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How to Make Gold with Fishing: Best Northrend Fishing Spots!

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fishing gold making guide - best places to fish in northrend

Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold with some of the best fishing spots in Northrend. I'll be comparing three different Northrend spots and farming them for 30 minutes each. As shown in the Northrend Fishing Gold Guide video below, expect to make around 300g an hour. Fishing can also be relaxing besides making a decent amount of money so, kick back and try it out yourself. This Northrend Fishing Gold Guide has been updated for Patch 3.3.3!

  • Check out my Fishing Leveling 1-450 Guide for a great way to level Fishing.
  • WoW Northrend Fishing Gold Guide Overview - I'll be doing some good ol' fishing for 30minutes at three of the best fishing spots in Northrend.
    Suggestions: While fishing, I suggest having a decent amount of empty bag space, fishing lures, any + fishing items, blare some music, and most importantly, have fun.

WoW Northrend Fishing Gold Guide: Fishing Daily

WoW Northrend Fishing Gold Guide: Wintergrasp Fishing

  • Wintergrasp is one of my favorite places to fish.
  • It doesn't really matter where you fish in Wintergrasp or if your faction holds the zone but I wouldn't do it during a battle. You don't want to be useless to your faction. Before heading out make sure you have some lures. The daily usually rewards a nice worm that lasts an hour and ups your fishing skill by 100. If you've been lucky enough to get it, the daily can also reward a nice fishing pole and hat. The hat has a built in +75 to fishing lure. If you don't have any of this you can purchase some lures and a fishing pole from any fishing supply vendor usually near a fishing trainer. You can start fishing here with only level 1 fishing but you'll get a lot of trash that's worthless. I suggest having around 450 with lures and everything included. The greatest part of fishing in Wintergrasp is you'll catch all the fish needed to make the most popular raid food, the Fish Feast. From time to time you'll also catch Giant Darkwater Clams. These always contain some Succulent Clam Meat and can sometimes have Northsea Pearls or a Siren's Tear. Alright, so after 30 minutes I was able to get about 151g worth of fish.
  • Fish caught in Wintergrasp within 30minutes.

    [Glacial Salmon] x 31 = 48g
    [Musselback Sculpin] x 39 = 36g
    [Nettlefish] x 34 = 63g
    [Succulent Clam Meat] x 13 = 3g
    [Pygmy Suckerfish] x 6 = 1g

    Total approximate value - 151g
  • Wintergrasp: Fishing Gold Guide Wintergrasp Map

WoW Northrend Fishing Gold Guide: Grizzly Hills River Fishing & [Sea Turtle] Mount

  • Pool fishing in Glacial Salmon Schools
  • Ok, now to try my luck in the Grizzly Hills rivers. In Wintergrasp there weren't any pools but in Grizzly Hills I'll be focusing on the Glacial Salmon ones. These can be found all along the river. The downside to these is you'll be moving a lot to find a new one once you fish out all the fish. On the plus side though, you'll have a chance of finding a [Sea Turtle] mount. This little guy can only be found in any Northrend fishing pools and requires no specific level of fishing. Ok, so after 30 minutes I was able to get about 95g worth of fish.
  • Fish caught in Grizzly Hills River within 30 minutes.

    [Glacial Salmon] x 48 = 76g
    [Bonescale Snapper] x 20 = 4.5g
    [Fangtooth Herring] x 13 = 2g
    [Pygmy Suckerfish] x 34 = 7g
    Misc: 5.5g

    Total approximate value - 95g
  • Grizzly Hills: Fishing Gold Guide Grizzly Hills Map

WoW Northrend Fishing Gold Guide: Dragonblight - Lake

  • The last peaceful lake to fish in Northrend.
  • Just like Grizzly Hills, I'll be focusing on fishing out of the pools but instead it will be Dragonfin Angelfish. These make the popular +40 agility and strength food so they have decent demand. Just like the first two places, this lake is pretty quiet so you shouldn't have much of any competition. Alright, so after 30 minutes of fishng I was able to get about 141g worth of fish.
  • Fish caught in Dragonblight withing 30 minutes.

    [Dragonfin Angelfish] x 46 = 115g
    [Musselback Sculpin] x 5 = 9g
    [Bonescale Snapper] x 30 = 7g
    [Pygmy Suckerfish] x 25 = 5g
    Misc: 5g

    Total approximate value - 141g
  • Dragonblight: Fishing Gold Guide Dragonblight Map

WoW Northrend Fishing Gold Guide: Auctioning the Fished Up Fish.

  • Now that I'm finished farming for the day, I'm going to list everything. I like to list fish for 24 hours. If you need tips for the Auction House or using the Auctioneer addon check the navigation to the left.
  • Total: Three 30 minute fishing sessions
  • Wintergrasp = 151g
    Grizzly Hills = 95g
    Dragonblight = 141g

WoW Northrend Fishing Gold Guide: Final Thoughts

  • If you stick to Wintergrasp or the lake in Dragonblight expect to make around 300g an hour. Now this may not be the best gold per hour but you can increase it by having cooking and making the very popular buff foods. On top of that, fishing can be very relaxing and a nice break from farming mobs or mats. It's also a great way to kill time while waiting on a raid to start or friends to log on. So crank some Jimmy Buffet, Reggae or whatever you like that goes with fishing and fish up some gold.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.