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5,000 Gold in Mysterious Fortune Card Fun!

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Happy New Years! This blog post is going to cover some fun with spending 5,000 gold on the little devil item that is World of Warcraft's equivalent to scratchoff tickets, Mysterious Fortune Cards. I suggest everyone read this and watch the video to get a realistic view on how lucky you have to be to win the 5,000 gold Fortune Card. Please enjoy this Tarou Mini Report and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post them below in the comment section or on our forums.

  • 5,000 Gold in Mysterious Fortune Card Fun: Happy New Years! In this mini report, we'll find out what happens when you spend 5,000 gold on Mysterious Fortune Cards.

What if you spent 5,000 gold on Mysterious Fortune Cards!?

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    Ok, so you're down on your luck. Having spent your last gold coin on some repairs after wiping nonstop in a horrible heroic PuG that went absolutely no where because noone in the group but you the healer, knew they had these awesome abilities called 'CC'.

  • Just then you were watching the trade channel and saw the deal of a life time, or so you thought. For a measely 29.46g you could have a chance at 5,000 gold. With 5,000 gold you could finally get your epic flying or that new ring you've been wanting or even level up that profession to 525 you've been working on. All you had to do was get a Mysterious Fortune Card; WoW's equivalent to scratch offs. Then you thought, 'what if' you bought 5,000 gold worth of Mysterious Fortune Cards. You'd be sure to win then, right? So you borrowed 5,000 gold from your guild and headed straight for the Auction House filled with lucky thoughts. Heck you even through in some rabbit's feet in your bags to boost your luck. You were set to be a thousand-aire.
  • That was... until you started flipping and vendoring the cards... 10 silver!? 1 gold!? What was this nonsense. 5 gold!? Come on big money, you said to yourself over and over again. But when you're 170 Mysterious Fortune Cards were all flipped and you checked to see how much gold you made. And when this gold you made equaled an insanely amazing, measely 227 gold, you learned a valuable gambling lesson, the house or Inscriber in this case, always, always, always, wins.
  • Wow, so umm that sucks. So my advice to anyone is ... these cards are a waste of your money but if you're a dreamer think you can win, do it in moderation expecting zero from it. Don't go pawning off your epic pants or you just may turn into a naked beggar on top of the Org Auction House mailbox.
  • That's it for this week 'what if' and I hope you liked it.
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  • "Now Go PvP or Something!"
  • Come on man, let me borrow like 5,000 more gold. I promise I'll pay it back this time. I'll give you interest and, and how about 1,000 gold in interest. Ok, fine 2,000 gold in interest.. Come on man... please... please...