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Mages Removed From World of Warcraft! - What if?

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This blog post is just some silly fun messing with Mages and what things would be like if they didn't exist in World of Warcraft. Please enjoy this Tarou Mini Report "What if Mages Didn't Exist?" and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post them below in the comment section or on our forums.

  • "What if Mages didn't exist in World of Warcraft?"

"What if Mages didn't exist in World of Warcraft?"

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    Hmmm. You're chilling in Dalaran after seeing the pet vendor. You got a little ... because your ingame girlfriend thinks their cute. Then you realize you need to go to Orgrimmar to throw some stuff up the Auction House when bam you're stuck with the dilemna of getting there. You could fly to Borean Tundra and take the zep but that seems like such a hassle. If only there was a class that could someone how open a portal kinda like TPs in Diablo. Oh pshht, you don't need that cause you set your hearth to Orgrimmar, duh.

  • Now that you're in Orgrimmar and have listed all your stuff on the Auction House, you think that it's a good idea to change your Alchemy specialization to Transmute but how the heck are you going to get to Outlands. You could take the zep to STV, then fly to the Blasted Lands, and into the portal but wow does that seem like a waste of time. If only there was a class with some sort of portal open. Meh, you don't need that, just go to the drag and take the portal to Blasted Lands.
  • So, now you're in Shattrath after changing your Alchemy spec and you realize your hearth is on cooldown but you need to go back to Dalaran cause you forgot something. Man, if only there was a class with some sort of portal spell. Just then you realize you have this nifty ring that can teleport you there. You don't need a silly portal making class.
  • Back in Orgrimmar you decide to do a bit of farming. Before you head out though you have to get some food and water. If only there was a class who could maybe like, make food or something I don't know. That'd be awesome right. But Blizzard would never make something like that so you just hit up the local Innkeeper for some tasty food and water. Guess you really didn't need Blizzard to make that class anyways.
  • You'd also like a little buff to your mana pool but there's no such class that can buff your intellect so that's not gonna happen. Oh wait, yes it will because you can just grab a scroll off the Auction House.
  • Wait though, how are you going to get all the way down to Uldum without flying. Oh yeah, there's a convenient portal to all the new zones in Orgrimmar.
  • While you're farming, you think to yourself, wow, it'd sure be nice if I could somehow stop one mob from attacking me for a little bit. It's too bad Blizzard didn't add a class that could do that or else you may have rolled that instead. Just then you realize you have this awesome spell called Cyclone that can do just that! Nice, you didn't even need to roll a different class.
  • But still, what if you wanted to hold that mob in place or something for a little bit but still make it killable. Something, I don't know.. that could freeze it in place. Oh duh, you have roots.
  • Wow, so after all that you realized there was no need for this new class that could make portals or conjure food/water or even control mobs. You could do all that with your awesome class.
  • "So what if there wasn't any Mages?" Doubtful anyone would notice. Ha!
  • Shut it Tarou, Mages rock you lame Druid. Fly into a glass door and die or something.
  • Pshht, like that would ever happen.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... Maggggeeeee...
  • Wow so ummm... yeah, "So what if there wasn't any Mages?" I guess we'd all miss them <3s Mages, <3s. That's it for this week's 'what if', make sure to watch Tarou's weekly on Sunday and put your what ifs in the comments.
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  • "Now Go Roll a Mage or Something!"