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How to: Love is in the Air Valentine Holiday Achieves (Love Fool Title) Guide!

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How to: Love is in the Air Valentine Holiday Achievements (Love Fool Title) Guid

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid on how to do the Love is in the Air Valentine Achievements & get the "Love Fool" title. This year's Love is in the Air holiday event is from Monday, February 2nd through Monday, February 16th giving you enough time to get all the achievements done along with their rewards. The main rewards you'll be looking to get your hands on are a Swift Lovebird for 270 Love Tokens and Truesilver Shafted Arrow which is a cupid pet for 40 Love Tokens or buy the mount and pet from the Auction House. There's also a Toxic Wasteling pet and Big Love Rocket mount that are found inside the Heart-Shaped Box reward from doing the Valentine boss daily. Wait, Big Love Rocket found in a Heart-Shaped Box, reminds of the song, "Dick in a Box".

How to: Best Places to Farm Lovely Charms for Achievements, Peddlefeet, & Swift Lovebird! Video Below

Ok, so grab the quests from the npcs to get started on your Valentine adventures. First up we've got Bonbon Blitz which is easy enough. Just hand out samples of Crown Chocolate to any npc or player until you've gotten 10 of them given out. Turn that in and you'll get 5 Love Tokens along with some gold or experience. It's a daily that you can do everyday. Another quest we'll do is called "Something Stinks". This is part of a quest series where after you complete the last quest will give you a daily to do. This quest wants you to use Snagglebolt's Air Analyzer on the guards. It's easy to tell which guards need it by their pinkish purplish mist. Analyze the air of 6 guards and then turn it in. The next quest in the series is Pilfering Purfume. It's super easy and just wants you to run outside of town to grab a crate or well.. steal a crate and bring it back to Snagglebolt. Once that's completed, you'll get the next quest which is called, Snivel's Sweetheart. This just wants you to talk with Roka who is in the drag. She'll then give you the quest, Hot on the Trail sending you to search the Auction House, Bank, and finally the Barber Shop. Easy enough and head back to Roka to turn it in.

The next quest is called, A Friendly Chat. Just like it sounds, it wants you to have a friendly chat with Snivel and get his ledger. He's a bit hidden on the base of the zep tower mixed in with some Lunar Festival npcs. After you get the ledger, turn it in to Snagglebolt. Finally, you'll get the quest, Crushing the Crown. This is the quest that is the daily you'll get to do from here on out. It's very easy. Just head to Uldum by taking the portal or flying there if you haven't unlocked it. Once in Uldum, check your map for the quest location and once there, kill 5 Crown Technicians and use the Khorium Bomb to destroy one of the chemical wagons. When that's all done, hearth or fly back to town and turn it in. You'll be awarded 5 Love Tokens along with the achievement, "Dangerous Love". You should have also noticed that you started collecting Love Charms. These will be used later so don't delete them.

Next up, queue up for the Crown Chemical event. It shouldn't take long for it to pop and much like any other holiday boss or event, it's a complete joke to defeat. Good thing since my farming Druid just hit 90 and has completely crap gear. The mobs aren't even boss level. If you drink the potion on the table to the left, you shouldn't even take any meaningful damage. After you defeat them you'll have a chance at an epic iLvl480 necklace and be rewarded with the achievement, "Tough Love" along with a Heart-Shaped Box. As I said earlier, this box can contain the Big Love Rocket mount and Toxic Wasteling Pet. You'll also get some Justice Points, some Love Tokens, and the first time you defeat the event, you'll be able to loot a Faded Lovely Greeting Card which you can turn in to Snagglebolt.

Next, we'll check what achievements we can get done pretty easily. Looks like there's a few we can do right now. First up, "The Rocket's Pink Glare" achievement. Just purchase 10 Love Rockets from the vendor. Then, drag them to a hotkey. Finally, press the hotkey and click on the ground after each cooldown until you've shot all the rockets within 20 seconds. Some players may have bad luck and hit a lag spike causing you to need a do'over which will waste 10 Love Tokens. Try doing this achievement away from other players in a nicely secluded area. After you get 10 off within 20 seconds you'll get your achievement. Grats. For the next achievement, we'll need to create 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets. We're also going to need a ton of Lovely Charms if we want to get the other achievements done quickly as well as the mount and pet. For years I went to Halls of Lightning.

