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How to Easily Defeat Rotface in Icecrown Citadel Guide!

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Rotface SQ

Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to easily defeat Rotface, the sixth boss in 10m Icecrown Citadel. This guide will give an overview of the fight and all players' roles.

    Overview: How to Easily Defeat Rotface in Icecrown Citadel!
    Suggestions: Nature resistance buff, Flasks, buff food, vent, and most importantly, have fun!

    Icecrown Citadel 10m: Rotface: Overview

    • The sixth boss in Icecrown Citadel is Rotface and is located in the Plagueworks wing.
    • This fight can seem a bit chaotic at times but is pretty simple. Unlike Festergut there is no enrage timer but it's still a dps race nonetheless. All three player types will need to have decent gear and play well. Dps should be high or the raid will become overwhelmed with ooze spawns, tanks need to be properly geared, and healers should be nimble with dispelling and raid and tank healing. It also helps to have some sort of nature resist buff.
    • Raid composition should consist of 2 tanks and 2-3 healers depending on thier skill and how good your dps is.
    • Rotface should be tanked in the center of the room. Dps and healers should stay close to the middle around Rotface on his back and sides. Offtank should be positioned on the outskirts of the room for kiting the Oozes.

    Icecrown Citadel 10m: Rotface Encounter

    • Success for this fight mainly hinges on how well the raid deals with the Oozes. Shortly after the pull Rotface will cast Mutated Infection on a random person which causes dot damage and reduces healing by 50%. This will happen every 15 seconds and get progressively faster as the fight goes on. The person infected should meet up with the offtank at the very edge of the room. Once this is dispelled or after the 12 second duration a Little Ooze will spawn. These mobs are untauntable and building threat on these Little Oozes can be quite difficult. That's why it's important the second person infected should run to the first person infected as quickly as possible. The two Little Oozes will merge and become a Big Ooze which hits like a truck, throws puddles of slime, and therefore should be kited along the outside of the room. After the first two fuse, it's a great time to pop Bloodlust or Heroism.
    • The offtank kiting the Big Ooze should taunt and use any ranged abilities they have to hold aggro and build threat. It also helps to have a hunter MD once in awhile when need be. Every subsequent player to be infected with Mutated Infection should run to the OT and cut off the path of the Big Ooze. After they are between the offtank and Big Ooze, they need to be dispelled or wait for the Little Ooze to spawn. If you have a DK offtank they can Chains of Ice the Little Ooze that spawns so the Big Ooze will run over it. Basically, you keep feeding the Big Ooze Little Oozes until it reaches five Unstable Ooze stacks. At five stacks it will explode dealing AoE damage and sending globs of Ooze onto the raid that can do massive amounts of damage. The globs of ooze will hit wherever a player was at the beginning of the explosion cast. So the easiest way to avoid any damage is to stay stacked in the middle of the room until the Big Ooze starts to cast then head to the outskirts opposite the Big Ooze. This will cause the middle area to be targeted and nowhere else. After and even during the explosion more players will be infected with Mutated Infection so just repeat everything over again. The infections get progressively faster so to avoid being overwhelmed dps should be high.
    • While I don't know if this is a bug or not, we've noticed that if you get two Big Oozes at the same time and merge them together, they will cancel each other out.
    • As all of this is going on a 1/4 of the room will be flooded with slime every 25 seconds or so. Only one 1/4 will be flooded at a time and it's very easy to predict which area is next by watching the slime poor out from the walls. This nasty stuff slows movement by 25% and causes nature damage. It helps to freedom a tank if they get stuck in it. DKs can Anti-Magic Shell to help reduce damage.
    • The last thing the entire raid needs to worry about is Rotface's Slime Spray. Rotface will target a random player, face them, and cast Slime Spray throughout the fight every 20 seconds or so. It's extremely easy to avoid the damage but all players in the area have about 1.5 seconds to immmediately move away from the front of him. Once he finishes casting, the spell is channeled for 5 seconds dealing 5k-ish damage every second. It helps to have the person targeted stay still until the channel begins and then move. The closer you are to the boss, the easier this is to avoid.

    Icecrown Citadel 10m: Rotface: Short Recap

    • Head to OT if infected by Mutated Infection.
      Bloodlust or Heroism after 1st Big Ooze forms.
      Healers watch for raid damage spikes.
      Dispel Mutated Infection.
      Freedom OT when need be.
      MD Oozes to OT.
      Don't stand in front of Rotface during Slime Spray.
      All players avoid slime puddles and flooded areas.
      and most importantly, have fun!
    • So there you have it. A simple walk-through of the fight with Rotface. He's not that difficult and more or less a cordination and environmentally aware check.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.