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Don't Get Screwed w/ Gear Upgrades Using Points in MoP - Patch 5.1!

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Don't Get Screwed w/ Gear Upgrades Using Points in MoP - Patch 5.1!

What's up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. Tarou here and in this video I'll be giving you some tips about using the new upgrade system!

Alright so in patch 5.1 we got this awesome new upgrade system. It's basically a point dump for players who no longer need to buy gear with the various currency points for PvE or PvP. The Item Upgrade vendors are located next to the transmog and reforger guys in Org or Stormwind as well as Vale of Eternal Blossoms in your faction's shrine.

Honor and Justice points are used for rare iLvl 458 or above and the upgrade is 1500 points for 8 iLvls. When upgrading make sure to choose the item that will give you the most stat increase. Comparing this belt and ring you can see the belt clearly gives a bigger upgrade. If you think about the cost of the items when you bought them, you can get a general idea of which will net you the biggest gain. Belts cost more so their iLvls yield more stats.

When you want to upgrade an epic, you'll have two upgrades and each is 4 iLvls costing 750 valor for PvE gear or conquest for PvP giving a total of 8 iLvls just like the rare armor. What's nice about this is you can get a small upgrade faster.

I upgraded some PvE tier pants for 750 valor twice netting me a decent gain in stats. I don't need any other valor gear so spending valor made sense but when it comes to conquest, I'm still missing some Malevolent epic pieces. You should always buy all your armor first and then upgrade after. Depending on the starting iLvl, your weapon is best to upgrade first and follow how I have below.

#1: Weapon
#2: Chest, Pants, Helm
#3: Shoulders, Gloves, Belt, Boots
#4: Bracers, Cloak, Neck, Rings, Off-hand
#5: Trinkets (You could argue these to be w/ #4)

Of course sometimes an upgrade won't be so cut and dry. Always compare yourself before upgrading.

I'm really glad they added this new upgrade option. Even if it is only 8 iLvls, atleast we have a better point dump than high priced trade goods.

Well, good luck everyone with your gear and upgrades and if you haven't yet, please subscribe to my YouTube channel at

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