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Patch 4.3 Guide to the New Darkmoon Faire - Pets, Mounts, & 90ETC!

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The New Darkmoon Faire

Sup everyone. So if you haven't heard yet, there's a new Darkmoon Faire being released in Patch 4.3 that has tons of silly carnival games and other fun that will give you tickets which you can spend on all sorts of stuff like pets, mounts, heirlooms, retro gear, and vanity items.

To get to the Darkmoon Faire, just talk to the Darkmoon Faire npc in your major city, pay a fee, and get teleported. Then you just click on the big red portal in front of you. Finally, you'll zone into a new island that is just for the Darkmoon Faire. Pretty simple although I wonder what's the point of having you teleported just to go through another portal. Why not just teleport you to the Darkmoon Faire island in the first place. I guess that would be too too much hand-holding.

Alright, so once you're inside you'll get an achievement and notice there is a pretty cool pathway with some carnival signs directing you where to go. Just follow your map to turn in the quest you got from your faction's major city. You'll be rewarded five Darkmoon Prize Tickets which can be used to buy the Darkmoon Faire pets, mounts, some 1-80 heirlooms, vanity items, and retro gear. The oldschool gear is pretty cool as you can see here with me modeling a few sets like the Dreadmist but you'll probably be able to farm it quicker from the actual dungeons instead of buying it. I'd save all your Darkmoon Prize Tickets and spend them first on the pets and mounts before anything else. It's up to you though.

Ok so to get these items you'll have to do some quests. I'll start with this collect 250 Grisly one. It's pretty easy, just queue up for a dungeon or bg or head to any zone that will yield experience or honor. Basically, kill mobs that aren't grey like you see me doing here in Uldum. You may to do this quest with other dailys so add it into your Tol' Barad mix or something. Killing players will also help.

Let's see.. I guess we'll stroll over to this other quest on our map and grab it. This guy wants us to put the crunch in frogs. Mmmm sounds yummy. But, it'll have to wait since I don't feel like traveling to town for the required flour right now. Which is a small tip, bring 5 Simple Flour with you before coming to the Darkmoon Faire. A trade supply vendor sells it.

Ok, so moving on. Let's try this Tonk Commander game since it looks like fun. Each of the carnival games has an explanation of how to play. Feel free to read it but you really shouldn't have to.

Well, I'm a noob. Kinda forgot to buy some Darkmoon Game Tokens which you'll need if you want to play any of the games. No biggy, there are a few vendors who sell them and this npc is nice enough to mark our map with the location.

Here's one of them and you can choose from a 5 pack or 20. They're cheap so just buy a few 20 packs. Now I'll head back to that Tonk Challenge and be a noob by entiring the ring. It helps if you're dismounted when trying to start a game. Ok, there we go. Darkmoon Steam Tonk is under my control and I guess I have to shoot these targets. Hmmm, what's this green arrow like a hunter's mark doing on me. This can't be good. And it isn't. I have some mammoth riding carny chasing after me. That would explain this speed boost ability. Whoo~ ok, back to safely shooting targets. It seems like unless you're alone, expect it to take two tries. No problem and we hit our 30 mark. Then, turn it in for a quick five Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Alright, let's head to another game. "He Shoots, He Scores" is the name of this game and quest and whoa whoa whoa, almost tried to do it again without dismounting. I blame my A.D.D. There we go and looks like I have to shoot these targets as they get marked. Oh, nice. Easy achievement called Quick Shot done, nice. You'll have to hit the target 25 times and it helps to face your character at the marked target. Then, fire a few times. This one might take you two times as well. I found that hitting a target twice was pretty much its max. Cool so we hit 25 and now we can get five more tickets. This stuff is pretty easy.

Time to find the next game. Hmm, looks like it's going to be the Humanoid Cannonball. I'm guessing we'll have to hit a target like the oldschool one but let's see. Yep, I see the target and should decend right into like a pro or not. Well, that's embarrassing. I blame the wind. Atleast, I don't have to run all the way back. Blizzard added this nifty and very useful npc to teleport you back for a small fee. Ahh, Blizz. Always thinking. Ok,ok, more like a chance on design to proc thinking. Anyways, time to try again. This time I'll wear my wizard hat for extra skill points. What's this green stuff coming out the back of my character? Is she passing gas? Ok, that's a little gross but now I understand how she can go such great distances by being shot out of a ratty cannon. Ok, focus Tarou. You got this. Here's the release and... bam, bullseye. That's how it's done and we pick up Blastenheimer Bullseye achievement. Pretty slick. I wonder why I can't use these inflatable ponies to get back to shore. That suggestion is going in my feedback. Alright so a quick tele back to the quest giver for our turn in. Nice we're up another five tickets and off to the next silly game which looks like it's going to be Whack a Gnoll.

Ah, one of my favorites. I'll you have to do is whack or in this case destroy a gnoll which is always fun. I've personally had a grudge against gnolls since way back in classic. Ah, Hogger. How you ruined my Alliance leveling and made me the Horde I am today. Ha, just kidding. Maggot Eye and his little goons in Tirisfal Glades. How you owed me on my undead mage. I also hate little puppets that look like Raggedy Anne if you shaved all the hair off. Not a gnoll though so a quick daze to show you it's not cool to hit bald Raggedy Anne dolls. I guess I'll stick to Gnoll bashing and finish this up. Just like other games it'll take me two tries to complete it. No problem I finish it up just fine, grab my five Darkmoon Prize Tickets and move on to the next game.

