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How to: Children's Week - Achievements & Pets (Matron/Patron Title) Guide!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you an awesome video on how to do the Children's Week achievements and get all the pets/companions.

This year there aren't any new changes to Children's Week compared to last year for the holiday

Children's Week is underway and lasts until Monday. Just like Noblegarden there aren't any too difficult achievements and overall not too many to do either. It should only take half a day to complete everything for most players. This holiday is required for the meta-achievement, "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been" but, is one of the easiest ones. You don't need to complete 'Veteran Nanny'.

To get started, head to the Orphanage and speak with the orphan matron. The quest she gives is just a simple one to call the orphan with whistle she provided and talk with them. Next, you'll get three quests. They basically just want you to take the orphan to three different places. Easy enough so, accept all of them.

Next, let's get going on the some of the achievements. First one up is 'Home Alone'. Just hearth with your orphan out to get it completed. Super easy and now let's take a look at 'Bad Example'. For 'Bad Example' we need to eat some sweets while the orphan is watching. Check your character to see if they can make Tasty Cupcakes. If they can, head to the Auction House and buy the mats. The Northern Eggs and any other mats needed for making anything during any holiday are going to be higher than normal. You can also just buy the Tasty Cupcake if you can't make them. After you get the eggs, you can get the Simple Flour from any Trade or Cooking Supplies vendor. Each time you cook these, you'll cook a stack of 5. You can eat one and sell the rest on the Auction House like I'll do in a little bit.

Next, we'll buy the Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream. This you can buy from the Snack-O-Matic vendor inside the bottom deck of a zeppelin for Horde. For Alliance, Lisa McKeever in Stormwind sells them just near a cart near the cooking daily quest giver. Once you get the ice cream, eat it up and get credit. I'll buy extras to sell on the Auction House along with the cupcakes and eggs just to show you how to make a little gold during this holiday event. For the next ones, we'll need to go to Dalaran and see Aimee who sell pies, pastries, and cakes. From the vendor, buy Dalaran Doughnuts, Dalaran Brownies, Red Velvet Cupcakes, and a Lovely Cake. Then, eat everything while your orphan is watching. When you get to the Lovely Cake, put it on the floor and loot all the slices. Eat one of everything and sell the leftovers on the Auction House.

Last up we have to eat a Delicious Chocolate Cake. Check to see if you can make it. This character of mine can't so, I'll get on my main who has the recipe. I'll buy all the mats from the Auction House and buy many extras to make some extra bank. Since my other character is in Dalaran, I'll send him to buy the Flask of Port that I'll need for each cake and then mail it to my main. Now with all the mats, I can buy the rest from the Trade Supplies vendor and milk from the General Goods vendor to make all the cakes. Next, I'll send one off to my alt.

Finally, I eat the Delicious Chocolate Cake which gives me the 'Bad Example' achievement and a happy buff. Since we're already in Northrend, I'll fly over to Utgarde Pinnacle and get the 'Hail To The King, Baby' achievement completed. I was going to clear everything with my lock which would take a bit of time but, is totally doable. Instead, I'm using my druid to stealth to the last boss so I can skip everything and save time. Or so I thought. Damn gate in my way which means I'll have to kill Skadi the Ruthless real quick. No biggy, he's dead and now to move on. The last boss is a joke when you're 85 and he easily drops giving my alt lock the achievement, 'Hail To The King, Baby'.

Well with that done, let's queue up for Arathi Basin and get 'School of Hard Knocks' out of the way. The strat for this is just be the first out of the gate, haul ass to the farm, and assault the flag before anyone else. This part is pretty easy and already done. You can stay and finish the bg or afk out. Ok, I've hearthed back to Org and will start on the quests we got in the beginning. I'm flying over to Azshara to do the 'Ridin' the Rocketway' one. Just check your map and fly to the marked location. Then, hop on the two-seater rocket with your orphan and let the scene play out as your orphan tries to drive and almost gets you both killed. Can't blame him though. You enabled him by letting him have access to dangerous controls. Once you're safe you'll get credit and can turn in the quest. Next, we'll fly over to Mulgore to get 'The Fallen Chieftan' quest taken care of. Turn it in and get some gold, rep, and even experience if you aren't level 85 yet. For the last quest we'll take the zep over to Undercity. You can get a port from a mage as well. Once in Undercity, fly to Sylvanas who is marked on your map and complete 'The Banshee Queen' quest. With all three completed you'll get another two quests which can be done in Orgrimmar so, we'll hearth back there. First, let's get the 'You Scream, I Scream...' Just buy a Cone of Cold ice cream from the vendor, target your orphan, and use it to complete the quest. Next, we'll do 'Let's Go Fly a Kite'. All you have to do is find the Toys and Novelties vendor, Blax, who wonders around in the drag and buy a Dragon Kite from him. Then, use it on your orphan to complete the quest.

Next, get the new quest which wants you to buy an itemfrom the same vendor. This time get a Foam Sword Rack and turn it in to the matron in front of the orphange to complete the 'A Warden of the Horde' quest. Once you turn it in, you can pick one of four pets, 25 Magical Pet Biscuits, or a bag of gold. The bag of gold only has 5g in it and is hardly worth it. I'll go with the Snail Shell which looks like this. Pretty neat little pet. If you have several alts, I'd suggest doing at least this quest line on them and get a different pet on each. This way when pets are account-wide, you'll have all the pets already. Ok, back to the 'School of Hard Knocks' achievement. We're doing the assault a tower in Alterac Valley part. You can bolt to Stonehearth Bunker when the game starts or check to see if there are some flippers setup in a bunker somewhere like you see here. They are looking to get Tower Defense completed which means they want to defend 50 times. This is also why they won't kill you and allow you to flip the tower back and forth. This is PvP though and totally up to you whether you want to own them or let them be.

