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How to Make Gold with Cooking: Best Northrend Hunting Spots!

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Cooking Gold SQ

Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold with Cooking. I'll be showing two of the best hunting locations for prime meat to cook with as well as some of the most popular recipes. As shown in the Cooking Gold Guide video below, expect to make around 600~700g an hour. Cooking can be very profitable but always make sure to test things out on your server to see what will work best for you. This Northrend Cooking Gold Guide has been updated for patch 3.3.3!

  • Check out my Cooking Leveling 1-450 Guide for a great way to level Cooking.
  • WoW Cooking Gold Guide Overview: I'll be spending 30minutes at two of the best hunting spots in Northrend.
  • WoW Cooking Gold Guide Suggestions: While farming, I suggest having a decent amount of empty bag space, be repaired, have potions, PvP gear if need be, food and water, blare some music, and most importantly, have fun.

WoW Cooking Gold Guide: Cooking Daily

WoW Cooking Gold Guide: Sholazar Basin Hunting

  • Hunting in Sholazar Basin for cooking supplies.
  • I'll be spending 30minutes hunting in Sholazar Basin. The best mobs to farm for food in this zone are the Mammoths scattered across the north and northeast of the zone. The Mammoths can drop 0-2 Chunk O' Mammoth meat along with greys and greens. This meat is used in making the popular Great Feast and Mega Mammoth Meal food buffs.
  • The mobs are really easy to kill for an 80 and even level 75's should have no trouble killing them. Although, you may not want to pull as many as I do in the video.
  • Ok, so after 30 minutes I was able to get about 296g worth of meat and items.
  • Items farmed in 30 minutes in Sholazar Basin from Mammoths

    [Chunk o' Mammoth] x 100 = 257.5g
    [Chilled Meat] x 30 = 2.5g
    Greens x 2 = 37g
    Misc. = 2g
    Vendor Trash = 37g

    Total approximate value - 336g
  • Cooking Gold Guide Sholazar Hunting Map

WoW Cooking Gold Guide: Howling Fjord Hunting

  • Hunting in Howling Fjord for cooking supplies.
  • This place is great for Shoveltusk Flanks which is used in the popular Great Feast and Tender Shoveltusk Flank food buffs. They also drop greys and greens. The mobs are nicely clumped together and are easy to kill. This is a great alternative to Sholazar Basin since you only need to be level 68 to kill them. Ofcourse you won't be able to kill them as quickly and won't make as much gold as an 80 would per hour.
  • Alright, so after 30 minutes I was able to hunt up about 264g worth of meat and items.
  • Items farmed in 30 minutes in Howling Fjord from Shoveltusks

    [Shoveltusk Flank] x 119 = 240g
    [Chilled Meat] x 27 = 2g
    Greens x 4 = 18g
    Misc. = 4g
    Vendor Trash = 28g

    Total approximate value - 292g
  • Cooking Gold Guide Howling Fjord Hunting Map

WoW Cooking Gold Guide: What to cook.

WoW Cooking Gold Guide: Auctioning the cooked meat.

  • For listing food, I like to list them for 24 hours. I've found the best time to list food is around raid time. On my server this is usually 6:30-7:30 Monday through Friday. If you need tips for the Auction House or using the Auctioneer addon check my website for guides on them.
  • So expect to make somewhere around 500-600g per hour which really isn't bad for hunting cooking supplies. The down side to this is don't expect to farm all day and sell out of the stuff quickly. After a few hours you will farm more than you can sell for the day.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.