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How I Hit 525,000 Gold: Gold Capped x2 - Horde Style!

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In this video, I'll be giving a glimpse of what I did to reach the gold cap twice in Wrath in one month, on one character, with only using Auction House smarts, Alchemy, and Jewelcrafting. This video is inside look of what I did back in Wrath and it's being released for all the 100's of people who asked for it. Enjoy everyone; this guide is dedicated to all of you. Please enjoy this "How I Hit 525,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2 - Horde Style!" Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Overview: How I Hit 525,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2 - Horde Style!

WoW - How I Hit 525,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2 - Horde Style! - Overview

    Gold Cap SQ

    During the entire video I'll be emptying 3,243 mails which I amassed in one month last September. Due to the insane amount of sold items the entire mail looting process took around 1 and a 1/2 hours. Yeah, I know, retardedly long right. Even with using an addon like Postal, the server can only process 50 mails every minute which is why you'll see it constantly refreshing. If your computer is fast enough, you can use /reload ui to get a new set of mails. Most people hope their classes is buffed or new abilities are added each patch, I cross my fingers they'll update it to 100 or more mails at a time. Someday Tarou, someday.

  • Everything in this video was taught in the tons of different gold making guides I had for Wrath. Naturally, I'll be doing the same in Cataclysm so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel - RyutaroAkaTarou and check this website frequently or you'll miss out on it.
  • So what did I sell anyway right. That's what I'm sure most of you want to know. Well, a lot of it was simple things you make with professions. Gems from Jewelcrafting, Flasks from Alchemy and them some combos of both by transmuting metas and then cutting them. I even made stuff from other professions like Blacksmithing and Leatherworking. I just bought the mats, asked in trade who could make what I wanted, tipped them and sold the item on the Auction House for some nice profit. I even dabbled in some rep items when Zul'Gurub was being removed. Sometimes I even sold mats I had bought a few days prior or from farmers. That's why you may see me looting gold from Lichbloom. I didn't farm it, I bought it for cheap and realized it was more profitable to resell it instead of making it into flask. Basically, I was very versatile, adapted to different economic changes, and looked for profit in anything everyday between raids. I could spend 1-2 hours on the Auction House and crafting items that would rake in a lot of dough everyday. Sometimes though markets weren't ideal and I'd break even or in rare cases, lose gold. No big deal though I just learned my lesson from it and moved on to something else. It didn't mean I totally disregarded that way of making gold though as sometimes things were just temporary. Maybe someone decided they were going to ruin a market for a few days. After that, things return to normal so always make sure you're watching everything and you'll come out ahead everyday. Same goes for IRL as well.
  • I don't think I've ever shown this but this is what my 'Wealth' screen looked like back when I did this video. This is for all-time since this pane was put in game. I posted more than 162,000 auctions, bought over 39,000, most expensive auction sold was over 33,000 and that was the lowbie Spectral Tiger that I had bought for 17,000 gold. It's funny cause now that mount is worth 150k on my server since its mount speed changes with the player now instead of the mount. Well, all mounts for that matter. My Wealth pane also shows the most gold ever owned as 214,748g 36s 46c which was the old gold cap and while you'll see me put my gold in the guild bank since I couldn't hold it all at the time. These stats are really buggy though and you can tell that by look at the top, 'Gold earned from auctions'. It says 5,060 but you just watched me loot over 400,000. What happens is the system lapses over at the gold cap of 214k, goes negative and then loops back around. This isn't fixed in Cataclysm so it still does the same.

WoW - How I Hit 525,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2 - Horde Style! - Final Results

  • Alright, so after an insane hour and 15 minutes or so looting 3,243 mails, I ended up with 458,812 gold, in one month, on one character, with a 190,000 gold starting budget, with only using Auction House smarts and two professions. The total gold 458,812 is more than hitting the oldschool gold cap twice. Pretty crazy right. Also count in the mats I had left in my guild bank and on the AH and my net worth at the time was somewhere around 525,000 gold. Oh and if you're wondering why I have a ticket open, I once again got auto banned for trading too much gold to an alt. Since Cata's launch my account has been fixed to prevent it from happening again. Pretty funny stuff though.
  • This is just a random video that I never released and decided to get out this week. It's just for fun and not a whole lot of point but a bit of insight into what I was doing in Wrath. My new Cataclysm series, Cataclysm Gold Capped will be coming out soon and offer an inside look into what I've done for the month showing stats on everything as well as what I profited on.
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