In MoP though everyone is 90 and the mobs are grey which means they won't drop the Lovely Charms any more for max level players. Instead, the easiest and best place to go to is Deepholm with nice packs of Troggs that are on a pratically non stop spawn timer. I like to sit here in the middle on top of a pack with 4 packs surrounding me. Also competition will be high so don't be shocked if you're fighting over mobs. After 10 minutes I was able to get 79 Lucky Charms which equate to about 474 per hour. Oh and you might even have to do some PvP'ing if you're on that type of server. Some whack stuff happened to me. First, a lock killed me after my screen froze. I logged back in and was going to gank back the lock when I DC'd. Just my luck. After I got back in the game I was dead of course and went after him to settle the score. This time though I couldn't even attack him. My WoW bugged and it kept giving me the error invalid target. Super hax locks I tell ya. Score 3 for the lock 0 for Tarou. Deepholm Lovely Charms Map

Another spot that's awesome is in Townlong Steppes. This place is pretty secluded and should have little to no competition or interruption. The mobs are real easy to AoE down and can drop a lot of extra items to make some gold while you get your Lovely Charms. After 30 minutes I farmed up 177 so figure you can get about 354. That's not bad considering all the extra items you can also get. Townlong Steppes Lovely Charms Map I'm sure others have their favorite spots as well but one suggestion I can give is don't focus solely on farming Lovely Charms. Go do to some dailys, run a heroic or raid, or anything you can do to multitask a bit and really utilize your time. Some players who have everything can even use the Lucky Charms to make some extra gold by either buying the pet and mount to sell or the bracelets themselves. You won't be able to sell the bracelets you make on the Auction House but you can sell them in trade. Now we'll make our 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets and get our "Charming" achievement. Back in town we'll use the leftover bracelets for the four major city quests. For Org head to Garrosh and turn in "A Gift for the Warchief". Next, get a port to Thunderbluff, fly there, or use the Darkmoon Faire npc if they're around to get a port. Once in Thunderbluff head to the flight master tower and at the base you'll see the Love is in the Air holiday npc with the daily for TB's High Chieftan. Grab that daily and go turn it in. All of these will reward a buff card, 5 Love Tokens, and some gold. From there, head over to Silvermoon. In Silvermoon go to The Bazaar like you see me doing here on the map. Grab the daily from the quest giver and before going back to the Lord to turn it in, grab some alcohol from the Wine and Spirits Merchant in the Silvermoon City Inn or wherever sells alcohol. You'll need it before going to Undercity since Undercity is an abstinence city for some odd reason. Once you get around 5 jugs or more of bourbon continue on to turn in the daily to Theron. When that's completed, head up the ramp and take the orb to Undercity. In Undercity, stop by the vendor and grab 15 Handful of Rose Petals or 3 stacks and 1 stack of perfume. . You'll need these for inside of Undercity. Take the elevator down and go underneath the staircase near the bank to find cochroach vendor, Jeremiah Payson. Then, use the perfume, drink alcohol until you're completely smashed, throw a handful of rose petals on Jeremiah, and finally kiss him. Grats you should've gotten the "Flirt With Disaster" achievement. Next, head to Lady Sylvanas and turn in, "A Gift for the Banshee Queen". This is the final quest in the "Nation of Adoration" achievement series. Grats on that achieve and from here on out you'll want to repeat doing these quests everyday for 20 Love Tokens total. This'll help you complete other achievements and get your mount and pet. The next achievement we'll start to work on is "Fistful of Love". Wow, the items and achievements have such strong sexual references. Some of these are funny but others gross me the hell out. Ok, so for this one you'll be using a Handful of Rose Petals on different race and class combinations. Start by using the immediate area around you. Especially, in the Auction House, banks, or out in front of those buildings. I'm still drunk so it's a bit hard to see but whatever. I can make out the tooltip on my rollover. After you've found all the race/class combos you can, grab 2 stacks of Silver Shafted Arrows adding up to 10 total. With 10 arrows ready to be fired, you can start working on the "Shafted" achievement. Just 10 players that don't have a pet. These days this can be a little bit of a chore to accomplish but just the busy areas of your town and you should be good. Finally, shoot your 10th player and get the "Shafted" achievement. Next up let's do "Lonely". First get a box of chocolates from