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WoW Herbalism Gold Making Series Guide EP3: Deepholm (Heartblossom) - Best Routes!

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WoW Herbalism Gold Making Series Guide EP3: Deepholm (Heartblossom) - Best Route

In this video, I'll show you how to make massive amounts of gold with Herbalism in Deepholm (Heartblossom) and what you can expect to farm up in 30 minutes. This video and guide will show you how to optimize your time in Deepholm by using proven routes that have the best results when compared to others. Herbalism can be very competitive so it's always good to know how you can make mad gold even with the high competition. Herbalism is truly a great gold making professions that is simple to use and easy to profit from. Please enjoy this WoW Herb Gold Making Series Guide EP3: Deepholm - Best Routes! and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

Click here to get Tarou's custom Routes file for Mining, Herbalism, & Mining/Herb Combo!

Cata Herb Gold Making Guide: Deepholm (Heartblossom) - Best Routes | Getting Started/Farming

Cata Mining Gold Guide SQ

To get started, you'll need to have 475 Herbalism and be atleast level 82 along with flying. You'll also want to download the addons, Routes, Gatherer or Gathermate2 and its data; if you want the nodes already marked although I prefer a clean slate and like to make my own personally. Then, have a Herb bag or a mostly empty inventory. Also, make sure you have one regular bag to collect all your items from killing mobs and that there mostly empty. Next, make sure you're tracking herbs and the mini-map is zoomed all the way out. Lastly, be repaired, have some food/water, blare some music, and have fun!

  • To get to Deepholm just take the port in your faction's major city. Once in Deepholm, start on the route I put on my map or unhide the route I've given you with my custom Routes addon and hide the other routes. To get these preloaded routes, head over to the "How to Get Tarou's Best Custom Routes for Mining, Herbalism, & Mining/Herb Combo!" guide.
  • Ok, so I'm going to be using this Deepholm short route for 30 minutes in hopes of giving you an idea of what you can expect to herb up. I really like this route whether competition is high or low or whatever. It's the small length one but, it's pretty unconventional compared to most routes people are using so even when competition was high in this video, it didn't seem to phase me the least bit. It's kind of a weird route that isn't very predictable but it hits so many nodes through so many other standard routes you really throw off the competition leaving them wondering where the hell you came from. My other two routes for here are like that as well. For this one I fly around sticking to the route pretty much but do some extra turning when I get to the Heartblossom & Cinderbloom motherload up here in the North-West. When there's no competition I like to really focus on this area shorting this route even further. It's pretty much node after node after node and consistently awesome no matter how long you herb for.

    Herbalism Heartblossom Deepholm - Best Routes

    Herbalism Heartblossom Deepholm - Best Routes

    Herbalism Heartblossom Deepholm - Best Routes

  • As a Druid it just makes it all the more hax since you don't need to dismount or anything and can just fly around stopping and going without any mob killing or mounting that wastes time. If you aren't a Druid but are level 85, mobs shouldn't pull very easily since the range from the herb nodes is usually pretty decent and not near any mobs. As always though, remember if you do have to fight a mob, CC it, loot the node, and then kill it so you don't have to worry about anyone coming along and stealing it. Other classes like Hunters and Rogues can CC, loot, and slighty run away while feigning death or vanishing to lose aggro. Be creative with your class since others have different options for losing aggro easily. If you're geared, quickly killing the mobs is of course another option.

Cata Herbalism Gold Making Guide: Deepholm (Heartblossom) - Best Routes | Totals/Recap/Suggestions

  • When farming anything, the time of the day and day of the week can matter a lot when trying to avoid competition. Early morning or very late at night Sunday through Thursday seem to be pretty low competition times and days but your server may vary a bit. Even with competition, my routes still work well since you have a few to choose from and these particular Deepholm routes are designed with high competition in mind. Sometimes raid times can be low comp as well which is usually 7pm to 10pm Tuesday & Wednesday. So, if you don't get a spot in this week's raid or are waiting for a spot, try farming a little and see how well you do.
  • Well, looks my 30 minutes are up so let's see how I did. I was able to get a nice 158 Heartblossom, 81 Cinderbloom, and a whopping 67 Volatile Life. I'll put everything on the Auction House for 12 hours undercutting any competition.

    Herbalism - Deepholm:
    Heartblossom x 158 = 331.8g (2.1g ea.)
    Cinderbloom x 81 = 79.38g (0.98g ea.)
    Volatile Life x 67 = 368.5 (5.5g ea.)
    Total = 779.68g in 30 minutes
    or 1,559.36g in one hour.

  • It took about four hours to sell everything and my total for the 30 minutes session was 779.68g or 1,559.36g per hour.
  • Keep in mind these are prices for my server so to see how yours would of done, check the Auction House and plug in the prices.
  • The best classes to use for farming are Paladin and Druid. DK's with the movement talent are good as well. Mining or Engineering are the best professions to go with Herbalism for farming and Alchemy or Inscription for crafting. It's also ideal to have 310% flying. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments.
  • Well, that's it for my Herbalism Gold Making Series EP3 - "Deepholm" video & guide and I hope you liked it. Some luck is involved with Herbalism and it may take you a few tries to get use to a new route. Don't be afraid to switch things up and find what zone and path works best for you. And like I've said in just about every video, farming doesn't have to suck. Make it more fun by talking with friends on vent or IRL, blaring some music, watching TV, combine with Dailys, or do whatever is fun for you.
  • Thanks for watching and reading this guide!
  • "Now Go Pick Flowers or Something!" Damn hippie...
  • Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post below in the comments or on the forums.