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WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3

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Jewelcrafting Gold Guide SQ

Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to use Jewelcrafting to make a good amount of gold everyday. As shown in the video, this made me 2,300g in profit for minimal effort. As of patch 3.3.3 some gems have had significant declines in pricing since this Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3 was made so, make sure to test your server's economy first before sinking a lot of gold into this. Materials have dropped as well as so on my server this is still profitable but still be careful.

  • Check out my Jewelcrafting Leveling 1-450 Guide for a great way to level Jewelcrafting.
  • WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3: Overview - Prospect [Titanium Ore], cut epic and rare gems to sell, and make uncommon rings and necks to disenchant. Estimated time spent daily: 45 minutes.

WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 2: Getting Started - Risk, Materials, Prospecting

  • Tip: A lot of viewers have asked me if it's worth prospecting [Titanium Ore] and that is a hard question to answer because I don't know the prices on every server. I can say that it can be risky so I have come up with a simple way to check if it's worth it.

    If a stack of [Titanium Ore] costs less than than the average price of an epic gem then it's worth it.

    [Titanium Ore] stack = 200g
    Epic cut gem is more than 200g - Lower Risk
    Epic cut gem is less than 200g - Higher Risk

  • Note: This is just an example and you may need to scale it up or down depending on your server and gold.
  • Materials:

    540 x [Titanium Ore] (5,400g)
    5 x [Eternal Earth] (50g)
    The Auction House typically has decent prices but you can always find items cheaper by scimming trade chat for farmers or checking the Auction House and sending a tell to who sells the item a lot frequently.

  • Now that you have your mats you can begin Prospecting the [Titanium Ore].

    To make things easier I have listed a macro below for Prospecting. Before using this macro go into your interface, select controls, and check autoloot. This will autoloot the items into your bag.

    Jewelcrafting SQ

    #show Titanium Ore #show Saronite Ore
    /cast Prospecting
    /use Titanium Ore
    /use Saronite Ore

    Thanks to Naemirione for this macro suggestion

WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3: Popular Epic & Rare Gem Cuts

WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3: Auction House Suggestions & Tips

  • Now that you have some epic gem cuts, you can cut the gems and list them.

    I suggest you search the Auction House before making any gem cuts and find out which are priced the highest. Be careful though, as some rarely used and hard to sell gems may be the highest.

  • Tip: You don't want to flood the market ever with any item. Only make what you can sell within a 24 hour period. It will take some time to figure out exactly how many that is and can change frequently. I suggest putting a few of each item up and scaling up or down depending on the outcome.

WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3: Crafting Ring and Necklace Jewelry & Disenchanting

  • The next items to make will be uncommon rings and necks to disenchant.
    Especially in patch 3.2, uncommon gem prices have fell off a cliff and so a great counter to that is to create rings and necks to disenchant into mats that are always in high demand.
    Below is a list of uncommon rings and necks to create.

    [Bloodstone Band]
    [Crystal Chalcedony Amulet]
    [Crystal Citrine Necklace]
    [Sun Rock Ring]

  • Next, if you have enchanting, great and if you don't, just ask a friend, or find someone in the trade channel, to disenchant all the rings you just crafted. Depending on the amount of rings, I typically tip around 20-50g.

WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3: Auction House Suggestions and Tips

  • Now that you have disenchanted all of your rings and necks the final step is to list them on the Auction House; for enchanting mats I don't suggest selling them in trade but you can try it out on your server (I don't suggest it because it's time consuming and they sell super fast on the AH anyway).

    For enchanting mats, I recommend listing them for only 24 hours. Depending on how popular your server is, you may or may not have a lot of competition. Still, remember to undercut all competition by about one silver as anything more is overkill.

WoW Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3: Final Suggestions Tips

  • Once you get the hang of how much you sell begin purchasing mats during the weekend; they are typically the cheapest on the weekend.

    The main reason for this, is most players aren't actually raiding on the weekends and have a lot more time to gather mats. With the abundance of mats comes the simple economic rule of supply exceeding demand which leads to lower prices. This doesn't mean 100% of the time they will be cheaper on the weekend but instead it makes it more likely. After you get a feel for mat prices you can purchase them throughout the week for the lowest prices.

  • Checking on mats everyday will get you familar with who sells what.

    Pay attention and take a look at who is selling mats all the time and message them to sell directly to you at a discount. This will save you big on the craft costs. I have countless farmers listed on my friend's list who I deal with regularly to get the cheapest price possible.

  • Finally, World of Warcraft isn't just about making gold and really should be the smallest part of your playtime.

    I hope this Jewelcrafting Gold Guide Part 3 will help you get rich in World of Warcraft but at the same time free up farm time so you can actually enjoy the game for what it is meant to be; fun! So, don't sit at your computer 24-7 just to make gold. Go out, raid, PvP, whatever, just make sure to have fun (^_^)v.

  • Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.