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How to Easily Defeat Lady Deathwhisper in Icecrown Citadel!

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lady deathwhisper overview

Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to easily defeat Lady Deathwhisper, the second boss in 10m Icecrown Citadel. This guide will give an overview of the fight and all players' roles.

  • Overview: How to Easily Defeat Lady Deathwhisper in Icecrown Citadel!
    Suggestions: Flasks, buff food, vent, and most importantly, have fun.

Icecrown Citadel 10m: Lady Deathwhisper: Overview

  • The fight is fairly easy and with decent gear any raid should have no troubles downing her after this raid has been out for a few weeks. Lady Deathwhisper requires 2 tanks and 2-3 healers depending on their class, skill, and gear. The encounter has two phases.

Icecrown Citadel 10m: Lady Deathwhisper: Phase One

  • The first phase is pretty straight forward.
  • The first phase's main objective is to take out her mana shield which requires around 3.3 million damage. During this phase she cannot be tanked. Instead she randomly cast a shadow bolt on a raid member dealing around 9k damage. She will also be throwing out Death and Decays everywhere. It ticks for about 4k damage a second so you'll want to move out of it quickly. Since most of the damage in phase one is shadow, some sort of resistance buff can be helpful.
  • The key to owning this phase is a proper balance of dps on adds and the boss. Too much on the boss and you're over run with adds. It's best to have all melee on adds until there is none out. At that time they can get on the boss. Range should primarily stay on the boss while helping out with adds when need be. The primary job of tanks in phase one is to pick up adds on each side.
  • The adds spawn starting on the west or left side about 5 seconds after the fight is initiated and 60 seconds after that spawning from the opposite side switching back and forth throughout phase 1 every 60 seconds. The west side spawns two Fanatics and one Adherent. The east side set of mobs are two Adherents and one Fanatic. The Fanatics are best left to range dps if you can spare it since they have a nasty Shadow cleave. Both mobs have the ability to cast Dark Martyrdom once their near death. If you're too slow at bursting the remaining health before they get the cast off, they will explode dealing 12k damage to anyone within 15 yards. Running away isn't a bad idea. During this add phase Lady Deathwhisper will also re-animate a dead mob. These reanimates have the near immunity to pyhsical damage if they're Fanatics and magical if they're Adherents. Killing the reanimates is high priority so casters kill the Reanimated Fanatics and melee kills the Reanimated Adherents. When these are up anyone on the boss should be switching to them. Finally she can cast Dark Empowerment which causes the Adherent caster mobs to deal AoE damage and makes them uninterruptable until you bust down their shield. And Dark Transformation which causes the Fanatic to turn into a Deformed Fanatic. Melee should never attack these and anyone targeted should kite the mob. They are super slow so kiting is quite easy. Range should switch to them immediately and burst them down.

Icecrown Citadel 10m: Lady Deathwhisper: Phase Two

  • Once Lady Deathwhisper's mana shield is about to break, you'll want to switch all dps to adds and burst them down as fast as possible. It's ideal to hold dps on the boss for the optimal timing between add sets. Burst the last of her shield and have a tank ready to pick up for phase two.
  • For phase 2 it's a pretty simple concept for all roles, stay away out of Death and Decay, interrupt Frostbolt, and run from Vengeful Spirits.
  • This phase is much easier than phase one and if your raid can make it here, it's almost for sure you'll be downing her. She has around 3.3 million hp. In this phase she will continue to use death and decay but will now longer cast shadow bolt. Instead she will cast Frostbolt and Frostbolt Volley. The Frostbolt is unresistable and cast on her aggro target dealing 37k damage. It must be interrupted so make sure to have someone on this full time. Lady Deathwhisper also applies a debuff called Touch of Insignificance that reduces threat by 20% for 30 seconds stacking up to 5 times. It's important to switch tanks before losing aggro. Taunting as well as having Hunters MD and Rogues tricks can help with aggro issues. The last piece of phase two is Vengeful Spirit spawns that will randomly chase a target. If they catch you, they do about 16k damage AoE damage. This can be healed through but if a Frostbolt Volley immediately comes you probably won't survive as we learned in the beginning of this phase with me getting owned haha.

Icecrown Citadel 10m: Lady Deathwhisper: Short Recap

  • Phase One:
    Balance DPS on boss and adds.
    Immediately kill Reanimate, Empowered, and Deformed mobs.
    Melee avoid Fanatic's cleave and Deformed mobs.
    Don't stand in Death and Decay.

    Phase Two:
    Watch tanks' debuff.
    Interrupt frostbolts.
    Don't stand in Death and Decay.
    Run away from Vengeful spirits.
    and most importantly, have fun!

  • So there you have it. A simple walk-through of the Lady Deathwhisper encounter.
  • There is a lot more to this fight than Lord Marrowgar and is a nice challenge for the 2nd boss of Icecrown Citadel.

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.