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Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Jan.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

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Gold capped in cataclysm

In this video, I'll be giving a glimpse of what I did to make gold in January and as always will be with one character, only using Auction House smarts, Alchemy, and Jewelcrafting. This is the second video of my new monthly Cataclysm series, "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" so watch the first one, "Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Dec.)", if you haven't yet and see the beginnings of my gold making adventures in Cataclysm. Please enjoy this "Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Jan.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!" Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Jan.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Jan.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Overview

    Gold Cap SQ

    Alright, so in this entire video I'll be looting some 6,897 mails which I amassed in the month of January. Pretty insane since that's almost double of December's amount. Because of that, looting the mail took almost two hours. I got a new computer so looting time has been cut almost in half by using /reload ui. Thank god right.

  • Everything in this video is taught in the tons of different gold making guides I have already released for Cataclysm and even some oldschool stuff from Wrath. It's all on my completely free site at for all levels and play styles. There you'll also find guides on the addons I use which are also getting updated for Cataclysm with some new editions. I want every player to enjoy WoW just as much as I do by making it a relaxing fun experience just like any entertainment should and I truly hope these guides help with all of that for you guys and girls. I'll be continuing this throughout Cataclysm so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel - RyutaroAkaTarou and check this website frequently or you'll miss out on it.
  • Alright so my starting budget was a sick 610,000 gold which I used every copper and spent it on different items and gold give aways throughout the month of January. As always, I watched trade between playing my alts and making other videos so I could get the best deals on items. I didn't bother /who'ing anyone on the Auction House but I do suggest that everyone do that to get a better deal. With my amount of gold, I want to give back a bit so I don't try nearly as hard to low ball any prices on mats. I just buy them for what people are selling them for. I still say though using macros can be very handy so remember to use your WTB macros for direct trades and CoDs. Here are some examples:

    /2 WTB Elementium Ore in Bulk (35g/stack) PST or CoD anytime/any amount!
    /2 WTB Volatile Life in Bulk (4g each) PST or CoD anytime/any amount!

  • In January just like December I didn't bother bidding on any items. I was just too swamped with family, work, videos, and alts that I pretty much just listed and bought items normally trying to spend as little time on the Auction House as possible. Again I used Alchemy and Jewelcrafting for my professions. I by no means think these are the best professions out there because that means so many different things for different players but they have always been my two favorite since they work with my busy schedule.
  • I started Alchemy out with sticking to transmute spec which as usual, worked out nicely for Jewelcrafting mats. Transmuting Inferno Rubies was great since red gems from prospecting were never enough to keep up with demand. Meta transmutes also helped out. Aside from that the daily cooldown on Living Elements or Truegold was good as well. I also messed with flasks a bit but came to find they weren't yet there in terms of profit when compared to Wrath profit margins You can see these sorts of things in my gold making guides on my website. By the end of the month though flasks started to work their way there and became increasingly profitable but still lost out to transmuting's convenience, ease of use, and profits. Mats across the board came down in price while a lot of items dropped as well. The movement was pretty even though and preserved a nice profit margin for most crafted items like gems, metas, rings, and necks.
  • Jewelcrafting was pretty awesome too since I had all the best cuts for each color gem. It also helped that prospecting was amazingly good almost tripling anything I put into it. Add that with using gems and metas from Alchemy that I transmuted and the combo was fierce in the gold making ring beating out most other profession combos with ease.
  • I also messed around in the Volatile market which was a rush with the crazy price fluctuation. It all worked out in the end though and made some real bank. I even gave some epics a spin which didn't pan out as good as I hoped as I bought a Soul Blade for what was cheap but took a week to sell. The profit should have been 12,000 but ended up being 1,500. Atleast it wasn't a loss, right. My biggest failure for the month was probably a Unheeded Warning trinket that I lost 3,000 gold on. I'm sure all of you think I'm perfect but I'm not and may mistakes just like anyone. What sets me apart though is I brush them off, learn from them, and kick more ass the second time around. Works great in game and real life.
  • Alright, how about addons. Well, I use a mix of different Auction House addons but my main ones are Auction Profit Master, Auctioneer, Auctionator, and Postal. Check my website for guides on all of them.
  • And I bet your wondering, how long does it take to keep this up everyday? About 2 hours average which consists of listing, relisting, and organizing items. I work in bulk a lot though and pick like a day out of the week to just make a mass amount of items for the week that may take 4-5 hours while I watch TV or answer YouTube and website mail. Usually I do it on Sunday since I seem to get the best prices for items on that day. The thing is though you have to be careful not to pay too much or you'll be screwed by the end of the week. For most people I suggest just taking it a day or two at a time since prices can move drastically throughout the week depending on demand and what's going on in the World... of Warcraft. Like for instance Whiptail's price crashed because a bug caused almost instant respawn times. Things like that are unpredictable so the only way to protect yourself is to go day by day. You can also take advantage of something like that and stock up while it's dirt cheap. Being flexible and adapting to the ever-changing WoW economy will keep you ahead of the game and banking everyday.
  • Items in WoW are very time sensitive and can drastically change within the week, day, or even hours during peak times. Lots of factors have to be considered and you should always have a fall back plan. I typically use crafting or selling mats as my fall back plan. Sometimes I buy tons and tons of mats or items and watch the price get destroyed the next day. A few weeks ago this happened with Hypnotic Dust. The price just crumbled so rather than selling the dust, I turned it into high profit enchants and bags which netted pre price crumble pricing. Always check your professions to see how you can avoid the crash of any item. Patience is also key. A lot of times I give some heads up in my Weekly WoW Report that almost all Auction House players can benefit from. Of course every server is different so nothing is fool proof. That's why it's up to you, the player, to check things against your Auction House and see what'll work for your situation and server economy. I can only give you info on what works in most cases. So take the info and numbers from my gold making guides and use that info to see how you'd do on your server. Then, decide if it's worth it or not and test things out in small amounts.

