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How I Hit 500,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2! & One Year Anniversary!

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Gold capped in wrath x 2

Below in the video and written guide I'd like to celebrate my one year anniversary, thank all of my wonderful fans, give a tour of my free website for my new fans, while showing everyone how I hit the gold cap twice with a total net worth of over 500,000 gold, in one month, on one character, with only using Auction House smarts and two professions. Please enjoy this "How I Hit 500,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2! One Year Anniversary" Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Overview: One Year Anniversary & How I Hit 500,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2!

WoW How I Hit 500,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2! & One Year Anniversary! - Overview

    Gold Cap SQ

    During the entire video I'll be emptying 4,965 mails which I amassed in the month of July. Due to the insane amount of sold items the entire mail looting process took around 2 hours. Yeah, I know, retardedly long right. Even with using an addon like Postal, the server can only process 50 mails every minute which is why you'll see it constantly refreshing. Many think you can reduce this time by reloading your UI but that is just a myth as the reload time for your UI will match the reload time for your mail. This is a limitation implemented by Blizzard designers to likely reduce the load on the mail servers. The number of mails remaining is indicated by the number in the top right.

  • Everything in this video is taught in the tons of different gold making guides I have on my completely free site at for all levels and play styles. There you'll also be able to find out how to work any addon I use in this guide, tips on using the Auction House, and how to have fun while you do it all. That's my main goal really. I want every player to enjoy WoW just as much as I do by making it a relaxing fun experience just like any entertainment should.
  • To start, I had to spend a week gathering different mats on top of what I normally would hold using a 160,000 gold budget. I looked for deals everywhere and messaged players directly to get items for as cheap as possible. I highly suggest this for any item you're going to buy. Take a few seconds to who the person and see if they're online. If they are, try making a deal with them to save some gold. You can also go as far as making a macro of items you want to buy, at what price and accept CoDs or direct trades anytime. I'll put an example under this video on my website. I also put out cheap bids on tons of items from basic flask mats up to iLvl264 epics in the hopes of snagging them for cheap when the auction ended. This where I really got most of my items. On top of that, I purchased mats for different epics and had other players make them by giving them a good tip. I also sold some mats like Primordial Saronite but only when the price netted a decent profit. Any leftovers were made into iLvl264 epics. This late in the 3.3 patch or any large content patch for that matter, you have to be careful you're not catching a falling knife. What I mean by this is don't get excited over cheap prices and buy up a ton of items thinking the price will go back up. They may just be cheaper the next day or week. Items in WoW are very time sensitive and can drastically change within the week, day, or even hours during peak times. Lots of factors have to be considered and you should always have a fall back plan. I typically use crafting as my fall back plan. Sometimes I buy tons and tons of epic mats knowing that even if the price falls on the mats, the epics' prices will typically hold for longer and give me time to dump them and still make a profit. You gotta be flexible in the World of Warcraft's economy if you want to make any decent amount of gold and hold on to it. You also have to be super patient because while prices may be 80g now, later in the day they could be 150g or vice versa. You can predict these changes by paying attention to what is going on in World of Warcraft with your eyes watching the Auction House 20-30 minutes everyday while you list and buy items or with my Weekly WoW Report that includes updates of the economy, news, and other Blizzard news.
  • This instance is also a lot of fun compared to the typical gold making routine of camping the Auction House, crafting items, or gathering materials. While the instance will give you rep and a very good amount of gold, you can also step it up even further by powerleveling some lowbies or friends and either charging them and/or having them pick up all the items for you. By doing this you can cut down your clear time tremendously and help some lowbies or friends out at the same time. If you plan to go solo expect a run to take 15 minutes or so killing all bosses and most mobs.
  • Buying and reselling items isn't the only thing I did. Making sure to keep up a variety of items listed on the Auction House, I kept up my two own professions, Alchemy and Jewelcrafting, by pushing out tons of Flasks, Metas, and Epic gems throughout the month. It's very important to be diversified in any market and have a good selection of items for players to choose from. Gamers play a variety of classes and specs and you want to cover as many as possible. While I focused on these two, all professions have a sweet spot including even Engineering although it's not nearly as sweet as the others. Who cares though right? It's a hella fun profession to have. Some professions of course tend to do better than others for different servers and player types which you can find out for yourself by reviewing any of my constantly updated free profession gold making guides on my website. I even include lowbie and non-profession farming gold making guides to help all aspects of players. Again my overall goal is to help all aspects of players including all levels and types.
  • Next, you can take out this boss or not waste the time and keep farming trash mobs. I like to kill him for kicks because he retardedly MC's you which allows you to be in a much easier position to kill him without any effort. I'm also retarded though using my treants since they are now attacking me but hey, he's 20 levels lower so gotta give him some sort of handicap right. If you have a pet, it's best you put it away for this fight unless you want it to kill you or you plan to take the Brain Wash totem out. I like the Brain Wash Totem and thinks it's pretty funny so I leave it up. A pretty easy boss kill worth about 30g and 200 rep. As a quick tip, you naturally wouldn't want to kill any bosses if you plan to reset the instance and farm for awhile. If you do kill a boss, you'll need to wait around 2 hours for the trash to respawn. Since Zul'Gurub has a 3 day lockout you can wait to kill the bosses until just before it resets to get the most farming out of the raid instance.
  • I spent around 1 to 2 hours a day relisting items, organizing bags, and making new items or having them crafted by other players to keep the Auction House stocked with all my goods.

