happens in Goldshire stays in Goldshire or something along those lines. Any RP'ers let me know the real deal in the comments. Can't always believe rumors ya know. Alright, on to Stormwind. This is only for Horde and can be a bit of a challenge. If you're 85 of course it's easier but either way watch out for the flying guards and head above the bonfire. Then, swoop down and click the bonfire. You'll likely die and rather than spending a long run back, just take the rez sickness and move on to Burning Steppes. We'll first hit Morgan's Virgil and then fly over to Flame Crest. With those out of the way we can hop over to the next area, Badlands and get the one at Dragon's Mouth and then New Kargath. From there we're into Loch Modan and hitting up Thelsamar for the bonfire there. Then, we'll fly west over into Dun Morogh to get the Alliance Bonfire at Kharanos. While that one was easy I wonder how our next one will be. Only Horde needs to do this and it's located inside Ironforge. We need to fly through to the Hall of Explorers. Wow, didn't even make it in the door. Epic fail right there. Ok, round 2. Haha, of course a flying guard comes just as I rez. Alrighty, round 3. This time I could rez and get full health. That let me fly to the Hall of Explorers where the bonfire is located. A quick rez, loot, and death send be back to graveyard successful in round 4. I'll just spirit rez here and take the sickness. Again much easier when you're 85. On my Druid I didn't even miss a beat in and out of there with mere scratches. Next, fly straight up the Wetlands and get the bonfire outside of Menethil Harbor. We'll then fly over to Twilight Highlands to get part of our Cataclysm achievements done. Blood Gulch is the one we'll hit up first and then circle back around for Thundermar. Nice we got the Extinguishing of the Cataclysm achievement done. After that, we'll fly up to Arathi Highlands and get the flame at Refuge Point. Then, circle back up to Hammerfall and get that one. Next, I'll go up to Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands and get the Horde flame there. Then, I'll head slightly northwest and go to Aerie Peak and get the Alliance flame found there. Next, it's over to the oldschool hotspot, Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad to get the Horde bonfire that's there. Then, I'll fly over to Silverpine Forest to the Sepulcher and get its bonfire. Next, I'll zigzag back to hit up Western Plaguelands. In WP I'll grab the Alliance bonfire at the Chillwind Camp and then go over to The Bulwark for the Horde one. When you get the WP ones done, fly over to Brill and get the Horde bonfire there. Then, fly to Undercity and if you're Alliance, hit up the bonfire here. If you're Horde, turn in the Alliance major city quests and get A Thief's Reward quest line completed which'll give you the achievement, King of the Fire Festival and a Crown of the Fire Festival which looks like this. Grats on that and now take the orb to Silvermoon. Alliance you'll get yours after Silvermoon. Don't forget to grab the flame there. Horde you don't have to worry and can just head straight to the bonfire in Eversong Woods and then U-y back to the flight master and take a flight down to Tranquillien. Once there, complete the flame quest. The Eastern Kingdoms took us a little over an hour to complete. Finally, hearth back to town and go to the Mage or Portal trainer and take the port to Blasted Lands. Alliance you'll want to turn in all your capital city quests in Stormwind or Ironforge and then go to the Mage portal trainer. Next, fly through the Dark Portal and click this Ice Stone to summon a Glacial Templar for the quest, Striking Back. Uh oh, looks like a 84 hunter pretending to be a girl wants to ruin my day. I'm not about to let that happen so I'll just fly away for a minute or two. He's gone and now to summon the guy again and kill him. And yes I'm assuming the hunter was a dude. His name is Zenken which no girl would ever pick. If it is a girl, my appologies and my number is 555, nah just kidding.

