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How to Make Gold w/ Engineering & Get the Pets: Fun is Greater Than Gold - Patch 4.3!

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How to Make Gold w/ Engineering & Get the Pets: Fun is Greater Than Gold - Patch

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a video & guide on how to make gold with Engineering in Patch 4.3 (Well, more like how to get all the companion schematics). To get started with making gold with Engineering, you're going to need some schematics. For this guide, I'm going to show you the basics so that no matter what about of gold you have or how new of an 85 you'll be able to do it. Let's just be honest though, making gold with Engineering has become extremely difficult and really Engineering should never be taken as a money making profession anyway.

Alright, we'll start with looking at the pets we already have. I have the Personal World Destroyer and Mechanical Squirrel Box. Not very much to work with is it but it'll have to do for now so we'll make a few Personal World Destroyers. Another item that may work for your server is Elementium Toolbox or the Tackle Box. Both on my server don't do very well so I won't be bothering with them in this video. Still, check your server. There's also guns and bows you can try to sell but honestly, they likely won't sell well at all considering the mats are so expensive for the items iLvl and quality. Don't even bother with them.

Ok, so let's make the Mechanical Squirrel Box also.

Well, two pets really isn't going to bring in the dough we're looking for so I think we're going to need to find some more schematics. Let's start with a nice low level place, Gnomeregan. Just head to Grom' Gol and use the transporter located there. This place can be quite confusing for a first-timer so I'll keep my map up and try to show you the path I'm taking. Our goal is to get to the Tinkers' Court. On the way there, make sure you kill any Arcane Nullifier X-21's. These drop the schematic, Lil' Smoky. Inside the Tinkers' Court kill Mekgineer Thermaplug for the Pet Bombling schematic. Pretty easy right. One down and one to go. We'll head back out and kill

No luck on that run but, no big deal. We'll just head out, reset the instance, and go back in for round two. After entering we make a quick jump down to the Dormitory level. Go through the Hall of Gears, hop down to the Launch Bay, and then kill all the Peacekeeper Security Suits around the Launch Bay. They have a good chance of dropping the Lil' Smoky schematic we're looking for. Not luck on those so we'll head out and kill some Arcane Nullifier X-21's again. Nice, after a few kills we got the Lil' Smoky schematic. Not too difficult and now we can move on to some other schematics.

The one in Winterspring is fairly simple to get so we'll head there to do that one. If you've done some of the quests there it's even simpler but I'm a DK and obviously have never been to Winterspring. I actually don't think I've been in Winterspring since classic when I use to farm the Eye of Shadow from the demons in the south on my Mage. Ah, good times. Anyways, Umi Rumplesnicker is who you'll want to talk to but, you'll need to do some prereq quests first for her to have any quests for you. Just head inside the building with the Auction House and talk to Lilith. She'll be the start of all the pre-req quests you need. The first one is a simple quest to talk to the guy just outside who will give you another quest to kill some elementals for rubble chunks. Turn that in and get the next one from the troll next to her to kill some treants which is easy enough. Turn that in and get the next one from Seril which wants you to get some pieces of Pure Glacier Ice from the cavern in Icethistle Hills. Now you can turn that in, get your final reward quest turned in as well and finally speak with Umi who will give you some quests that deal mostly with killing yetis. Just head back to Ice Thistle Hills and click on the box outside after the quest queues. It'll port you right into the boss in the cave. Kill him and get all you furs by killing yetis on the way out and you should be good to go. The drop rate is pretty bad but you'll eventually get them. After you do, head back to Umi, turn in all the quests and pick up the new one, Yetiphobia. It just wants you to walk across Everlook to the other side and scare Legaci. Super easy and you're finally. Now you can turn it in for your Mechanical Yeti and talk with Umi again to learn how to make your very own Tranquil Mechnical Yetis.

Now that you can make that pet, let's go grab another. This one is inside BRD and the quickiest way to get there is if you have the Direbrew Remote. It'll bring you right to inside the bar. To be honest though, this schematic drops anywhere and it may be more worth your time to just buy it off the Auction House. If you decide to farm it, it looks like the Anvilrage Guardsman and Anvilrage Medics have a slim chance of dropping it which is slighty a little better than the level 47 to 60 mobs that can drop it in the world. The drop rate still sucks and after farming the instance a few times, no luck so, we won't worry about that one for now and just watch the Auction House from now on for the Lifelike Mechanical Toad schematic.

Once you get all those together you're probably thinking that you can grab some mats of the Auction House pretty easily and make some bank with Engineering finally, right. ... Wrong, it'll take you forever and a day just to find everything you need and on top of that, making it all is honestly just a pain. The easiest thing to make is the Personal World Destroyer. The pets are cool to make if you don't have much of a choice but honestly with the time and gold it costs to make them, it really isn't worth it. Engineering seems to get worse and worse every expac when it comes to making gold but it does have a lot of fun factors and THOSE should be the reason why you pick it. If you think that you can sell guns or pets or whatever and bank with Engineering, I'm sorry but it's just not going to happen. My testing with the epic gun was it ended up being too expensive and took 3 weeks to sell for a measily 150g profit.

Again, have fun with Engineering. It truly is an awesome profession to have DPS and fun wise. Just don't expect to bank from it.

That's it for this Engineering Gold Making Review video.

Thanks for watching!

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