On the way though I notice a huge arena looking ring. Cool, it's a deathmatch ring. I'll have to mess around with that a little later. I've also stumbled across what looks like a zoo. Hmm, nothing I'm interested in. It'd also look better if it didn't have baby fencing gates and instead had tall normal size ones. That would also keep out Careless Carnies.

Oh, look a turtle. Dangit, thrown out again. I guess this is my next game. Wonder what I have to do. Ah ok, toss rings on to the rod on top of the turtle's back. Sounds simple enough and I have ten tries even though I only need to do it three times. There's a miss. And another.. and another... maybe it's my posture. Do you see how my character is standing. It's like someone is yanking her arm down. These rings can't be that heavy. Reminds me of that lame V8 commercial. Ok, this has to be bugged. Noway do I miss 20 times. I understand I throw like a girl and that this is a carnival so I should expect to get ripped off but.. this is going a little too far. 30 misses... 40 misses.. Ok, something is off and there it is. It's bugged with some other stuff so we have a much needed server shutdown coming. Time to skip this game for now then.

I wonder else there is to do. Oh interesting a "Putting Trash to Good Use" quest. Looks like I gotta run around and find Discarded Weapons. I might as well pick up these two "Keeping the Fair Sparkling" and "Putting the Carnies Back Together Again" quests. The injured carnies one takes literally 20 seconds and gives a token along with three Darkmoon Prize Tickets while also giving +5 to First Aid Skill if you need it. That's pretty neat.

The discarded weapons and bits of glass and such are just scattered around on the ground and easy to find. It only takes a few more minutes to complete both of those quests and turn them in. The sparkling one gives me +5 to Jewelcrafting, a game token, and four tickets. Not bad. The trash to good use one gives a nice +5 Enchanting, a game token, and four tickets as well. Pretty neat that you can get some skill levels from these new quests.

I guess I'll do the frog one now. If you want to go back to town, head to the south where you'll find a dock and portals. Whoo~ just in time for the server shutdown.

Ok, the server is back up and I'm buying the Simple Flour from a Trade Supplies vendor in Thunderbluff. After I grab it, I fly back into the Darkmoon Faire portal to go back to the Darkmoon Island. At first you bread the frogs and then have to cook them. I guess this pot isn't good enough for em so we'll have to use the one next to the questgiver instead. Easy enough and we get that completed. Which rewards us with +5 to cooking, a game token, and 3 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

And since the server was reset let's go try the turle ring throwing game again to see if it's fixed. Well, the first throw is a success. So is the second. And even the third. The game went from impossible to super easy. Funny what a server reset can do. So that gave me five tickets along with the "Step Right Up" achievement for completing all the games at the Darkmoon Faire.

Let's take a look at the other achievements and see what we can do easily. This Fairegoer's Feast looks easy. Just gotten eat and drink everything at the faire. Looks like this Food Vendor has a bunch so we'll buy those and eat em' up. Next we need some drinks. No idea where the vendor for that is but shouldn't be hard to find them. And here she is, we'll just buy them all up and drink away. If you don't do it in level order it'll stop you from doing the next drink. Instead, just right click the drink buff up top to cancel it so you can drink in whatever order. This achievement will also help you're other food & drink achievements. Nice, so that's completed and we can try to do some others.

"Darkmoon Duelist" wants you to win a Darkmoon Deathmatch and get a Pit Fighter trinket.

"Darkmoon Dungeoneer" wants you to get all five dungeon Darkmoon Artifacts. Make sure you have the book that allows you to pick them up.

Then we have "Darkmoon Defender" which wants you to win all three artifacts from battlegrounds.

Another similar one is gathering up all nine artifacts from the last two plus one for the "Darkmoon Despoiler" achievement.

We also have "Taking the Show on the Road" which is simple enough. Just shoot Darkmoon Fireworks off in every friendly capital city. Let's go do that one real quick. The vendor is right here. Not like it's very obvious or anything. Alright, so buy the Darkmoon Fireworks and then head to south of the Darkmoon Island where the portals are. We'll do Thunderbluff first. Alliance will want to do Stormwind. Shoot your firework and then hearth to Org. In Org shoot another and hop on the zep to Undercity. Fly from the zep to Undercity and even though the ruins are considered Undercity, you'll have go inside a little to get credit. Just watch for your chat channel to change. Shoot your firework there and then head back to the orb in the ruins so you can make a quick tele to Silvermoon. Once in Silvermoon shoot another firework and go to the mage portal area. Take the Blasted Lands portal and then the flight path to go to Shattrath City. After you land, shoot another firework and take the portal inside back to Org. Hop on the next zep to Northrend unless you can get a port or have the tele ring to Dalaran. When your zep docks in Northrend, find the flightmaster and fly over to Dalaran. Finally, once you land in Dalaran, shoot a firework and get your achievement.

To get back to the Darkmoon Faire, just head to the center of Dalaran and talk to the npc for a quick tele.

Another achievement is the "Faire Favors" which wants you to complete at least six profession-based quests. We already did four so tomorrow it's likely to finish this one up.

Finally, there's "I Was Promised a Pony" which is super easy. Just head over to the zoo area and in the back you'll see these ponies just chillin. Hop on one and bam, achievement done.

Well that's pretty much all there is to the new Darkmoon Faire. It seems like there is room to add more so expect in the future some additions to the Darkmoon Faire.

Alright, Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftan, take us out please.

Thanks for watching and if you haven't yet, please subscribe!

Rock on!