the Love is in the Air holiday vendor. It'll cost 10 Love Tokens. Open it up and you should get atleast one Buttermilk Delight. You'll also need to buy a picnic basket or find someone who does. Check with your guildies and friends. When you find someone, head to Dalaran. Then, eat from the picnic basket to get the picnic buff. Finally, eat a Buttermilk Delight and get your "Lonely" achievement. Grats. Oh and before I forget again, eat all the candies that were in the Box of Chocolates. This'll give you the "Sweet Tooth" achievement. Since you're in Dalaran already, this is a good time to look for more race/class combos for the "Fistful of Love" achievement. Check all the banks, pathways, and the Auction House. Also, if the Darkmoon Faire is still up, it's another great place to find the opposing faction race/class combos that you may need. You can also check in battlegrounds. In the meantime, let's get some other achievements done. We'll do the "Be Mine!" achievement next. Grab 2 or 3 Bags of Heart Candies and open them up. Next, eat the candy and cross your fingers that you get all eight different candies. If you don't, just by more bags one at a time until you complete the achievement. Nice, we got "Be Mine!" completed very easily. Ok, with those out of the way, I'll keep at the "Fistful of Love" achievement. I've been searching around Dalaran and the Darkmoon Faire as well as battlegrounds for awhile and was just not having any luck with finding a Nightelf Priest. You'd think I could fine one easier but that wasn't the case. So to get around this problem, I made a Nightelf Priest level one to get the achievement completed. Have a friend help you out with this if you run into the same problem for any of the race/class combos. Cool, got the achievement. Nice we only have four achievements to go. We'll do the "I Pitied The Fool" achievement next. You'll need to have 50 Love Tokens for this one. Then, buy 5 Love Fool target dummies. The first you can do is in Arathi Basin. Just queue up for it, head to the Blacksmith area in the middle, set down the dummy, and type /pity. If you do this with friends you can save some Love Tokens by splitting it up. Have each friend buy one. You can also get lucky and have some random just drop one. Next, head to the arena in Stranglethorn and do the same. Drop a Love Fool target dummy, target it, and type /pity. For the last three, you'll have to head to Northrend. Grab the zep or get a port. Then, fly over to Wintergrasp. In Wintergrasp, drop another dummy, target it, and type /pity. Next, fly over to Naxx and ask a friend or guildy or even a random player to make a raid with you. Zone in to Naxx and do the same as before. Finally, fly over to Dalaran and go inside the west building and into the Caverns of Time portal. Once inside, take the drag and fly to the bottom. When you land, fly over to Strat and zone in. Drop the last Love Fool target dummy, target it, and type /pity to get your "I Pitied The Fool" achievement completed. Grats and you're almost done. The last achievements may take more time since you need a good amount of Love Tokens and luck. For "Lovely Luck Is On Your Side" you'll need 20 Love Tokens. Then, purchase a Lovely Dress Box from the vendor and hope you get a Lovely Black Dress. Don't worry though, you DON'T need this for the meta achievement. Only players who are completionists need to bother with this. Or maybe some RP'ers who want it. Next, you'll need 40 Love Tokens or a good amount of gold to get a Peddlefeet pet which come from the Truesilver Shafted Arrow and it'll give you the Perma-Peddle achievement. On my server it's currently 10,000g and will likely decrease further into the holiday. After the holiday is finished the price will likely go back up again unless the market gets flooded or people get desperate. This one is NOT required for the meta achievement. The last one you'll need for the meta achievement is "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose". This can be easy or a pain depending on your luck. Queue up for a cata dungeon and different bosses can drop a Bouquet of Ebon Roses or Bouquet of Red Roses. You'll have to beat others for the roll and as the holiday goes on, it should be easier and easier as many players get their's. If you have a guild with four other people who want the item, make a group and take turns looting it. Finally, after completing that achievement, you'll get the "Love Fool" title. This completes all the Love is in the Air achievements and grats to everyone. I wish all of you luck on the Big Love Rocket mount and Toxic Wasteling pet drops. Also, I wish all the RP'ers luck on the Forever-Lovely Rose head piece. Grats again, thanks for watching, and if you haven't yet, please subscribe and visit for more FREE WoW guides and news! "Now Go Get Your Hotty Something Nice For Valentine's Day!" Trust me, this quest rewards nicely if you have the correct rep.