Midsummer Festival Route Map - Outland

Hellfire Peninsula - Thrallmar 55, 40 Hellfire Peninsula - Honor Hold 62, 58 Shadowmoon Valley - Shadowmoon Village 33, 30 Shadowmoon Valley - Wildhammer Stronghold 40, 55 Terokkar Forest - Allerian Stronghold 55, 55 Terokkar Forest - Stonebreaker Hold 52, 43 Nagrand - Telaar 50, 70 Nagrand - Garadar 51, 34 Zangarmarsh - Zabra'Jin 36, 52 Zangarmarsh - Telredor 69, 52 Blade's Edge Mountains - Sylvanaar 42, 66 Blade's Edge Mountains - Thunderlord Stronghold 50, 59 Netherstorm - Area 52 31, 63 Netherstorm - Area 52 32, 68

Anyways, moving on to the Flame Keeper of Outland achievement. I'll begin with Thrallmar and the go south to just east of Honor Hold. Once those are done, I fly south down to Shadowmoon Valley. In Shadowmoon Valley we stop by Shadowmoon Village and Wildhammer Stronghold. Then, Allerian Stronghold in Terrokar Forest followed by Stonebreaker Hold. Why isn't the Horde base called Stronghold like the Alliance one. Did the person who made up the names just like Alliance better and was like yeah, Horde are weak so they don't deserve the 'strong' part in the name. Hmm, I wonder. Next up we'll hit Telaar which is in Nagrand. Then fly north to Garadar and grab the one just outside of town there. After that, head to Zangarmarsh and hit up the flame just south of Zabra'jin. Then, fly east to Telredor and get the flame there. Next, fly north to Blades Edge and stop in Sylvanaar. Then, fly over to Thunderlord Stronghold and grab the flame there. Finally, hit up the last zone Netherstorm and the flames are located just outside of Area 51 on either side. The Outlands only took us about 15 minutes. Now we can hearth back to town and turn in Striking Back. Since we have to go to Northrend next and we'll be doing the Flame Keeper of Northrend and Extinguishing Northrend achievements for that continent, we also can do the Torch Juggler achievement at the same time. Buy 10 to 15 Juggling Torches from the vendor. Some can do it in 10 and some can do it with 15. I needed 12 so I should have 15 to begin with. You may also have some already so check on that first and just buy what you need.

Midsummer Festival Route Map - Northrend

Borean Tundra - Fizzcrank Airstrip 55, 20 Borean Tundra - Bor'gorok Outpost 51, 12 Sholazar Basin - River's Heart 47, 66 Sholazar Basin - River's Heart 47, 62 Dragonblight - Agmar's Hammer 39, 48 Dragonblight - Wintergarde Keep 75, 44 Crystalsong Forest - Windrunner's Overlook 78, 75 Crystalsong Forest - Sunreaver's Command 80, 53 The Storm Peaks - K3 40, 86 The Storm Peaks - K3 42, 87 Zul'Drak - The Argent Stand 41, 61 Zul'Drak - The Argent Stand 43, 71 Grizzly Hills - Conquest Hold 19, 61 Grizzly Hills - Amberpine Lodge 34, 61 Howling Fjord - Camp Winterhoof 48, 13 Howling Fjord - Fort Wildervar 58, 16