WoW How I Hit 500,000 Gold: Gold Capped x 2! & One Year Anniversary! - Final Results

  • Alright, so after an insane 2 hours or so looting 4965 mails, I gained 214,000 gold plus 213,000 gold plus 30,911 gold for a total of 457,911 gold, in one month, on one character, with a 160,000 gold starting budget, with only using Auction House smarts and two professions. The total gold 457,911 is more than hitting the gold cap twice. Pretty crazy I know. The gold cap is 248,748g 36s 46c. Weird number right? It has to do with some mathetical limitations for bits or something. Oh and if you're wondering why I have a message to a GM in my mail, it's just a joke because I just was banned the week prior for trading my 2nd account gold. Funny thing is though, I got banned again anyhow for sending him 214,000 and 213,000 gold. Stupid automated banning system. Luckily though, it was just a security check and I didn't lose any game time. Pretty funny either way though.
  • Ok, back to the video, while this BeanCounter panel won't include any deals made outside of the auction house, it can give a general idea of what I netted for the month. As you can see, I made 521,318 gold from July 2nd to July 30th minus that by 368,746 gold and I spent somewhere around 152,572 gold in mats and misc items on the Auction House. That's a crazy amount of mats.
  • So, I'm sure you're also wondering what items I sold and it was a pretty large variety of different items were listed but here are some samples, 8,707 gold in Scarlet Ruby cuts, 44,719 gold in Primordial Saronite, 42,962 gold in Flasks, and 10's of 1,000s of gold in iLvl264 Epics. Even after selling all that I still had around 40,000 gold worth of items in my bags, bank, and listed on the Auction House giving an estimated grand total net worth for my Druid of 500,000 or a 1/2 million gold. What do I do with all this gold? Spend it on toys like this Mechano-Hog, a 700 gold bottle of wine for kicks, alts' gear and toys, random contests, and most importantly, having fun making different guides for all you awesome viewers to enjoy and make bank with yourself!
  • With that being said, this was definitely a fun project and video to make and I'm greatful to share it with such a wonderful viewer base. You guy and girl players of World of Warcraft truly are awesome and I just want to thank you for watching my videos and checking out my website day after day. As long as I have people visiting my site and watching my videos, I'll continue to put out more and more content to help all players have more fun and get rich in the World of Warcraft!
  • Thanks for watching/reading^^
  • "Now Go PvP or Something!"