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WoW Mining Gold Guide: Best Northrend Farming Routes Part 1

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Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold with Mining. I'll be comparing the three of the top Northrend Mining zones, Sholazar Basin, Icecrown, and Storm Peaks. Mining can be very competitive so don't be surprised if you see a lot of other players Mining at the same time. It's best to farm during off peak times when noone is usually on. Even with some mass competition, players should find Mining a great gold maker. With the introduction of new recipes for all professions, Mining is still hold ing strong in profit as of patch 3.3.3!

  • Check out my Mining Leveling 1-450 Guide for a great way to level Mining.
  • WoW Mining Gold Guide Part 1: Best Mining Routes Overview - Finding the best Mining routes and zones to farm [Saronite Ore] and [Titanium Ore].
    Requirements: Mining skill level 450 or 445 if your gloves are enchanted with [Advanced Mining]
    Suggestions: PvP gear, epic flyer, potions, and food/water.

WoW Mining Gold Guide P1: Sholazar Basin - Saronite Ore & Titanium Ore Farming Route.

  • Sholazar Basin is the haven for all gathering professions with easy to navigate terrain and low mob encounters. You will have to be prepared for some PvP unless on a PvE server. I suggest wearing your PvP gear and bringing some potions along.

    While I was farming and making the above video, an Alliance prot warrior had taught me a stun belt and stun grenades can be very helpful. He stunned me and then mined the node, so even if I killed him (he actually killed me), he would have gotten what he needed.

  • You may also notice mining nodes disappearing without anyone around. This is because hackers are mining underneath the zone and appear to be invisible. To report them, open your combat log and it will display their name when they mine invisibly in front of you. Most of the time they are doing this on lower level characters so you can also check by typing "/who Sholazar Basin" and looking for a level 70 or any level that doesn't seem to fit the zone.
  • I mined Sholazar Basin following the route pictured below for 30 minutes. The route was stress free and was extremely smooth. Spawn times were great and I ended up with 360g worth of materials.
  • Items mined in 30minutes from Sholazar Basin mining route:

    [Saronite Ore] x 77
    [Titanium Ore] x 11
    [Scarlet Ruby] x 1
    [Eternal Earth] x 2
    [Eternal Water] x 1
    [Eternal Shadow] x 2
    [Crystallized Air] x 6
    [Crystallized Earth] x 2
    [Crystallized Fire] x 4
    [Crystallized Water] x 2
    [Shadow Crystal] x 2
    [Sun Crystal] x 2

    Total approximate value - 360g
  • WoW Mining Gold Guide Part 1 - Icecrown Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide P1: Icecrown - Saronite Ore & Titanium Ore Farming Route.

WoW Mining Gold Guide P1: Storm Peaks - Saronite Ore & Titanium Ore Farming Route.