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ZG Gold Farming Guide: 1.5k Gold/Hour! Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0

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ZG Gold Farming Guide: 1.5k Gold/Hour! Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0

Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold with farming Zul'Gurub while power leveling friends' alts and/or just having fun before the raid is removed from the game. I'll be showing a typical 30 minute session I run and depending on your ability and server's economy you should expect to make somewhere around 1,500 gold an hour like I did. Please enjoy this ZG Gold Farming Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Overview: I'll be spending 30minutes in the Zul'Gurub raid in STV.
  • Suggestions: While farming, I suggest having a decent amount of empty bag space, be repaired, have potions, food and water, blare some music, and most importantly, have fun.

WoW ZG Gold Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0! - Farming Rep/Items

    Old School Gold/Mount Farming SQ

    Ok, so I'm here in Zul'Gurub for 30 minutes to show you the vast gold making potential of a great old school level 60 raid. This raid instance is extremely easy for any decently gear level 80. To start, I like to gather up some snakes and crocs. So why bother with an instance like ZG in the first place right? Well, this raid instance will be removed come Cataclysm and turned into a 30's leveling zone. That means that a lot of people are going to be checking the Auction House for rep items like these coins and bijous you see me picking up so they can get exalted. This is a perfect oppurtunity to make a lot of gold. Now I'm not sure what Blizzard designers will do with the ZG rep and ZG mounts but either way, I'm going to be farming the mounts and rep until I either get the mounts or Cataclysm releases.

  • The route you'll see me run in this video is fully solo'able by any class. Hell, when I was level 60 on my Mage I use to farm this place for hours trying to get exalted so really no class should have any trouble at level 80. Just be sure to pull what you can handle. It may take a few test runs but there isn't too much that can easily kill you in here. I would say though to either focus kill Axe Throwers or not bother with them at all since they do stun for quite some time which is anoying.
  • I absolutely love farming places like this since they are a nice change from gathering or farming in Northrend. Lots of variety and tons of fun pulls that make you think a bit about what you're doing. It's also nice to get back into an instance you haven't been in, in a few years especially since it'll be gone come Cataclysm.
  • Oh nice flower design these crocs made. That's for all the ladies out there or rather guys pretending to be ones I should say. Just kidding! If you notice looting seriously takes longer than killing the mobs so running some lowbie friends through here and having them loot everything for you can save a lot of time and help them out with some exp at the same time.
  • Crocs, snakes, and other trash mobs aren't really any problems for most classes but once you get to the Bloodfire Pit area you'll want to focus the midgets, err I mean little gnomes down because they silence you which can cause some issues. Other than that these mobs have like no HP and die super easily.
  • Next, you can take out this boss or not waste the time and keep farming trash mobs. I like to kill him for kicks because he retardedly MC's you which allows you to be in a much easier position to kill him without any effort. I'm also retarded though using my treants since they are now attacking me but hey, he's 20 levels lower so gotta give him some sort of handicap right. If you have a pet, it's best you put it away for this fight unless you want it to kill you or you plan to take the Brain Wash totem out. I like the Brain Wash Totem and thinks it's pretty funny so I leave it up. A pretty easy boss kill worth about 30g and 200 rep. As a quick tip, you naturally wouldn't want to kill any bosses if you plan to reset the instance and farm for awhile. If you do kill a boss, you'll need to wait around 2 hours for the trash to respawn. Since Zul'Gurub has a 3 day lockout you can wait to kill the bosses until just before it resets to get the most farming out of the raid instance.
  • Now on to the last area I like to hit up that is swarmed with panthers. Unlike tigers these little guys stun like crazy so try and keep your distance as best as possible. Other than that they are a joke to kill and shouldn't be too much trouble for any class. Next, I go down into this Temple of Bethekk and kill all the mobs inside which is pretty easy but somewhat slow since you have to kill pack by pack or they'll reset. I've just hit 30 minutes so I don't have time to kill the boss and will just hearth back to town to sort through all the loot.

WoW ZG Gold Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0! - Selling Farmed Items

  • The first thing I do is sell all the vendor trash grays. A good addon on for this is 'Sell Junk' which allows you to sell all grays with one click as you see me do here. Next, I'll get the greens Disenchanted and list all the mats, random items, and rep items. You could of course just turn in the rep items if you wanted to on this island in STV. It's also good to do the quests as well if you're looking to get rep. I prefer to sell the rep items since I know I'll be farming the place and get plenty of rep from mobs, bosses, and quests.
  • Ok, I'll list all the items for 12 hours but 24 hours should work just fine since there is almost zero competition on these old school items. I'm using the Auctionator addon in this video although I usually use Auctioneer. I will have a guide on Auctionator up on my website in a few weeks but it's a pretty simple addon to learn. When listing rep items, it's a good idea to spam trade chat to let people know you've just posted them. A lot of people don't search for rep items frequently so reminding them will help you sell the items a lot faster.
  • Alright, so it's been two days and most everything sold so time to see how I made out. Keep in mind these numbers below are only from the 30 minute session and not the extra items that my bags had to begin the run with.

    Bijou: 15g x 22 = 330g
    Coins: 5g x 50 = 250g (avg)
    Runecloth: .7g x 68 = 47g
    Illusion Dust: 2.3g x 26 = 59.8g
    Greater Eternal Essence: 26g x 2 = 26g
    Vendor Trash/Looted Gold = 38g
    Misc. = 39.2g
    Repairs = -5g
    Total = 785g in 30 minutes of fun! That's a pretty awesome gold per hour of over 1,570 gold!

WoW ZG Gold Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0! - Final Thoughts

  • On a final note, Zul'Gurub really is an amazing place for gold making especially if you have the demand for rep items on your server. Even if you don't it's still a fun and great place to farm especially since it's going to be removed come Cataclysm. ZG is also great for those of you who just hit 80, hate dailys, don't have professions, or are just looking for a way to get some extra gold and help out some friend's alts or lowbies at the same time. Just remember, wherever you choose to farm, have fun while doing it. Pull too many mobs, own someone, blare that music, talk to friends, whatever makes you have a blast, do it and always enjoy what you're doing.
  • Thanks for watching/reading^^
  • 'Now go rep farm and tell me what your favorite BC instance is in the comment section'! Mines gotta be Mechanar just because it was fun enslaving the demons on my Lock.