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EP.5 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting - How to Get a Firefly - Bonus Tiny Sporebat!

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EP.5 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting - How to Get a Firefly - Bonus Tiny Sporebat!

Hey everyone. Tarou here and in this video I'll show you how to get the Firefly pet.

This adventure of tortuous mob grinding begin in the Burning Crusade zone, Zangramarsh. The mobs you'll be looking for are Bogflare Needlers. You can farm them where I am on the map or anywhere you see marked.

captured firefly drop location spot map
With cross-server zones now in effect, you may not be alone on your once empty server. The drop for this pet is also hirendess. You could farm non stop for days and never get the pet but most people get it by their 1,000th kill.

Personally, I'm about time management and unless you enjoy the adventure of farming the mobs, it may be better time wise to just buy it. Anyone should be able to farm up the 6,000 gold it usually costs for this pet in less than 6 hours. I'm being super conservative with that figure. The Black Market Auction House might have it listed as well but the player Auction House should be cheaper and give you the chance to talk the seller down.

While you're here in Zangramarsh farming, pick up Glowcaps that are scattered about. If you have a character exalted with the Sporeggar you can turn 30 of them in for a Tiny Sporebat. Even if you have one already, you can cage it and sell it on the Auction House for some extra cash.

1.) Multitask tip: Glowcap (scattered about on the ground) - Sporeggar Rep & Currency
2.) Multitask tip: Kill Sporebats for Fertile Spores - Sporeggar Rep
3.) Multitask tip: Unidentifired Plant Parts - Cenarion Expedition Rep

Well, after hours of farming I finally got it to drop. Ha yeah right. This is Tarou, I took the easy way out and bought it off of someone. Time efficiency is very important to me. Here's the guy and a pretty neat pet.

Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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