Next, I'll work on the 'Daily Chores' achievement which wants us to complete 5 daily quests with our orphan out. You don't need to have them out while you do the quests, just when you turn them in. I'm doing the ones in Tol'Barad since they're easy and don't take long to do. I'll do the cooking one for my 5th one. Nice, got the 'Daily Chores' achievement completed. Now we can get back to 'School of Hard Knocks' achievement by heading into Warsong Gulch and returning a flag. Simple enough and got that taken care of pretty easily. All we have to do now is the one for Eye of the Storm. I get in to a decent Eye of the Storm and basically just wait next to the flag like everyone else wanting to do the achievement and I spam like hell. It took a little but got the flag and headed to the Mage Tower to turn it in. Of course I run out of hard drive space and won't be able to show me completing it but here's the achievement. It gave me 'School of Hard Knocks' and the meta, 'For The Children' which in turn gave me the title Patron. Grats to all who have been following along.

Well, that's all for the achievements and now let's finish up the quests and get some pets. I'll switch over to my main and show you how to do the quest line for Children's Week that starts in Shattrath. This one will lead to a pet as well. Get your three quests and head to the Dark Portal first. Once you get there, just whistle for your orphan and complete it. Next, fly over to the Throne of the Elements inside Nagrand and do the same. When that's completed fly over to Zangramarsh and make a stop with the Sporeggar are. Get your orphan out and complete that one. Then, pick up the two quests, 'Now, When I Grow Up...' and 'Time to Visit the Caverns'. We'll start with the growing up one which just wants us to visit Silvermoon and bring our orphan to see the Elite Tauren Chieftan who are on a balcony. Doesn't look like they're rocking out right now but this is who our orphan idolizes I suppose. After a little show from the little guy, the quest is complete and now to head to Dalaran. In Dalaran see the Orphan Matron who's near the fishing daily person. She'll display two quests all you'll want to decide if you want Roo of the Oracles or Kekek of the Wolvar pet. I have the Wolvar on a different character so I'll go with Roo this time. No matter which you pick, the quests are the same aside from one. Just check your map and you'll figure it out. Ok, talk to the matron to get credit for the quest and then whistle for your orphan. Complete that quest and get the three available. The format is the exact same as Org and Shattrath ones. Fly to three places to complete the quests.

First we'll hit up the one in Dragonblight. Just check your map for the mark and let your orphan out to get credit for it. They'll see their future self kinda like you did when leveling through Dragonblight. Next, we'll fly over to Grizzly Hills to the big tree at Grizzlemaw located in the center of the zone. Get credit here as well and then fly all the way across the map to Borean Tundra's Winterfin Retreat. Whistle for your orphan and watch as a murloc with a top hat, cane, and minus a monicle pops out to start a little number that completes your 'Playmates' quest.

Alright so next we need to visit the Etymidian. Just fly over to Sholozar Basin and then through the wave gate. You'll see a tall boss looking guy and that's who you'll want to show Roo too. Then, fly back through the way gate and over into Dragonblight. In Dragonblight head to the top of Wyrmrest Temple to see Alexstrasza. That'll complete 'The Dragon Queen' quest and now to head back to Dalaran. When you get to Dalaran, go to the Wonderworks toy shop and buy a small paper zepellin. It's on the last page and don't mistake it for the normal toy zep. This one says it's only good during Children's Week. After you buy it, whistle for your orphan and toss them the small paper zep. They'll actually toss it back and you'll get credit for the quest.

Finally, you can visit the Orphan Matron in Dalaran again and complete the quest, 'Back to the Orphange'. She won't give you the pet and you might be like me thinking, oh maybe I did it already or something. Instead, check your mailbox in a few minutes and it should have arrived. It looks just like the orphan you've been taking around. Grats on the companion and now let's get back to the one that started in Shattrath. Head through the Caverns of Time portal in Dalaran and then fly to the bottom. If you look at the bottom of the path, there is a quartermaster vendor and they will sell you a Toy Dragon which is what you need. After you buy it, head to the center and walk around until you get credit for the quest, 'Time to Visit the Caverns'. Then, turn it in. Don't freak out as the guards swarm in and try to take out your orphan. Damn racists. With all that done, head 'Back to the Orphanage' in Shattrath and complete the quest. Here you can choose which pet you want. There are four of them again and like before, I suggest using alts and getting them all so when pets go account-wide, you'll already have them. I'll choose Willy since I've always wanted him and his creepy floating body and one eye.

Wow, so.. I think that's it. We've done everything for Children's Week. Including afk's, IRL interruptions, and cookie time, it only took 4 hours total to do everything including the quests lines two or three times on alts to get the pets. We even made some gold.

Children's Week Item Sales + 708g

Cost of mats - 274g


Total Profit = 434g in one day!


Not bad and grats to all who followed along. Thanks for watching, and if you haven't yet, please subscribe and visit for more FREE WoW guides and news! "Now Go Help Out Some Orphans!" Lates.