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How to Easily Defeat Deathbringer Saurfang in Icecrown Citadel Guide!

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Deathbringer Saurfang SQ

Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to easily defeat Deathbringer Saurfang, the fourth boss in 10m Icecrown Citadel. This guide will give an overview of the fight and all players' roles. Please enjoy this Heroic Deathbringer Saurfang Strategy Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comment section or on our forums.

  • Overview: How to Easily Defeat Deathbringer Saurfang in Icecrown Citadel!
    Suggestions: Flasks, buff food, vent, and most importantly, have fun.

Icecrown Citadel 10m: Deathbringer Saurfang: Overview

  • The fourth boss in Icecrown Citadel is Deathbringer Saurfang and is staged atop Deathbringer's rise.
  • Before triggering the event, you may want to lay out where everyone is going to stand. I'll explain why later but it's a good idea to have room for kiting and atleast 12 yards between each raider.
  • Ok so to start this event, you speak with High Overlord Saurfang. A semi-long dialogue will start between the high overlord and his son. I'd imagine the alli version is much shorter. After the dialogue finishes and they rise to the air and you can attack Deathbringer Saurfang.
  • This fight is fairly simple and requires 2-3 healers and 2 tanks depending on their class, gear, and skill level. You could also single tank it but two tanks should make it much easier for most guilds. As a small tip, Mages can also be a little helpful by buffing the raid with Amplify Magic. I kid you not Mages, you can finally use it. All damage during this fight will be physical.

Icecrown Citadel 10m: Deathbringer Saurfang Encounter

  • The main job of the tanks in this fight is to taunt off each other when he casts rune of blood on them as it will heal him every time he melees. This fight is all about reducing the amount of health he is healed. As the fight goes on he will gain blood power from different abilites that gives him 1% to his size and damage until it reaches 100. At 100 he will then cast Mark of the Fallen Champion on a random raid member and the blood power will wipe back down to zero. It's important to keep alive who ever has it to the point of having one healer switch to spam them. This might be a good place to use a BoP or other immunity abilities like Iceblock and bubble. It stops the damage but won't remove the debuff. If they die, Deathbringer will gain 5% of his health. Also, we found after b'rezing the Mark persisted through death as well.
  • He will also cast Boiling Blood on a random raid member. This isn't too difficult to heal through but it does give blood power. You can use immunity effects like Iceblock and bubble to remove it if need be.
  • A more serious ability of Deathbringer Saurfang is Blood Nova. He will cast this on a random raid member and like the name suggests, it will have an AoE of 12 yards which is why early on I suggest to layout where everyone will stand. The AoE damage to others will also grant him bonus Blood Power.
  • The last trick up his sleeve is spawning two blood beasts. It seems to happen every 35 seconds or so and will be the ultimate decider of your sucess in my opinion. While we semi-tanked them we changed our focus to solely kiting them and single target dps'ing them down one by one. Snares, roots, and stuns are all effective and I'd imagine a hunter would be great for this with traps or shaman dropping an earth bind totem. Melee should stay on the boss the entire fight and leave the adds to the range. If they do manage to hit anyone it generates Blood Power for Deathbringer which is the last thing you want to do. Basically the more quickly he gains Blood Power the more chance he has to heal for more and the more chance you have to fail at killing him. Not only because of that but when adds are in any boss fight the raid always seems to get jumbled and confused. Like some massive aoe Shatter Shot just owned them or something. Disoriented healers and dps can cause unneccessary wipes so once you get the adds handling down, you should have limited trouble taking out Deathbringer Saurfang.
  • At 30% Saurfang will go into a Frenzy and have more chance to heal up. It's a good idea to save Bloodlust or Heroism for you Alliance, to burn him down during his Frenzy.

Icecrown Citadel 10m: Deathbringer Saurfang: Short Recap

  • Taunt when he casts Rune of Blood.
    Focus heal Mark of the Fallen target.
    Use immunity abilities for MotF or Boiling Blood.
    Stay atleast 12 yards from each other.
    Kite adds and nuke them quickly.
    BL or Heroism at 30%.
    and most importantly, have fun!

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.