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EP.2 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting Series - Tiny Crimson Whelpling!

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EP.2 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting Series - Tiny Crimson Whelpling!

Hey everyone. Tarou here and in this video I'll show you how to get the Crimson Whelpling.

Head out to the Wetlands and start killing all the Ebon Whelps in the area near where I'm at. One of the best areas to farm is right here where you see this bot. We'll just sneak in and steal all his mobs. Not a very good bot if you ask me. Too bad they're not Alliance, we could just kill them.

The drop rate for the Crimson Whelping is extremely low. And when I say low, I'm mean you could spend days or even weeks farming and not ever have one drop. So if you want my advice, buy this pet. Go out and farm or follow one of my gold making guides for MoP. Check your Auction House to see what you'll need. On my server this pet is around 10,000 gold right now. Even if you suck at farming or using your gathering profession. Even if you aren't 90, it should take a max of 10 hours to make 10,000 gold. Could you come to the Wetlands and get the pet on your first 10 or so kills sure but it's highly unlikely.

Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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"Now Go PvP or Something!"