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Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Mar.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

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In this video, I'll be giving a glimpse of what I did to make gold in March. As always, I'll be using my Druid who has Alchemy and Jewelcrafting for professions. I focus on both of these as well as buying and selling items on the Auction House. This is the fourth video of my monthly Cataclysm series, "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" so watch the first three if you haven't yet and see the beginnings of my gold making adventures in Cataclysm. A quick shout out to all my subscribers and site visitors. If you aren't sub'd yet, do it now. Whatcha waitin' for? Please enjoy this "Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Mar.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!" Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Mar.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Mar.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Overview

    Gold Cap SQ

    So, this is my fourth video and by now I'm sure you know the routine. Blah blah blah, one character, two professions, and Auction House smarts is how I roll when rollin in the g's. If you're still lost, go watch the first three vids in this "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cata". Oh and hey to all my awesome subscribers and site visitors. Hit the sub button if that's not you so I can show you how to make good gold in WoW without stressin which leaves more time for having fun.

  • This month I'll be looting 2,553 mails of sold items. Sounds kinda low but we'll find out the total in a few minutes. I'll be continuing this throughout Cataclysm so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel - RyutaroAkaTarou and check this website frequently or you'll miss out on it.
  • I'll be starting with 486,100 gold already in my bags. Which means I only spent about 181,000 gold in items for March. Hardly anything when compared to last month's 683,000 gold or so I spent on items and mats. All of the things I do to make gold can always be found in my latest videos so make sure to check those out if you need some help. This month I once again bought a lot of Volatiles and Pyrite Ore. The Volatiles were bought near the end of the month so I still have a bunch left over. The Pyrite Ore I'm still stock piling for epic gems. It's now bled over into two alts because of space issues. Anyways, I messed around with Hardened Elementium Bars again cause ore and Volatile Earth was so dirt cheap. I also continued to buy enchants low and resell at a normal mat price as well as did some Volatile reselling once again by getting them cheap from players or even on the Auction House over the weekends.
  • For Alchemy, I dabbled in flasks and some potions but not nearly as much as last month. Was mainly trying to clear out some overstock. Nothing major changed with Alchemy so I pretty much just trans'd Inferno Rubies and Ember Topaz's.
  • For Jewelcrafting, metas and gems once again did well and were the main sellers in March but, I stayed a bit away from disenchanting rings and necks mostly since it wasn't ideal during March really just because enchanting mat prices crashed a bit. I finally got some rare neck and ring designs and they sold surprisely well with a very nice profit major. This will likely die out come Patch 4.1.
  • Alright, how about addons. Well, I use a mix of different Auction House addons but my main ones are Auction Profit Master, Auctioneer, Auctionator, and Postal. Check my website's navigation above for guides on all of them.

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Feb.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Final Results

  • March was a decent month but I was so busy in real life that I wasn't able to hardly log in most days. I probably only played Monday through Thursday skipping so of those days even. That's why the month only brought in 263,809 gold plus about 147,000 in unsold items, 33,000 gold that I gave away for a total of 443,809 gold. My weakest month since Cata started. It only comes out to 14,793 gold per day which sounds awesome but when compared to last month's 37,879 gold it's pretty lame. Real life does come first though and preparing for a new baby daughter is no joke.
  • So what do I do with all this gold? Well, I mostly use it for buying my alts' and friends' gear, mounts, and other supplies, making videos for all of you, which just makes more gold anyway, and my favorite, giving away gold to random players for doing random things. Unfortunately asking won't get you any gold. I do it randomly for fun purposes. Plus if you're following my guides, you shouldn't need gold anyway, am I right.
  • Well, that's it for my fourth video of, "Adventuring to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" and I hope you liked it.
  • Thanks for watching/reading!
  • "Now Go Pwn the AH or Something!"