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Lowbie Gold Making Guide | Playing the Auction House: 0~1,719g in a Week!

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How to play the auction house as a low level or even maxed level.

In this video I'll be detailing how I took a low level from 0g to 1,719g in just a week by spending an average of 45 minutes a day. I'll focus purely on playing the Auction House. This Lowbie Gold Making Guide will cover which items to look for and how to look for them. As a warning, I suggest anyone trying this take caution and have a vast knowledge of what your server's economy is like and the different markets.

First you'll need to get an Auction House addon. I'll be using Auctioneer which you can download on I also suggest that you see my Auction House Tips/Faqs Guide and Auctioneer Addon Guide to get a general idea of working the Auction House and Auctioneer. You'll also need some easy starting gold. Check my Lowbie Gold Making Guide for some ideas on that.

Lowbie Gold Making Guide | Playing the Auction House: Days 1~4

  • Day - 1: Alright, it's day one so let's get started. I'll be starting out with 74g that I got in 30 minutes in my Lowbie Gold Making Guide. The first thing I like to do is scan the Auction House. Next, I'll check some items that I already know have been profitable lately. I found some Copper Ore for cheap and made it into Copper Bars for resale. That will get me started for day one but I want to see if I can find anymore items without individually searching for each one. My goal is quite simple, find underpriced items to sell for more. Auctioneer is great for this since it has a nice search system that can have its criteria set. For instance, to make finding items easier I'll go down to 'Resale' and set the search criteria to have a minimum profit of 1g, a minimum discount of 50% and uncheck the 'Allow Bids' box. Typically, I leave the 'Allow Bids' box checked but I want to immediately buy and resell items so this will narrow my search. I only have seven gold so I'll also set the 'Maximum Price' to seven gold. No use finding items you can't buy.
  • After getting the search results back, I found some items to sell that should sell for more. If you notice I mostly have Enchanting materials. They are great to start on since they cost nothing to list on the AUction House.
  • Day - 2: Most everything sold and looks like we've doubled are money. Just like day one I'll start by checking some conversion items that have been doing well like Copper Ore to Copper Bars. No go on that so I'll check some other conversion items like Crystallized to Eternal. Looks like Crystallized Air to Eternal Air is pretty profitable so I'll buy some. Earth looks good too so I'll grab some of those as well. The next thing I'll search for is lowbie twink items by typing in level 19 to 19 in the search box. Lucky for me I found a Sentry Cloak for 57g which use to be a very hot twink cloak. I'll buy it up for resale along with some other items and do a quick search for level 29 items. Blizzard supposedly broke twinks and did make gettings items for them much easier through random dungeon rewards. Even so, plenty of buyers still exist but be cautious and only buy what you know will sell for more. I'll finish up the day by listing the Eternals, lowbie items, and the 200-ish gold twink Sentry Cloak.
  • Day - 3: Ok, it's day three and a lot of items sold so let's see what we got. Looks like the Sentry Cloak sold and combined with other sold items netted 240 gold. I still have a lot of items on the Auction House so not bad at all. I'll do the same as yesterday and search for Crystallized items to convert to Eternals, some twink and lowbie items, as well as some other hot selling items like Frost Lotus. The key to making gold by playing the Auction House is getting rid of what you buy quickly. Try not to hold on to anything unless there is a good reason like a new patch is coming and the items will increase expotenially. If you don't have gold to buy items when things are cheap you'll lose out. So I found some Frost Lotus for decently cheap and since there is hardly any competition this is the perfect time to turn a decent profit.
  • Day - 4: So it's day four and I figured I'd go crazy and bid on tons of items using Auctioneer's 'Resale' search. I'm pretty much looking for anything that is dirt cheap to resale for more. You should be careful doing this though as some items are completely retarded and will show an insane profit even though you'd never be able to get it. Once again, know the market and your server's economy. If you do screw up don't worry too much as every loss is a lesson learned that will help prevent making the same mistake. Plus who cares, it's just play money in a video game (^_-).

Lowbie Gold Making Guide | Playing the Auction House: Days 5~7

  • Day - 5: Nothing too special on day five. I used the same techniques as yesterday and reposted any unsold items and items won on bid.
  • Day - 6: I logged in Tuesday early morning just before servers were going down for maintenance. I was doing my normal search routine and was able to find a once very popular twink staff, Twisted Chanter's Staff. The bid was 71 silver and with a listing time of less than 12 hours left. After maintenance I logged in to find I won the item and flipped it for a net profit of 123 gold. Maintenance can be the biggest chance for winning items for cheap as hell with a bid. Players can't cancel the item and it's stuck at whatever price they set it at until the servers come back online. This is why I strongly suggest watching what bid you set for an item. I was gonna message them and give them some gold but Auctioneer didn't register their name for some reason so oh well.
  • Day - 7: It's day seven and the last day I'll be listing or buying items. I once again do a typical search for Copper Ore, Enchanting materials, Eternals, twink items, and any other frequently bought items. Since my cash flow is much higher, I stay away from lowbie items and anything that won't make more than a few gold profit per item.

Lowbie Gold Making Guide | Playing the Auction House: Collection Day

  • Collection Day: Alright, it's collection day and I was really psyched to see what the week's earning would be. I still had about 400 gold worth of items on the Auction House but the week is up so it's time to collect everything from my mailbox. I still even had a Sentry Cloak which netted 190g a few days later but anyway let's see what I got. Wow nice, 1,719 gold. Not too bad for a week of playing the Auction House for an average of 45 minutes a day from zero gold. Items that really stuck out were some Proto-hide Leggings I found for 150g and sold for 500g. Some Frost lotus, Copper Bars, Eternals, Sentry Cloak, Twisted Chanter's Staff, random gems, and Glyph Books.
  • Items to look/search out for:
  • Crystallized
    Copper Ore
    Frost Lotus
    Twink Items (search 19 to 19 / 29 to 29)
    Enchanting Materials
    Any other in-demand fast selling items.

  • On a final note, there are tons and tons more items and techniques that can be focused on so, try the ones you have the most knowledge of. This is really something you can do at level 5 or level 80. Just take the basic concepts you've learned in the video and apply them to a bigger scale. Playing the Auction House can be similar to gambling if you don't do any research and blindly trust addons. Focus on a market you know and if you end up losing gold, brush it off and learn from the experience. Hell, gold is just some pixels on your computer screen in a video game. So turn on CNBC, blare some music, and play the Auction House for fun.
  • Well, that's it for this Playing the Auction House as a Lowbie guide and I hope you liked it.
  • "Now go ... tell me any funny or dumb story you have about the Auction House in the comment section below, or something."

    Personally, I can't get over how fun playing the Auction House can be sometimes when I'm bored.