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Zul'Gurub Tiger/Raptor Mount Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0.1!

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Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily farm the Zul'Gurub Swift Razzashi Raptor and Swift Zulian Tiger mounts. The bosses that drop them aren't too difficult and most class should be able to solo them easily. Please enjoy this Zul'Gurub Swift Razzashi Raptor and Swift Zulian Tiger mount farming guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Overview: Farming ZG mounts.

  • Suggestions: While farming, I suggest being repaired, have potions, food and water, blare some music, and most importantly, have fun.

WoW ZG Gold Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0.1! - Raptor Boss (Bloodlord Mandokir)

    Old School Gold/Mount Farming SQ

    Alright, I'm here in Zul'Gurub to show you how to easily farm the Tiger and Raptor mounts. To start, you'll want to be fully buff, have some healing potions, be fully repaired, and have enough food and water. This raid instance's bosses are extremely easy for any decently gear level 80 but naturally some classes and specs will have an easier time than others but no matter your class or spec, give it a try and see how you do.

  • The first boss I'll be taking out is the Raptor boss. He's extremely easy for most classes and especially melee DPS and tanks. When you first pull him, he'll hop off his Raptor mount and essentially you'll be fighting two mobs at once. I pop everything I have and nuke him right off the bat. I also kill the raptor mini-boss immediately which causes the Bloodlord to enrage and do a ton more damage. While I don't particularly have to worry too much, it's actually better to leave the raptor alive if possible. I also do it to offer somewhat of a challenge and make it a bit more fun. Of course my feral spec is also ideal here, again for a challenge and some fun I choose to stay Boomkin.
  • To make sure I don't take excessive damage, I kite him a bit as I throw out HoTs especially while he's Whirlwinding since he won't be in range to hit me. I also wait for his Threatening Gaze to wear off most of the time before attacking unless I have a good amount of HoTs up or feel confident enough that he's not going to kill me. Using abilities during Threatening Gaze will cause him to charge you and do some damage. Tanks don't need to worry about this but casters should be a bit careful not to get stun-locked to death. After a few minutes he's dead but unfortunetly didn't drop the Raptor so looks like I'll be back next lockout. If you're farming rep, pick up all the random armor parts so you can complete the quests to get some extra rep.

WoW ZG Mount Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0.1! - Tiger Boss (High Priest Thekal)

  • Next, I'll take out the Tiger boss. He's a bit more complex and while I do kill him faster as Boomkin, I want to show you this fight as a tank. The Tiger boss has 4 adds with him, 2 tigers and 2 zealot trolls. Since the lady troll, Lor'Khan heals, set her as your focus target and be ready to stun or silence the heals if she tries to heal anyone other than the tigers. The 3 trolls must die at the same time so you'll want to damage them evenly as best as possible. If you're able to interupt quickly, you can take the tigers out right away but if not, use the tigers as decoys for Lor'Khan to heal like I'm doing here. She heals the lowest health target so keep that in mind when evening your damage.
  • After you get the boss and adds fairly low, pop all your cooldowns and nuke them down while interupting any heals. After they all die, the High Priest will res himself as a tiger and it's pretty much a tank and spank from here. Just make sure your back is towards the wall or hills so he doesn't knock you back into adds. Once he's dead, cross your fingers and pray to the WoW gods your Tiger mount is there. No luck for me so I'll instead curse the WoW gods and definitely be back again next lockout.
  • I'll be farming these mounts up until Cataclysm when this raid is removed and turned into a 30's questing area. I don't know if that means the mounts will be removed forever but I'd rather not wait and find out and hey, this place is pretty fun anyhow and great for gold making as you saw in my other video.
  • Now on to the last area I like to hit up that is swarmed with panthers. Unlike tigers these little guys stun like crazy so try and keep your distance as best as possible. Other than that they are a joke to kill and shouldn't be too much trouble for any class. Next, I go down into this Temple of Bethekk and kill all the mobs inside which is pretty easy but somewhat slow since you have to kill pack by pack or they'll reset. I've just hit 30 minutes so I don't have time to kill the boss and will just hearth back to town to sort through all the loot.
  • So there you have it, a simple walk-through of how to easily farm for the raptor and tiger mounts in Zul'Gurub. Good luck to everyone who tries for the mounts and I hope this video was helpful to all the WoW players out there. Please subscribe to RyutaroAkaTarou and visit for more FREE WoW Guides that help all players have more fun and get rich in the World of Warcraft!
  • Thanks for watching/reading^^
  • 'Now go PvE and tell me what your favorite raid instance is in the comment section'!
  • Mine as most of you know is Molten Core. Can't wait to take out Rag in Cata.