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How to Level Skinning the Fast & Easy 500 to 600 in Mists of Pandaria! Horde & Alliance

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What's up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. Tarou here and in this vid I'll be showing you how to easy level Skinning from 500 to 600.

Leveling Skinning is super easy to do and takes barely any time. It also doesn't cost anything aside from the training and will make you gold as you level it and loot skins. For maps and the full leveling experience, check the full guide at Skinning 1-600.

To start train Zen Master Skinning in a major city or here in Pandaria's Jade Forest. Note: Buying a Skinning Knife from a Trade Supplies & having it in your bags will get you +10 to Skinning!

Next, head across the zone west into Valley of the Four Winds. Even if you're only level 85, you can easily get through to the next zone over. It's not hard and the mobs we'll be killing are Wyrmhorn Turtles that are mostly level 86. This guide however is mostly designed for level 90s. If you're still under 90, just skin as you level and you'll hit 600 in no time.

We're just west of Thunderfoot Fields in a busy questing area. These turtles spawn very fast even with the nerf they got dealt in Patch 5.1. Great place for farming and leveling. You can pull several at a time and kill them yourself or skin the ones others have killed like you see me doing here. Always be sure to be looking around for questers and mote farmers who don't have Skinning. Do this from 500 up to 560 or more.

Once you hit 560+ head back to the Jade Forest and go to this little isle called Windward. You might know it from doing Cloud Serpent dailys for rep. All along the coast and in little pools are Saltback Turtles. They respawn fast and most only have about 160k health. You should never run out of mobs to kill and if you check out my Skinning Gold Guide for MoP you'll see this place can be quite profitable.

You'll stay here until you max out at 600 which won't take long at all. Congratulations on 600 and it should have only taken you around 30-40 minutes. We ended up with plenty of leather, Raw Turtle Meat, motes, greens, and vendor trash. You also might have gotten a Magnificient Hide like I did but don't hold your breath as the drop rate is horrible.

I really like Skinning and while it may not make as much as a combo of Mining and Herbalism, it is a whole lot more fun since you're killing mobs and can screw around with large pulls to make it even more enjoyable.

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"Now Go Skin or Something!"