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Jan.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Final Results

  • Was a fun month of Auction House chaos and needless to say it was a very good January that brought in a total of 745,659 gold in total sales plus about 67,000 in unsold items, 45,000 in gold I gave away, and 49,000 gold in gear for my main and alts. That gives a total for January of just over 906,000 gold. Pretty sick right.
  • Now to what changed in my Wealth pane. I made a huge jump to over 235,000 items posted, about 60,000 items bought, my most expensive bid went to 18,000 and that was for the staff I bought for my Druid, and finally my most gold ever owned rolled over into negative 1,132,962,808 copper with a total gold acquired of negative 358,668,918 copper. So why the negatives? Basically like I said in a previous video is that once it hits the old school gold cap the numbers roll over into the negative and circle back around. Some programming issue that will probably be fixed soon. Oh and you may be also wondering about my daily gold being 6,612 per day. This is also a bugged number that hopefully will be fixed someday. A better number to use is from Beancounter although is way off too, it's more realistic. It says 1,320,983. The date on it shows 11/14/10 but in reality it's from December 2nd when I had to revert to the previous folder version when the addon messed up. If you took my December numbers of 612k - 74k I was holding to get 538k and add that to this month's 745k. You get 1,283,000 gold abouts and bean counter shows 1,320,983 gold which is fairly close and makes sense. Now take the 1,283,000 gold and divide it by 60 days and you'll get a whopping daily gold average of 21,383 gold. Crazy I know but any of you can do it too which is why I make these videos in the first place. Just follow my videos, be patient, and make sure to have fun no matter what you do in game or even real life for that matter.
  • So what do I do with all this gold? Well, I mostly use it for buying my alts' and friends' gear, mounts, and other supplies, making videos for all of you, which just makes more gold anyway, and my favorite, giving away gold to random players for doing random things. Unfortunately asking won't get you any gold. I do it randomly for fun purposes. Plus if you're following my guides, you shouldn't need gold anyway, am I right.
  • With that being said, this is definitely a fun new series for me to be doing. I hope it can answer some of your questions and I intend to be more detailed next video. A big thanks to all my subs and website visitors as I dedicate this video to all of you. So as long as I have people visiting my site and watching my videos, I'll continue to put out more and more content to help all players have more fun and get rich in the World of Warcraft!
  • Well, that's it for my second video of, "Adventuring to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" and I hope you liked it.
  • Thanks for watching/reading!
  • "Now Go Get Rich or Something!"