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Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (May) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

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In this video & guide, I'll be giving some insider info into what I did to rake in the gold in May. Like always, I'll be using my Druid who has Alchemy and Jewelcrafting for professions. I focus on both of these as well as buying and selling items on the Auction House. This is the sixth video and guide of my monthly Cataclysm series, "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" so, watch the first five if you haven't yet and see the beginnings of my gold making adventures in Cataclysm. A quick shout out to all my subscribers and site visitors. If you aren't sub'd yet, do it now. Whatcha waitin' for? Please enjoy this "Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (May) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!" Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (May) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (May) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Overview

    Gold Cap SQ

    Hey everyone. This is my sixth vid for "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cata". For May it looks like I'll be looting some 2,786 mails of sold Auction House items. That's a pretty average number meaning nothing special but also doesn't suck. Before looting anything I already have 505,047 gold which was carried over from April. And since I ended April with roughly 789,672 gold, I spent around 284,625 gold in the month of May. That's a pretty decent amount but below normal. Mainly that's because I was trying to focus on dumping my inventory. The only problem is my inventory is so big, it's really going to take into June and possibly July to even put a dent into it.

  • My inventory mainly contains Darkmoon Faire trinkets, Truegold, Pyrite Ore, Gems, and Volatiles. I usually get rid of the trinkets when the Darkmoon Faire isn't going on so I can get the highest price, gems everyday, and am stockpiling the rest for future patches and craftable items.
  • Everyday I stuck to my typical selling routine utilizing Jewelcrafting and Alchemy. Transmuting gems with Alchemy that I used for Jewelcrafting was the best plan for Alchemy since potions and flasks just didn't pan out very well. I focused on dumping my potion and flask stock without making anything new.
  • Jewelcrafting did best with gems and metas as usual. Anyone not making gold with Jewelcrafting hasn't watched my gold making video for Cata on it. It banks no matter the server, its size, or the competition. Everyone uses gems and with how easy it is to get gear these days, people are switching and swapping gear at a phenominal rate. Add that to players having two specs and the gem usage is higher than it's ever been. Not only that but Elementium Ore is still cheap giving a huge prospecting profit margin for Jewelcrafters.
  • Also in May I did very well with reselling Volatiles and selling Hardened Elementium Bars. While it does take a bit of time to get Hardened Elementium Bars made, the profit is pretty good and as for Volatiles, it's one the easiest items in the game to flip and make a profit. I'd buy Volatile Life for 2.5g-3g each during the weekend and resell them during the week or hold out for the Darkmoon Faire when their demand is the highest and sell them for over 7g each.
  • Alright, how about addons. Well, I use a mix of different Auction House addons but my main ones are Auction Profit Master, Auctioneer, Auctionator, and Postal. Check my website's navigation above for guides on all of them.

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (May) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Final Results

  • Alright, so May was a pretty normal month with nothing special but, was good overall. Let's break down the numbers and see how they look. This month brought in 239,673 gold plus 77,000 in purchased items for resale or crafting. I also gave away 110,000 gold which you can see a video of on my channel. That means the total would have been 931,720 gold or 284,625 gold brought in for the month of May. Not too bad but, nothing amazing either. I'm only holding 744,720 gold. My net worth is now well over 1 million although I'm still not holding that much in liquid cash. Don't worry you can check my channel for what is possibly the last video of this series.
  • Oh, and someone messaged me after a previous adventures to 1 million video telling me to stop giving away gold and buying stuff and I'll hit the gold cap faster. I'd rather stick to helping people out and doing things normal instead of trying to accomplish something artifically. Plus it's only pixels am I right?
  • So what do I do with all this gold? Well, I mostly use it for buying my alts' and friends' gear, mounts, and other supplies, making videos for all of you, which just makes more gold anyway, and my favorite, giving away gold to random players for doing random things. Unfortunately asking won't get you any gold. I do it randomly for fun purposes. Plus if you're following my guides, you shouldn't need gold anyway, am I right.
  • Well, that's it for my sixth video of, "Adventuring to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" and I hope you liked it.
  • Thanks for watching/reading!
  • "Now Go Pwn the IRL AH or Something!"