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WoW Engineering Gold Guide Part 1

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engineering gold making guide part 1

Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to easily make gold with Engineering. After farming for one hour, I was able to make a modest 272g and it was extremely easy.

WoW Engineering Gold Guide Part 1: Obtain - Zapthrottle Mote Extractor

WoW Engineering Gold Guide Part 1: Sholazar Basin - Steam/Cinder Cloud Route

  • Sholazar Basin is the haven for all gathering professions with easy to navigate terrain and low mob encounters. You will have to be prepared for some possible PvP unless on a PvE server. I suggest wearing your PvP gear and bringing some potions along just in case. Also, if you have Mining or Herbalism, try combining your routes and farm for both.
  • Steam/Cinder Cloud Route

  • Finding the clouds is extremely simple and they will pop up on your map as a gold dot just like Mining or Herbalism. After you locate a Steam Cloud, simply use the [Zapthrottle Mote Extractor]near it and it will extract some [Crystallized Fire] and possibly [Crystallized Water]. Each zone has different results as listed below:

    Arctic Clouds in Howling Fjord and Dragonblight produce [Crystallized Air] and [Crystallized Water].
    Cinder Clouds in the Savage Thicket in Sholazar Basin, the Obsidian Dragonshrine in Dragonblight, and the Cauldron of Flame in Wintergrasp produce [Crystallized Fire].
    Steam Clouds around the Geyser Fields and Scalding Pools in Borean Tundra and throughout Sholazar Basin produce [Crystallized Fire] and [Crystallized Water].

WoW Engineering Gold Guide Part 1: Farming Results

  • I chose Sholazar Basin because it has Steam and Cinder Clouds that both drop the best selling and most expensive Crystallized Eternal; [Crystallized Fire].

    After an hour of farming, I was able to get:
    [Eternal Fire] x 12.7 (20g/1)
    [Eternal Water] x 4.5 (4g/1)

    These all sold within an hour for a total of 272g.

  • So, to all the PvP Engineers out there, this might not be much but its a simple, fast, and easy way to get your Wrathful gear gemmed or that weapon enchanted.
  • Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.