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How to Make Gold w/ Tailoring: 16,662 Gold Threads - Patch 4.3!

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How to Make Gold w/ Tailoring: 16,662 Gold Threads - Patch 4.3!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here from the best free profession leveling and goldmaking website in the world, bringing you an awesome video on how to easily make gold with Tailoring.

To get started with making gold with Tailoring, you'll want to have it maxed out to be able to do everything in this guide. There will be several things though that you can do at the lower levels which have some awesome profit. If you need to level Tailoring, check my website or YouTube for a guide and video on how to level Tailoring fast and easily.

The first thing I like to do is make some Bolts of Embersilk Cloth. This is the base ingredient for most mats and items that we'll be making in this video. Next, gather up some Volatiles that are cheap. In this video I'll be using a variety so it's best to check my mat list at the end of this guide.

After that, you'll want to make some Dreamcloth. Depending on how cheap Volatiles are on your server, it's usually best to make the Dream of Deepholm and Dream of Hyjal and any others that are cheap. They have a week cooldown so this will only get you a few. No problem though, Chaos Orbs have become insanely cheap which means you can make a ton of Dream of Destruction since they don't have a cooldown like the others.

When you have all your base mats ready, pick out which items you'd like to make by seeing which will give you the most profit. We first check some Vicious set pieces to see which have a decent profit. To get the patterns for some of the set pieces you'll have to use 8 x Bolts of Embersilk Cloth or 1 x Dreamcloth to buy them. If you're limited on your mats, try sticking to the epic spellthread and Vicious Embersilk pieces. These seem to sell the best.

Now that you have a good amount of patterns, it's time find some items that have a good profit margin so we can make the most gold. I first check Illusionary Bags. They'll overpriced at 4,500g making them a great profit maker so we'll make 2 of them.

Next, we scim through all the Vicious set pieces while making any that have a good amount of room from cost to sale price. Some of these are way overpriced and it helps to know the going price; the price people will actually pay. On my server it's typically 1,000 to 1,500g average on the top end.

Moving on we check epic belts and legs. The belts at first look promising but when you see what's already on the Auction House, you can tell that you won't be able to expect much gold for them. Since this can also spell risk, we skip them and make the epic legs instead.

Ok, we've got a good amount of items made so we can start listing everything. I like to list all the items for 12 hours since I know I'll be logging in early morning and around 7pm at night to relist. 5 to 7pm are good times to list and monitor for undercuts until about 10pm. No need to camp the Auction House though. Just check between BGs, raids, dungeons, homework, TV, or whatever you're doing.

Alright, with everything listed up, I'll look around for other items to make some gold with. I like to always check bags. My server is pretty bunk for them aside from the Illustrious one. All the others have no profit margin or are just to cheap to bother with like Netherweave bags. If you have very little gold though, the small gold you can make off them can be very helpful.

I also like to look for items to disenchant. This can be tricky since there is a bit of luck involved disenchanting. Runecloth though has been slammed in its pricing so sometimes I'll make Runecloth Headbands. Since the price of Greater Eternal Essences is so high, it's an awesome way to make gold at lower levels and even max level. I'll go ahead and get some of the mats now.

I also like to make Black Mageweave Shoulders for cheap because, the Greater Nether Essences are also pretty expensive most of the time which makes these shoulders very profitable when you disenchant them. We'll get some mats for them as well.

Next, we'll make some Bolts of Runecloth then Runecloth Headbands and follow that up with making Bolts of Mageweave and the Black Mageweave Shoulders for disenchanting.

Finally, we send them to our Enchanter to get DE'd. We didn't do too bad and got a decent amount of Greater Eternal Essences and Greater Nether Essences among other Enchanting mats. Now let's get them listed up in full stacks for dust, singles for the non-full stacks of dust, and singles for the essences for a listing duration of 12 hours.

Alright, I guess I'll also list up all the left over mats and also put up some Bolts of Embersilk since the prices are pretty good for profit. It's always good to check on different things different times of the day and week since sometimes items can become nicely profitable that weren't before.

Ok, it's been 8 days and it's time to empty out the mailbox and see how much gold we were able to rake in.

Material Cost Average:
Embersilk Cloth - 4g
Runecloth - 0.16g
Mageweave Cloth - 0.20g
Chaos Orb - 25g
Volatile Water - 6g
Volatile Fire - 4g
Volatile Air - 11g

Sold Items:

+ Illusionary Bag x 2 = 7,122g (3,561g ea.)
- Bolts of Embersilk x 64 = 1,280g
- Chaos Orb x 32 = 800g
= 5,042g in net profit

+ Breeches of Mended Nightmares x 1 = 2,851g
- Bolts of Embersilk x 48 = 960g
- Chaos Orb x 24 = 600g
= 1,291g in net profit

+ Powerful Enchanted Spellthread x 4 = 1,490g (372.5g ea.)
- Bolts of Embersilk x 32 =640g
- Chaos Orb x 16 = 400g
= 450g in net profit

Powerful Ghostly Spellthread x 6 = 3,025.14g (504.19g ea.)
- Bolts of Embersilk x 48 = 960g
- Chaos Orb x 24 = 600g
= 1,465g in net profit

+ Vicious Fireweave Pants x 2 = 485g (242.5g ea.)
+ Vicious Fireweave Belt x 1 = 285.16g
+ Vicious Embersilk Belt x 1 = 475g
+ Vicious Embersilk Cowl x 4 = 4,060g (1,015g ea.)
+ Vicious Embersilk Pants x 1 = 2,134g
+ Vicious Embersilk Robe x 2 = 1,881g (940.5ea.)
- Bolt of Embersilk Cloth x 106 = 2,120g (20g ea.)
- Volatile Air x 11 = 66g
- Volatile Fire x 43 = 172g
- Volatile Water x 32 = 192g
= 7,630g in net profit

+ Bolt of Embersilk Cloth x 7 = 233.94g (33.42g ea.)
- Embersilk Cloth x 35 = 140g
= 94g in net profit

+ Greater Nether Essence x 9 = 168.39g (18.71g ea.)
+ Dream Dust x 25 = 44.45g (1.27g ea.)
+ Large Radiant Shard x 4 = 25.36g (6.34g ea.)
- Black Mageweave Shoulders x 22 = 61.6g
= 176.6g in net profit

+ Greater Eternal Essence x 8 = 228g (28.5g ea.)
+ Illusion Dust x 35 = 385.7g (11.02g ea.)
+ Large Brilliant Shard x 1 = 18.02g
- Runecloth Headbands x 25 = 117.5g
= 514.22g in net profit

For a Grand Total of:
+ 24,910g in net sales
- 8,248g in mats
= 16,662g net profit in 8 days!

For the full break down of what sold, for how much, and what it cost to make, check this guide on my website at

That's it for this Tailorong Gold Making in Patch 4.3 video and thanks for watching!

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"Now Go Tailor Up Something Nice & Bank On The Price!"