To get started in Northrend, I'll take the zep to Borean Tundra. Then, I'll fly north up to Fizzcrank Airstrip and then over to Bor'gorok Outpost to get both those flames. Next, I'll head up a zone to Sholazar Basin and get the two flames at River's Heart. After that we go over to Dragonblight and get the first flame just outside of Agmar's Hammer and then fly east over to Wintergarde Keep to get the one there. Next, we'll fly north to Crystalsong Forest and grab the flames at Windrunner's Overlook and then Sunreaver's Command. After that we can make a quick pitstop in Dalaran for our Juggling achievement. This one for some reason wasn't working as easy as last year. Could just be me but I got it on the first try or at least first few. I actually had to work a little extra to get it this time. I ended up using 12 torches and I split them up in didn't stacks in my bag. This probably does absolutely nothing but I was willing to try anyway. Then, I grabbed the torch and set them to a hotkey. I spammed the hotkey as I spammed my mouse targeting the floor beneath my character. I found putting the mouse in front of my keyboard and hitting it relentlessly did the trick. That's why you see the camera getting all funky. Finally, with three seconds to spare, I got the Torch Juggler achievement. Grats to you all as well. Ok, back with the flames achievements we just take a quick trip northeast to the Storm Peaks where we'll get the two flames at K3. Northrend is kinda like Outlands and is very short when compared to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. You luckily don't have too many to do. Ok, next up we'll head east to Zul' Drak and both flames are on either side of the Argent Stand. From there, we'll fly down south to Grizzly Hills and hit up Conquest Hold followed by Amberpine Lodge. Finally, we'll fly down south to Howling Fjord hitting up Camp Winterhoof and then finishing it off by getting Fort Wildervar. Grats on your Northrend achievements and the Desecration of the Alliance achievement. Ok, we now have just four achievements left which one of them will get completed once we finish the Flame Keeper of Cataclysm so let's do that one. We have Deepholm and Vash'jir left on our list so let's grab Deepholm first. I luckily just leveled to 82 so we can grab the quest and get a quick ride there. The flame is right inside the main area rock structure and after we grab that, we just port back to Org.

Midsummer Festival Route Map - Deepholm

Deepholm - Temple of Earth 49, 51

Next, we head to Vash'jir. We haven't actually done this area so we'll take the boat and just complete the first quest. I then just swim out and fly out on top of the water to our last flame's location located at the Silver Tide Hollow. I could have just taken a flight point but I didn't know that at the time. Finally, once inside the opening in the hollow I find the flame and honor it which completes The Fires of Azeroth and Flame Keeper of Cataclysm achievements. It only tooks us 30 minutes in Northrend. Grats us and we only have two achievements left so let's hearth back to Org or Stormwind if you're Alliance.

Midsummer Festival Route Map - Vash'jir

Shimmering Expanse - Silver Tide Hollow 49, 42

Once back in town, talk with the Midsummer Merchant and start spending the Burning Blossoms you've saved up so far. You need 350 for the Captured Flame companion and 400 for the Midsummer set. If you've done everything like I have in the video, you should easily have enough blossoms to buy everything. I have 855 right now and we only need 750. For the Burning Hot Pole Dance achievement, you need to buy the mantle, vestments, and sandals. I've already done this on my Druid and I'd rather use the Burning Blossoms on my alt to buy some newly BoE Captured Flames to resell on the Auction House. So, I'll just put on the set and spin around the pole for 60 seconds just like you need to but I already have the achievement. Each time you spin you gain three extra minutes for the buff and it goes up to 60 minutes. It give 10% experience bonus for killing monsters. Super useful when you're 85. Ok, got that done and now the last achievement we have to do is Slay Ahune in the Slave Pens for the Ice the Frost Lord achievement. If you're 84 or above you can do this one so open up your dungeon browser and queue for the event. It's a really easy boss fight. Just kill the adds until he gets vulnerable and then attack Ahune. He should die on the first try. Some groups with lowbies or players who don't know what they're doing could take another wave of adds. After he's dead an epic cloak will drop and you will be rewarded of Satchel of Chilled Goods. It could contain this Ice Chip pet or even a Frostscythe epic staff. More than likely though you will get some blossoms and justice points. Make sure you loot the chest if this is your first time killing the frost lord. You can then turn in the quest and choose from a Tabard of Summer Flames of Summer Skies. Basically blue or orange. Which do you like. I'll go orange since it seems more fitting for the Midsummer Festival. Ok, with all those achievements done you should have been rewarded with the meta achievement, The Flame Keeper which awards the Flamer Keeper title. The whole event should take on average around 5 hours depending on how dedicated you are. Seems like a lot but it pretty much on part with any other holiday. Remember to do the Lord Ahune daily once a day for your Ice Chip pet and grats again to everyone. Well, that's it for this Midsummer Holiday event guide video and I hope it was helpful. Thanks for watching and if you haven't yet, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, for more free WoW guides. "Now Go Put Out Some Flamers." Err, I mean flames. Lates..